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What should you expect after moving from McLean to Arlington

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Arlington is a great city to live in. So it’s no wonder you decided to move here from McLean. The period of adapting to the new environment is full of challenging situations. If you have children, it is even harder for them. You need to get acquainted with the new settlement. All of this can be overwhelming if you don’t prepare. However, with a little preparation and help from moving companies Northern VA, it doesn’t have to be too difficult. Organize well and you will not forget anything, and you will have free time left. In this way you get more benefits – you get free time and reduce stress. So, the secret is in the organization and you so that your post-move period is not stressful. Use the remaining time to get to know Arlington after moving. So here’s what you can expect after moving from McLean to Arlington.

Expect an adjustment period after moving from McLean to Arlington

After moving, you must have been overwhelmed by the feeling of relief that everything was over. However, the move itself is an emotionally challenging and turbulent period. But the period after  McLean to Arlington move brings with it some other difficult challenges. After moving with local movers Northern VA, allow yourself and your family a period of adjustment. There will be different emotions, and happiness because of settling in the new home. But also sadness because of leaving the familiar environment. Some may find it hard to meet new friends. But after a while, you will fit in for sure. Therefore, be fair to yourself and accept all emotions, because there is nothing wrong with them. After a while, you will realize that in your new house in Arlington you feel at home. And this is a sign that the adjustment period is over.

House in Arlington
It takes time to feel at home after moving.

Pay special attention to your children emotions

If moving from McLean to Arlington is emotionally difficult for you, imagine what it’s like for children. Try to show understanding and share their emotions. This is especially important if they have objected to the move. It is difficult for your child to understand that he had to leave his friends and school and go to an unknown environment. But after a while, he will accept it. Keep in mind that it is harder for teenagers than for toddlers. Young children adapt more easily because the most important things in the house are toys, parents, the room. While they are older, they have a social life and habits and routines that you interrupt due to moving. So take the time to talk to the children and pay attention to them. This will make it easier to get through this challenging period that awaits you all.

Don’t forget to finish important tasks first

When you move from McLean to Arlington you have to get a lot of things to be able to create your everyday life in the new city. Here are some things we ate Helix Moving & Storage found useful writing down – not forget to do as soon as possible after moving.

  • Report a change of postal address – if you didn’t do it before moving, now is the time to do it
  • Register your car 
  • Find a new school for children
  • Choose a new family doctor

There are other things you should do in the first days after moving, but these are the most important things you should not forget.

Mom with a child
Take time to talk to children about feelings after moving.

Explore the surroundings of your new home and get to know your neighborhood

When you move to a new street, you have left behind your favorite places such as your favorite park, recreation area, favorite cafe, favorite store, and much more. After moving from McLean to Arlington with help movers McLean VA, you have to discover new places that you will love. You are organizing research tours of the new neighborhood you have moved to. Take a new street every day to explore and get to know your new surroundings. Try coffee in new cafes, play in nearby parks. Find your places around your new home so you can call them your home as soon as possible.

Make an unpacking plan and get to work

The most tedious job of moving is waiting for you. Once the movers Arlington VA have moved your belongings it’s time to dedicate yourself to unpacking. Make an effort to settle into your new home with excitement. Arrange it to your liking and start from the most important things to the least important ones. The smartest decision would be to make an unpacking plan and stick to it. It is important to start from those basic living spaces to the less important ones. Additional advice – if you are moving with children, try to unpack and tidy their room first so that you can get your things as soon as possible and start to feel at home.

Sightseeing in Arlington

When you move from McLean to Arlington you must have been to Arlington before and you know something about it. What you need to know is that Arlington County is a very popular and good place to live. Crime rates are 61% lower than the national average, making it a safe place to live. Here you have a lot of greenery and parks, nice restaurants and good cafes. The unemployment rate is 2.8%, which means you can expect to easily find a job that suits you if you haven’t found one before moving. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the slow discovery of Arlington’s hidden moments. As you can see, Arlington County Virginia is very good for single life but also, families with children. Here are some things you should not miss visiting:

  • The Pentagon
  • Arlington National Cemetery
  • Mount Vernon Trail
  • The United States Marine Corps War Memorial
  • Arlington Art Center
  • Air Force Memorial
  • Fashion Center at Pentagon City
  • Arlington House

These are some of our suggestions, and you can find many more interesting things with a little research.

Man and woman lying on the floor after moving from McLean to Arlington
Unpacking after moving from McLean to Arlington is a demanding job.

Meet the neighbors and make new friends

Feelings of loneliness and alienation from friends are often expressed after moving. Don’t let anxiety overwhelm you, but try to make new friends. Visit the neighbors and greet them to get to know each other. Invite them for coffee or stay after work with new colleagues for drinks. Socializing and getting to know each other will probably not be rejected, and it will be easier for you when you make new friends. This, of course, does not mean that you should forget the old friends, but that you are slowly making life and contacts in Arlington. You will improve your mood after meeting new people and start making friends after moving from McLean to Arlington.


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