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Unpacking tips to try after moving to Washington DC

Moving done

After going through all the trouble of packing all of your belongings, organizing them, hiring a moving company from movers DC area, and everything else a moving process involves – you have finally moved to your new home in Washington DC! The thing is, you can’t completely relax just yet because you have some unpacking to do. You might be someone who feels motivated to do the unpacking because you are excited about moving to a new home and organizing it. On the other hand, you might see it as another exhausting task on the list. But unpacking is only exhausting if you make it so by starting the unpacking process without a plan. So here are some unpacking tips to try after moving to Washington DC.

Things to do before unpacking the boxes

Starting immediately from unpacking the boxes is usually not the best idea. Before you do that, you want to make sure you ticked these things off the list:

  • Cleaning your living space
  • Arranging the furniture 
  • Putting the boxes into the corresponding rooms

Cleaning your living space

If you haven’t had the chance to clean your new home before the moving day, it’s best to start with that. When the space is still rather empty, you won’t have much trouble cleaning, especially the places that are not that easy to reach once you’ve unpacked. It’s easier to do this than move every single thing you own so you make sure you didn’t miss any spots. 

a person wearing white sneakers cleaning the floor with a brown broom
Make sure to clean your living space before you unpack

Arranging the furniture

After cleaning, take care of arranging your furniture. If you are moving with local movers Washington DC, your furniture will be assembled by the time you start unpacking the boxes. You may want to try out different furniture layouts to see which one you like the most. It will be way easier to move around your furniture while figuring this out if the boxes aren’t unpacked yet. Why would you struggle with moving a heavy wardrobe filled with clothes, when you can decide where it’s gonna go when it’s still empty.

Putting the boxes into corresponding rooms

Most of the time, boxes end up in the hallway at the beginning stage of organizing your new home because you don’t know where you should put them first. You should put each of the boxes into their corresponding rooms. By doing this, you will have everything ready when unpacking each room. Leaving your boxes all over the house without any order will just prolong the packing.

The best unpacking tips to try after moving to Washington DC

Now that you’ve prepared everything, you can start with unpacking the boxes. You might be wondering – where are you even supposed to start? That depends on what you consider to be something that you will need right away and what needs to be unpacked as soon as possible and ready to use. Here are some unpacking tips to try after moving to Washington DC if you are still unsure where to start.

Don’t do the unpacking of more than one room at once

When you need to finish an overwhelming task like unpacking all your belongings, you want to get it over with as soon as possible. That’s why people tend to try and do the unpacking of a few rooms at once. We strongly suggest you avoid doing this. Not only will you get lost in the mess of trying to keep things under control, but you will also spend way more time unpacking if you do it like this without any order. Take your time and unpack rooms one by one. If you are organized and relaxed while doing this, you’ll finish sooner than you think.

man in a grey hoodie carrying a canvas
Make sure to unpack one room at a time

Start with unpacking the essentials

Contacting moving companies Washington DC will help you make a detailed packing plan, you will have a few boxes with things you consider to be the most essential to you right after you’ve moved in. Boxes like these usually contain stuff like medication, important papers, toiletries, and some basic items you need for preparing food. In case you haven’t done this, just try to remember where are the boxes containing these things. You will surely need them for the first few days in your new home until you’ve fully unpacked. 

Get your bathroom ready to use

After you are done unpacking the essentials, we suggest you unpack your bathroom.

The bathroom is used frequently every day for multiple purposes. For example, imagine using the bathroom and realizing you still haven’t unpacked toilet paper, hand soap, or hand towels to dry your hands. You’ll also want to take a shower in the evening when you have been doing the unpacking work all day. Therefore, make sure your bathroom is ready to use as soon as possible.

Move on to unpacking your kitchen

When it comes to unpacking the kitchen, it’s just as important as unpacking your bathroom. You don’t have to finish unpacking everything right away, just necessary items like plates, glasses, pans, bowls, etc. Small kitchen appliances like kettles and toasters can also come in handy if you want to make yourself some coffee and breakfast in the morning.

flowers in a vase on a kitchen counter
When unpacking your kitchen, start with necessary items and finish unpacking after you are done with everything else

Unpacking the bedrooms

Apart from preparing food and showering, something you will also need is a good rest. That’s why long distance movers DC suggest unpacking your bedrooms after your kitchen and bathroom. Take out the bedding, pillows, and blankets first, then maybe your alarm clock and some clothes. Don’t get too focused on setting up every single detail in your bedroom. Unpack the most important things for now so you can finish most of your unpacking work faster. After you’re done unpacking the rest of the house, you can go back to decorating and organizing your bedroom space. 

Unpack last everything that may distract you from doing your work

Everyone is prone to procrastination, and it’s usually things like TV, computer, and stuff related to some hobbies you might have, that tend to distract us the most. Leave these things for the very end of your unpacking work if you want to be fully focused on what needs to be done first. After everything else is unpacked and put into place, you can reward yourself by watching your favorite show.

Unpacking all your belongings can be a pretty demanding task and it takes a lot of time. That’s why we hope these unpacking tips to try after moving to Washington DC will help you unpack with ease. Good luck!

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