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What should you wear on your moving day

Moving done

When moving, you should pay attention to every single detail. There are some big things to do, like take care of the moving company. You should choose one carefully and make sure it suits your needs. There are some smaller details like choosing the right boxes for the packing. However, you should pay attention even to the smallest details. In this case, about what you should wear on your moving day. It seems like something insignificant to a lot of people, but it’s actually a really big deal. Keep in mind you need to do a lot of hard work while wearing that.

There are many options to wear on your moving day. You can wear some dirty clothes that you usually use when painting walls or renovating your flat. You can also get yourself a proper working uniform. Not to mention, a lot will depend on the weather. If you are moving on a scorching hot day, you won’t try to wear some thick clothes. The same goes for thin linen clothes if you are moving during the winter.

Let’s start from the bottom – the shoes

Now, before you begin your relocation with local movers DC, you should remember that you really need to acquire some protective footwear. Get yourself a pair of fully enclosed shoes to wear on moving day and you’ll be safe from any kind of injuries that might happen if you drop a box or a piece of furniture on your foot.

Those fully enclosed shoes will also lower the chances that you will trip up compared to wearing flip-flops or sandals. Whether you opt for some kind of working boots or for tennis shoes, both options are great.

Two people are wearing working overalls.
Overalls are a great choice to wear on your moving day because they are convenient.

Choose which pants to wear on your moving day

Since the move will probably involve a lot of squatting and bending over, you should do your best to avoid dresses and opt for the pants. They are much more practical to wear on the day of the move. Be careful to choose a breathable and elastic fabric. You need something flexible because your body will be moving a lot during your relocation with Washington DC movers. Basically, select a style you feel the most comfortable in.

Think about the layers

Opting for layers when moving makes your relocation so much more comfortable. You will probably change between a few different temperatures and weather conditions. For example, if you are driving you might get chilly (especially if you are driving during the winter). However, once the drive is over and you start moving boxes and furniture and working, you will quickly warm up. Try to get a pullover sweater or zip-up jacket so you can tie them around your waist once you are all warmed up and in action. That way your clothes will be easily accessible to wear on the day of the move.

Take care about the sun protection

Don’t forget to apply sun protection once you start working or before it. If you will be working on a sunny day and if you will be exposed to heat you need good protection. That way you will avoid getting any kind of skin disease or worse, skin cancer. So, just buy SPF in any pharmacy if you don’t already have one and you’ll be just fine.

People tend to underestimate the importance of protecting your face and other exposed areas from sunburns. However, if you ask any doctor about the actual importance of sunscreen, they will tell you how crucial it is. The hotter the weather, the more you’ll need it. You might need it while you’re driving because your car doesn’t fully cover you from the sun or during the loading of the moving truck. Don’t forget to take a hat with you as well. The moment you exit the vehicle you are exposed and getting your scalp burned can have some really bad consequences.

person looking what to wear on moving day
Try to find some old clothes. You can reuse them while relocating.

Visit shops that specialize in working clothes

If you’ve never had a chance to relocate with Helix Moving & Storage or do any bigger remodeling around the house before, this is a great chance for you to get yourself some nice working clothes. That’s the clothes you buy at Walmart or Work World. The reason you need this is because of safety reasons (working clothes are much harder to damage in any way) and psychological as well. Once you put on a working suit, you are a totally different person and you get a great boost to actually be productive.

Take care of your hair before you begin

People with long hair should try tying their hair back. Hair can often be a distraction while working. It can fall over your shoulders, over your eyes, and then you have to drop everything you’re doing just to take care of your hair. It’s nice to have a good hairstyle but it’s really important to put safety first while you are working. Another good reason to tie your hair is hygiene. If you tie your hair you will reduce the amount of hair that you leave behind you.

a person is tying their shoelaces.
Don’t wear flip-flops or sandals. Put on some fully closed shoes for protection.

Make sure your clothes have pockets

This might seem like a small detail, but if you ask any experienced long distance movers DC has to offer, they will all give you the same answer. When it comes to pockets the expression “the more the merrier” really fits. You will probably get into a situation where you need to put something in your pockets quickly while doing something else. Not to mention that it is always good to keep your duct tape, box cutter, and your most important tools by your side.

So, if you really want to be prepared for any kind of task, you should follow the advice of seasoned movers and other kinds of workers who have many years of experience working with tools. So, layers of clothes, protection from the sun and a lot of pockets are the clothes you should try to wear on your moving day. If you opt for that kind of clothes, you will definitely guarantee yourself safety and comfort.

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