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Why is Virginia a Great Place for Military Families?

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Are you a military family member and considering moving to another place? You are in the ideal location right now. Whether you are about to move to another city or state, today we’ll discuss Virginia as a location for veterans and military families. Undeniably, some cities and states are more suitable than others for certain groups of people. And when it comes to the military, there are numerous reasons why is Virginia a great place for military families. This article will remind you of the reasons why you should choose Virginia when moving as a military family. In case you decide on relocation, our experts from one of the finest moving companies in Northern VA will be there to provide you with outstanding services. So, let’s start to discover mentioned reasons to move to VA. With our help, you will pick an ideal location for you.

Prepare to Discover Why Is Virginia a Great Place for Military Families

When we want to move, it is often for personal reasons. Whether you plan to move for a job, better life quality, or a different community, moving will bring you a lot of advantages. So, you have to be careful when choosing a place to move to, as it will affect your lifestyle, costs of living, etc. To avoid any mistakes and regrets, you need to explore your new, potential place to move to. Whether you will do it online or on-site, you should get informed about certain, important factors ahead. As one of the most reputable moving companies, our Helix Moving & Storage will be there to help you conduct your move. Also, we will help you consider your decision one more time.

A person looking at buildings in Richmond thinking why is Virginia a great place for military families
Take enough time to consider the benefits of moving to Virginia.

Some of the main reasons why is Virginia a great place

Moving to a new city or state is challenging for many families. Even if you hire our movers in Arlington VA, you will need plenty of time to prepare your family for this transition. To enable you to have enough time to prepare for relocation, we did our research and now we will share it with you. Here you can find some of the things to know when trying to figure out if is Virginia a great place for military families. So, take a look at the facts below and write down some of the most vital ones:

  • the Commonwealth of Virginia is home to over 780,000 veterans;
  • VA is home to over 107,000 women veterans;
  • veterans living in VA have access to 3 Virginia Medical Centres and 17 Outpatient Clinics;
  • veterans living in Virginia also have access to over 20 State Benefits Offices, 3 State Veterans Cemeteries, and 2 State Veterans homes.
  • there are numerous federal benefits for veterans in Virginia;
  • here you can count on vehicle tags, health, and insurance benefits as well as fishing and hunting license privileges;
  • there are plenty of tax exemptions, education benefits, and employment benefits for military family members in Virginia.
A happy military family
After you relocate, you will realize why is Virginia a great place for military families.

More Reasons Why Virginia Is Phenomenal for Military Families

If you want to make sure your family will have an excellent perspective, you should choose Virginia. This state is known for its solid job market, and high incomes compared to the costs of living. Whether you are looking for a job in finance or healthcare, Virginia will offer plenty of options to choose from. As a member of a military family, in Virginia, you can get different employment benefits and options. When it comes to your kid’s education, you will love what Virginia has to offer. The education system in VA is rated as one of the best in the country. Excellent educational institutions are one of the vital reasons why you will want to opt for moving from Maryland to Virginia with the help of our movers. Due to many factors, VA has a strong economy that continues to grow.

The green trees beside river
You will enjoy vast green spaces in Virginia.

Regardless of your age, Virginia is a state where you could settle down. This state has amazing weather and beautiful nature. For this reason, the Commonwealth of Virginia is known for plenty of recreational and outdoor activities. Whether you plan to retire here or want to raise your family, you should consider VA housing options suitable for your budget. But just like every other state in the nation, you can expect here some cons such as traffic congestion and nuclear power plants. Overall, this state remains among the top states for military families. So, create the list of criteria you are looking for and consider the factors we have mentioned above. If you find them appealing, keep planning your relocation to VA. You will not regret your decision, Virginia is a phenomenal home to many military families from all across the nation.

Get Ready to Move to Your New Virginia Home

As a member of the military family, you will enjoy many amenities and benefits after moving to Virginia. Also, once you get here, you will get to know many other military families and make some new friends. This is one of the most military-friendly states in the nation, for sure. Whether you want to be closer to your partner who serves the military or looking for a place where you veteran can retire, consider cities or small towns in Virginia.

Once you finally pick a place where you would like to live, start looking for a new home. If you find a suitable apartment, condo, or single-family home in VA and decide to rent, you are one step closer to your new life chapter. Our interstate movers VA will be glad to help you get through the moving process seamlessly and quickly. Hope this article helped you realize some of the reasons why is Virginia a great place for military families. Contact us for your upcoming moving and storage-related needs and enjoy your relocation to Virginia with your family.

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