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Things you should pack before your Maryland movers arrive

Moving done

You have agreed upon the final date of the move with the best of the moving companies Maryland has to offer. What now? Now is the time to prepare for the move. You have to secure the proper documents, finish unfinished business, prepare yourself and your family emotionally for the move, and pack your things. To make your moving process a little bit easier we prepared a list. These are things you should pack before your Maryland movers arrive. This can range from your laptop to that one painting in your hallway you don’t even look at anymore when passing by. We thought about every little thing so you don’t have to!

Prepare the Packing Materials

The first thing we need to look at is what materials you will need:

  • Cardboard boxes / wooden crates. This was probably pretty obvious, but hard cardboard boxes are an essential item when you are packing for a move. If you want to be extra protected, you can get wooden crates.
  • Protective packaging materials. When packing you must ensure that the extra space in the box is filled with softer materials so the items don’t move and collide against each other or against the wall of the box. These materials include foam peanuts, tissues, newspaper, blankets, old fabric, and bubble wrap. These you can get at a hardware store, or if you already have some, reuse them!
  • Tape. You need to secure your boxes.
  • Labels or markers. Not only will it be easier for you to know where you put your things, but you can also let the movers know if you have fragile items.
A person under a pile of moving boxes
Packing can be a nightmare, especially when you need to pack before your Maryland movers arrive.

Find Out What Are Things You Should Pack Before Your Maryland Movers Arrive

The decor

The first thing you should pack are all of the decorations in your house. This will be useful for when you are unpacking as well as for your current packing process. Not only will you empty all the shells, but you will also have all of your decorations in one place. Moving services MD recommend this technique, as unpacking decoration should come last.

When we say decor, we are using this term very loosely. By decor, we mean all of the smaller items around the house that can be on display. These can include:

  • Paintings and photos
  • Collectables (f.e. dolls, tea sets, plates…)
  • Books
  • Decor pillows
  • Lamps
  • Clocks

The kitchen

When packing the kitchen, you should pack all of the utensils, pots and pans, plates, glasses, and mugs… Basically, everything you use. Just be sure to leave a box with necessary cookware and utensils somewhere you can get easy access to when you arrive in your new place. The reason is you will probably not unpack all items immediately but you still need to eat.

Clothes, accessories, towels, and bedsheets

Your items made of fabric, such as clothes, towels, and bedsheets, but as well as wearables, such as accessories and shoes, should all be in one place. This is important to pack before your Maryland movers arrive, and you don’t even have to use a box, you can use bags and suitcases. Local movers MD will move your suitcases as well. Just, don’t forget about plushies!

Electronic equipment

All of your electronic devices should be in one place for easier finding. These can include:

  • a hairdryer
  • blender
  • mixer
  • toastmaker
  • laptop
  • computer
  • iron…
People behind boxes
Don’t get lost while packing!

Larger furniture that you need to pack before your MD movers arrive

After you completely packed your house, there should only be larger furniture left. You might be leaving some of it behind, but you also might be bringing some of it with you. The best tip is to take apart every single piece of furniture. If that is not possible, try to secure it with bubble wrap and ask your movers. Consulting with your moving company can be the best course of action if you don’t know what you are doing. Packing large furniture can be extremely hard. That is why most companies offer the option to have professionals pack your large furniture for you (at an additional cost). So, that option might be the one for you.

Extra stuff

You should also have a box of some type with food, skincare and hygiene products, cleaning products… Basically, everything that isn’t an item around your house, but that you use.

The box with essentials

Might sound kind of strange, but you should have one or more than one easy access boxes that you keep your necessities in. These boxes will probably be the first ones you open when you move your stuff. We have already mentioned the cookware box, but in addition, you should have box(es) with these items:

  • Medication
  • Necessary Toiletries
  • Cables for devices you use every day
  • Bedsheets and pillows
  • Clothes
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Towels
  • Food
  • Documents

This will save you a great deal of stress as all of your necessary items will be in one place, and you will most likely know exactly where each item is located as you will pack this just before your Maryland movers arrive. This will make the unpacking process feel like a dream.

Packing your stuff
Being organized and knowing what you need to pack and where everything is is half of the work done!

Packing is one of the hardest jobs you will need to do during the move. You need to decide what you are bringing with you and what you are leaving behind. Moreover, you have to remember to bring everything you have planned. The thing to remember is to keep the whole process as organized as possible. Then, it will be easy to pack before your Maryland movers arrive. And, if you have trouble unpacking, you can always look for storage services MD has. With these tips, your move will be easy.

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