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Tips & tricks to simplify your West Virginia move

Moving done

Every person who ever had experience with moving knows it’s a really complex task and anyone who is about to go through a relocation process will realize how difficult it can actually be. There are so many elements you need to pay attention to that you can lose a lot of nerves to keep things on track during your move. Packing can take all your time. You might choose the wrong movers who mishandle your stuff. Too much stuff can go wrong and you just shouldn’t allow that to happen. Let us give you five steps that will simplify your West Virginia move in a manner that it becomes a fun activity to go through a relocation. If you really want your move to be a simple and easy process, just follow the steps we are about to introduce to you in this guide.

Make a Game Plan

Even for relocation with movers West Virginia, you’ll need a Game Plan. You’ll need a strategy that will lead you throughout the process. Just like famous sportsmen and athletes who have Game Plans, your relocation will require the same. Don’t forget that a good plan is usually half the job done. Go ahead and ask people who’ve already gone through a number of relocations and they’ll agree that no matter how much experience one has with relocation, there is no guarantee a move won’t be messy and filled with problems. Take a look at the Game Plan below. It will give you an idea of what to do and help you make simple your West Virginia move!

A metal timer is lying on a wooden floor.
Getting a timer is a good way to simplify your West Virginia move.

Time is of the essence

Let’s begin with the basics of any good Game Plan. Prepare to move in a month and you will have enough time. Having a good timeline with enough breaks and a schedule will save your patience. Begin by buying a timer. Your smartphone can also do the job. However, buying a timer you can hold in your hand can really be entertaining and give it special significance. Try packing in intervals of an hour. Once time’s up be sure to take a break. Whether it will be longer one or just five minutes, is up to you but it’s important you really take a break. It creates a sense of order. Getting up for a glass of water or a quick stretch will make your blood flow better and increase your productivity.

The real reason timer is there is to make sure you don’t lose track of time while you try to  your West Virginia move simple and exhaust yourself for no good reason. For example, if you decide to pack for an hour put your timer for 45 minutes. Pack your stuff for 45 minutes, then declutter for ten minutes, and then clean up for five minutes. People tend to make a really big mistake when they are packing their life. They live in messy, cluttered conditions for weeks. Don’t think about how much you need to pack in a day. Think about leaving 15 minutes each day to clean up no matter the amount of stuff you have to pack.

Choose boxes made to last

It’s a basic rule in the relocation business that you get sturdy boxes that can endure a lot. For example, Banker boxes can do the job really well. You don’t need to use tape, they stack well because of the lids and they have handles. A perfect match. You can get those at Walmart for a really small amount of money and they are reusable if you handle them with care. If you choose the right boxes, your relocation will be so much easier you won’t be able to believe such a small element can make things go so much smoother.

a phone with a recycling symbol on it is lying on a bag.
Get a bag or a basket that will be only for recycling, if you don’t have a bin.

Labels are a must when trying to make your West Virginia move easier

Usually, four boxes are enough for one room but that depends on the size of the room. You will also need a big black trash bag and a recycling bin of some sort. You can use a laundry basket instead. Using a black trash bag is pretty smart. It has a psychological effect that, when you throw something away, you can’t second guess it. People who often donate love to use that trick. Label your boxes into four categories: Stuff to keep, Stuff for storage, Donations, and Things for selling. Assigning each thing where it belongs will take time but it will be worth it because it will simplify your West Virginia move. Donating stuff is an activity that will make you feel good about your move and give you a reason to see it as something creative that helped someone else and not just you.

You need some really good movers to simplify your West Virginia move

Your packing is done and you did it perfectly. However, now is the time to address the big furniture. You can’t move the piano, sofa or the fridge all by yourself. Luckily there are some of the best moving companies DMV has to offer you can call for help. They also usually offer packing service, disassembling before the move and reassembling afterward of your furniture items, and storage for the stuff you want to store. You will find reliable and affordable relocators who will be pleased to help you make your West Virginia move simple. Don’t hesitate to call them and explain the whole situation.

Mover who helps simplify your West Virginia move
Finding good and reliable movers you can trust is literally half the job.

Emotionally processing

Every big change in life needs to be thoroughly emotionally processed. Relocation with residential movers DC area can mean a new beginning, loss, anxiety, hope, and many other things depending on how you view it. Take your time to process the whole thing in a healthy way. If you approach the situation from the right, positive perspective, you will see it as a great experience that will help you grow and develop as a person. However, if you take too much time to do that, you may lose all the enthusiasm and momentum you need to simplify your West Virginia move. Your Game plans are crucial in this stage of relocation as they are in the packing stage before you move. Prepare them well, make yourself ready for anything that might come your way and there is no way you will fail in your goal.

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