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What to Do Before the Moving Truck Arrives

Moving done

That’s it, the big day is finally here. After weeks of preparation, everything is ready and the move will be able to take place. But be careful, even if the movers will do most of the work, it is not over yet. You will have to prepare your accommodation so that the Helix Moving & Storage movers can do their job without any problems. Moreover, you will coach them during the move and answer their questions so that they can work efficiently. In order to prepare, read the article and find out what to do before the moving truck arrives.

Group the boxes and separate them from personal belongings

Before your movers arrive, group all your moving boxes in the same room if possible. Preferably put them in a room near the entrance to your home. This will allow the local movers MD to save time and especially to see more clearly during the move. Gather your personal belongings that you want to transport yourself in another room and warn all movers that they should not load them into the truck. If you don’t let them know they will load them in the truck and you will have to unload the whole truck to find them once you realize what happened. The best thing you can do to avoid this is to load your belongings in your car before they arrive. This way you will be sure that those items are coming with you.

Movers in the moving truck
Make sure to clear the access before the moving truck arrives.

Don’t forget to clear the access before the moving truck arrives

The most important thing that most people forget is to clear the driveway. This is crucial. You don’t want to waste time doing it when the movers Chevy Chase MD moving truck arrives, it’s better to be prepared. Verify if you need to book a parking space if you don’t have your own that is big enough for the truck. Furthermore, try to clear the corridors as much as possible as well as the entrance to the apartment. This will facilitate the progress of the movers in your accommodation. The movers will thank you!

Unhook what is on the wall and unplug electrical appliances

You have to unhook everything that is fixed or attached to the wall, like frames, wall shelves, rods, etc. You must also have unplugged all your electrical devices. Indeed, the movers don’t have authorization for this kind of work (question of insurance) and will not be able to take care of it.

A cardoard box filled with personall things before the moving truck arrives.
Leave one box open for the things you may find during the last check-up before you leave your home.

Prepare the household appliances and furniture for the move

Defrost your freezer or fridge and drain your washing machine and dishwasher. You can also block the drum of your washing machine to avoid worries during transport in the case of long distances. Moreover, before the movers arrive indicate the furniture that is not leaving with the movers. Possibly set up a color code if you have several destinations. If you have some of the furniture going to the storage unit you can mark them in blue and those going to your new home in red, for example. Furthermore, you can give movers a map of your new home so that they can find their way around and put the furniture in the right rooms on arrival.

Check your cabinets one last time before the moving truck arrives

Do the final cabinet check. Go through every room and look at every cabinet to make sure you didn’t forget anything. Sometimes it happens that we forget to pack some things in a hurry. If you find anything make sure to pack it before they arrive. For this reason, leave one small box open. In this box you will add everything that you find like earrings, socks you thought you lost or any other item you find during this checkup. Moreover, the last items you will add to this box are a hand towel and soap that you will leave in the bathroom till the end of the moving process.

plants next to the table with boxes on it
Plants are one of the unallowable moving items.

Separate the items that are not allowed from the rest of your belongings

You should know that certain items cannot go in the moving truck. For safety reasons, some things cannot be handled by moving services Maryland, like:

  • Perishables – Food is not allowed since and food poses safety and health hazard.
  • Hazardous items – Any potentially damaging substances are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • Plants – Even though they seem harmless many states have restrictions on plant transportation. Make sure to plan what to do with your plants and how to transport them.
  • Animals- We know that your pets mean everything to you, however, general movers cannot transport them. For this, you should either do it yourself or find a pet kenneling that can help you.

Before the movers arrive separate the items that are not going with movers and decide what to do with them. Moreover, leave them in an empty room where they will not be an obstacle for the movers. If you can find a way to move them by yourself. Ask your friends and family, maybe they will have a solution for you.

Read your contract before the moving day

It is very important that you read your moving contract before the moving truck arrives. You need to get familiar with your and movers’ rights and obligations. If you do this you will avoid unpleasant surprises on a moving day. In your contract, you will find the things that movers will not move. Also, if you read the contract you will avoid facing unplanned additional costs. For any unclear information call the moving company and they will be more than glad to help you understand your contract.


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