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There are multiple reasons why millennials move to North Carolina, the covid pandemic only quickened the pace. Unfriendly conditions on the job market are pushing young people into areas with more affordable living costs, but bringing it down only to the price of living would be oversimplifying. However, it can’t be ignored that there are big numbers of people coming in from Maryland, which is known for a bit higher living costs. Let’s dive into why and how these things are happening, and which opportunities millennials can seize in North Carolina.

Affordable cost of living in North Carolina

The first reason, as already stated, is the cost of living. It is implied by frequent moving from Maryland to North Carolina which differ in prices by a considerable amount. While this kind of motivation is obvious, it doesn’t have to mean that millennials are always lacking money. Another thing that makes Maryland different from North Carolina is the number of government jobs it offers. Bethesda, MD is close to DC and this creates a specific job market. It doesn’t attract too many millennials. While they might pursue a career in public service, later on, most will focus on the private sector to kickstart their careers.

stag in the fields
North Carolina has a balanced climate, with a bit of every kind of weather.

It’s a rocky road to success, especially for young people. Even after getting a position in a good company, it might take some time before it pays off. In many cases, first jobs mean paid internships, which are considerably less paid than regular jobs.

The home focus for millennials during the pandemic

While the covid pandemic emphasized jobs in the health system, it also made people reimagine many jobs by working from home. This pulled many young people out of fancy office workplaces and changed the focus to your immediate surroundings – your home. It suddenly became the most common type of work for most people. This possibly created a change in perspective for many young people. What this means is that having more home floors became more popular than it used to be in the past.

It’s easy to imagine a movie-like day rhythm that includes spending some time in a café with your colleagues and spending a big part of the day in your official workplace. Now with all of that gone in the air, people started focusing on making their homes as comfortable as possible. Young couples need to have enough space to work and still be able to relax after a long day of work. That’s why North Carolina is seeing more and more interstate movers Maryland is “pushing out”.

face mask and gloves
Pandemic changed the reason why millennials move to North Carolina.

Organizing a move as a millennial to North Carolina

Moving is no simple task. If it’s your first time, there are quite a few things you should know and do. The first is to discuss the whole process with trained professionals. Explain what are your specific needs when moving and if you have any valuable equipment. Some things may require special care and it’s best if you know everything in advance.

Once you understand the process and what you should do, the first step is to make an inventory of your items. It may seem easy, but it is going to be a long list, so it might take you a few days to do it. While you’re at it, rethink if you need everything from the list. If there’s anything you haven’t used for a year or simply don’t like anymore, don hesitates to part ways with it. Some things can be donated and the others, less useful, you can simply throw away.

After assessing what you’re bringing with you, it’s time to pack. Use specialized carton boxes for moving and create paper cushions so nothing breaks or gets damaged. Fill any air spots with crushed paper so everything inside is fixed and kept tightly. It will allow easier transportation of the boxes which movers in Potomac MD will appreciate. After all, it’s about making your items safe primarily. Don’t forget to label to boxes to make it easier for you when unpacking. It will save you a lot of time.

Finally, if you have any pets, discuss the best way to transport them with the company. You might get useful advice on how to organize it and if you need any paperwork.

young people in a van
Millennials face many challenges, but things are a bit more relaxed in North Carolina.

Storage facilities for millennials moving to North Carolina

Storing your items away may be useful for many different reasons. Maybe you bought a new piece of furniture for your new home and don’t have space for it, or just don’t want to bother with fitting your winter clothes into tight spaces. For these, or any other reason, you might want to consider using specialized storage units. They can be used short to long-term, depending on your needs.

North Carolina has generally balanced weather with hot summers and cold winters. You get a bit of every kind of weather depending on the season. This also means you will need fitting clothing for each season and more space to keep it. Not every type of clothes is the same, but storage units might be especially useful for storing winter clothes. From big jackets to chunky warm boots, everything about winter clothes is bulky. It’s not easy to store it and it just takes up too much space. You might find space to fit it in somewhere later on, but for the start, it’s simply convenient using Helix Transfer & Storage to save you some trouble.

Finally, short-term storage and transfer services might be of great use when organizing a more relaxed move. You can have your furniture arrive gradually and let you sort room by room in detail in a week after moving in. Naturally, you’ll need the most basic things on day one, but depending on your schedule, some other things might wait. This way you get an opportunity to get the most comfort and explore your new surroundings without too much stress compressed into such a short time frame.

So, those would be just some of the reasons why millennials move to North Carolina. Get to know this amazing state, and you might be looking for a moving company to relocate you there pretty soon.


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