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What Is Rockville Known For?

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They say that everyone has that one place they consider to be perfect for living and working. And while many just leave it to be a dream, others however will pursue it. If your eye caught wonderful Rockville in Maryland, it is completely understandable why. Those who plan on moving there or at least visiting it should know what exactly will be waiting for them there. To help you get to know the city better, let’s talk about what is Rockville known for and why a lot of people choose it as their home!

The history of Rockville

Before you start looking for moving companies in Maryland, it is good to check out the history of the place you will be calling home soon. A long time ago this city was obtained by Arthur Nelson. And since it was a very small town it was known by different names. Some of them include Owen’s Ordinary, Hungerford’s Tavern, and Daley’s Tavern. The interesting thing is that you can still hear these names in local pubs, libraries, and of course historical houses. In the 19th century, the name Rockville was chosen and it was derived from Rock Creek.

Parents playing with their child
No matter if you are moving alone or with your entire family, Rockville will have a lot to offer

In 1873 a very important thing happened, that will change Rockville forever. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was established and it made this city accessible to Washington. Immediately the trading took another turn, and Rockville began developing. Today, however, people mostly use the metro and it takes around 49 minutes to reach Washington. 

How often do people move to Rockville?

It is good to mention that Rockville is completely different today than it used to be. Back in 2019 is welcomed 1.7% more newcomers were than the previous year, and for different reasons. This city is home to 17% of people who are 65+ and around 15% who are 25-35 years old. Of course, the majority of them will come from Washington, mainly because of business or the decision to move back to their hometown. Also, movers in Rockville MD will help people from other places move as well. As a result, in Rockville, you can find residents originally from Aspen hill, North Potomac, and Olney.

Find out what is Rockville known for

And now, off to the main thing. Rockville is home to 67,117 people and it is the 5th largest city in Montgomery County. What makes it so special are the beautiful landscape and of course the lovely people living there. If you are to consider moving to Rockville it is only normal to know all the things it is known for. These can help you blend in faster and continue with the habits you love. While you are looking for moving services you might need when moving in Maryland, you can also lead another investigation. All these interesting places, attractions, and nature spots are among the reasons so many people come at least once to visit this city.

Body of water surrounded by forest
Lake Needwood is what is Rockville known for as locals and tourists consider it their favorite spot in the city

Lake Needwood is for all nature lovers

Who wouldn’t want to live close to the lake? It is located east of Rockville and swimming is not the only thing you can do there! If you love fishing, canoeing, or pedal boating, this will be nothing but heaven for you and your family. From April all the way to late November, Lake Needwood is filled with people enjoying picnics, talking for a walk, or doing some of these activities. As a local there, you will be able to go exploring the lake on your own and see all the wildlife including birds and turtles. Residents of Rockville love celebrating national holidays on Lake Needwood including the 4th of July and Thanksgiving!

Glenview Mansion is what Rockville is known for too!

And if love for history brings you here, you must check out the Glenview Mansion. It was built in 1962 and it is surrounded by 65 acres of breathtaking landscape. Of course, the mansion is listed on National Registry for Historic Places as it was home to countless important events and meetings of socialites throughout history. Tourists and visitors make it their must-visit spot every time they come to Rockville both because of its indoor and outdoor beauty. The wonderful Glenview Mansion has marble floors, beautiful tapestries, and of course a perfect touch of American class.

Rockville Little Theatre

Established in 1948, this theatre is the very heart of culture in the city. It hosts many events including concerts, plays, movie projections, and much more. You can find it in Rockville Civic Center and before you know it it will become your favorite location. The place is famous for giving young performers and artists a chance to show off their talents. As a result, you can enjoy a play three times a week, written, directed, and performed by people from the community. It is worth mentioning that Rockville Little theatre is the oldest one in the area that has been operating continuously. 

Rockville Ice Arena

How about spending the whole day with your family ice skating? the arena has three full-size rinks where people can figure skate, play hockey, and do other activities. Local hockey club invites all those from age 7-20 to join and use the arena to practice playing this sport. If you and your family are fans of these activities, you can ticket online as well, for around $10. Of course, an arena this big offers to rent the equipment, so you will have skates for an equally good price. 

Empty theatre stage as Rockville Little Theatre is what is Rockville known for
You will get a chance to enjoy countless plays in Rockville Little Theatre

Keep on exploring Rockville

Your research doesn’t have to end here. Before you schedule a relocation with your residential movers in Maryland, feel free to look for other places you find suitable. Once you know what is Rockville known for and you like the things it offers, you can start planning your activities there. Rely on the internet as almost every establishment and attraction there sells tickets online. This way you will not have to wait to get them there in person, especially during the summer.


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