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Unpacking with a Baby: Tips&Tricks

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Proficiency, organization, planning, and patience are the things you will need the most during this process. Unpacking with a baby in the house is certainly not something that you can brush off easily. Babies need constant attention and someone to keep an eye on them. This is mostly due to their adventurous behavior during the first years of their life. Therefore, to unpack while having to pay attention to the baby is going to be hard, but possible. You can always rely on moving companies Maryland to help you safely transport your belongings and relocate your home. However, when it comes to the unpacking process, you will have to find a way to make it possible. Luckily, you have us to slowly guide you through the process, one step at a time. So, without further ado, grab a beverage, take a five-minute break from unpacking and join us.

Unpacking with a baby: Tips and tricks on how to do it

So, let us say that you just finished moving from Maryland to Virginia. The three-hour drive is finally over. However, your process of moving is certainly not. But, how do you start working on the process when you have a baby that constantly seeks your attention? Furthermore, moving with a baby usually means having to keep the routines so the baby does not feel uncomfortable.

woman unpacking with a baby
Children have an adventurous spirit and they will want to know everything you are doing, but that can slow you down

So, basically, you need to balance unpacking with making sure that your baby’s routine remains intact. If you do not do so, your baby can suffer temper tantrums. These tantrums will not only stress you out more than they should, but they are also going to cause constant delays in the unpacking process. This is a great time to team up with your partner or slowly break down every part of the process for a much better organizational level.

Why is the baby’s routine important?

A lot of scientists agree that, when it comes to big changes, babies do not approve of them as much. In fact, babies are usually tied down by the daily routine they have. It is this routine that allows them to feel safe, protected, and comfortable. Once the routine breaks, the baby can suffer stress. To make it easier for you, you can consult this age-by-age guide to moving with children. Children of different ages will have different takes on the big change that is happening in front of them. Therefore, it is the duty of the parent to ensure that the child does not feel vulnerable or uncomfortable during these changes. Luckily, one of the ways to do so is to simply stick to the routine your infant has. Because relocation is a foreign concept to them, they will always look for the routines in their day-to-day life.

When you arrive, unpack the nursery first

If you want to make unpacking with a baby easier, unpack the nursery as soon as you arrive in your new home. Doing this will allow the baby to, once again, feel the same comfort it did in your old home. In fact, unpacking the nursery upon arrival will also allow you to be able to put your toddler in the crib and do your own thing.

a baby nursery with various toys on the floor
By unpacking the nursery first, you ensure that your child gets its safe space back as quickly as possible

Basically, unpacking the nursery means setting the entertainment for the toddler. In addition, it also means that the baby will once again feel the same routines as it did yesterday. Furthermore, a nursery will usually hold all of the items that the baby will need. Additionally, this means that you will unpack all of the items your baby needs and focus solely on babyproofing your new home the rest of the household from that point forward.

Combine your breaks with some baby-time when you are unpacking with a baby

It is clear that you will not be able to relax, devote attention to the baby and unpack at the same time. In addition, even if you could, the unpacking process will simply take too long to complete. Therefore, you will need to compromise. We understand how hard relocation is, especially when you have a toddler in your home. However, it is best that you push through this period so you can relax later. To put it out there – you are most likely not going to be resting a lot during this period. Hence, you should think about the ways you can utilize the free time you have; whether you are moving from Maryland to North Carolina or New Jersey to New York. So, whenever you take time to rest, spend some time with your baby. That way, your infant can do its own thing when you return to unpacking.

Take advantage of baby’s naps

The freest time you will have during the day are the naps and bedtimes. As any parent knows, this is the period you utilize the most during the day. Well, once you arrive in your new home, things are not going to be much different. In fact, you should aim to unpack usually while your baby is asleep or not in the home. Many people actually reside to hiring a babysitter for the time being. That way, they have more time to focus on the process in front of them.

an infant yawning in its nursery with a toy beside it
Every parent knows that only a sleeping baby allows you to do other things which can make unpacking with a baby easier

We understand that you would probably want to rest as your baby is asleep. However, that is something you should do once the process is 100% complete. Until then, simply try to do as much as you can while the baby is asleep. This is the part of the day where you can get the most work done.

Other things to consider

  • Baby-proofing your home as you unpack
  • Deep cleaning all the surfaces before you unpack the nursery
  • Organizing where the baby things will be before you start to unpack them
  • Ensuring you have a baby-essential bag until you complete everything

Unpacking with a baby is not an easy task, for sure. However, with proper organization and planning, it is all manageable. You understand what your baby wants and when it wants it, the most. Therefore, you need to organize this entire process around those periods. Try to stick to the routines as much as you can, as that is the best way to keep your child happy.

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