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The benefits of full-service moving companies in DMV area

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So you decided to relocate your family to a new home? That’s great! You’ve got a lot of planning ahead of you. The best advice we can give you is to plan it carefully and ask for help from reliable full-service moving companies in DMV area because your relocation can be expensive. So ask around and try to find the cheapest budget movers DMV has to offer. Ensure they are professionals with good credentials and years of experience. We will here cover some of the main benefits you are getting when hiring full-service moving companies.

Let us explain what exactly full-service moving companies in DMV area are

So first of all, you might be wondering what exactly a full-service moving company is. Well, we got you covered. In simple words, it is a company that offers a wide array of services regarding your relocation. For most companies, it covers everything from A to Z. When talking DMV area, there are several moving companies Northern VA has to offer. That will satisfy your needs, and ensure a stress-free relocation. So do your due diligence and research everything before hiring them. The best way to do so is to check their reviews on Google and see what other people think of their services.

two guys siting in van
There are many benefits of full-service moving companies in DMV area

If you are a resident of a West Virginia town, like Beckley or Charleston, don’t worry. You can choose from a number of moving companies West Virginia has to offer. When it comes to differences between full-service moving companies and regular moving companies, there are a lot. But the main one is that regular moving companies are less professional, and offer a much more narrow array of services. In most cases, the only service they offer is relocation itself. But on the other hand full-service moving companies handle way more relocating services. So if you want a stress-free relocation, opt for a full-service moving company over a regular one.

What services does a full-service moving company offer?

Well, it’s simple, they offer everything you need. For instance, residential movers Northern VA specializes in relocating families in the northern part of the state. This is a basic relocating service that most moving companies offer. That is relocating people and their belongings to their new homes. But a full-service company handles every part of your relocation process, both pre and post-relocation. Here are some of the main services they offer.

woman looking for full-service moving companies in DMV area
Take your time, and decide

Local moving

What is meant by local moving is a relocation in a radius of around 30 miles. It doesn’t matter if you are moving across the street or into a whole new town, if it’s within 30 miles radius it’s defined as local moving. For instance, if you are a resident of Arlington, then you should find a local moving companies Arlington VA has to offer, and they will take care of your local relocation. Just because it’s a small distance, doesn’t mean that you don’t need help with your relocation. Most of us don’t have large trucks or vans to transport heavy belongings. Well, moving companies do, they also have enough personnel to finish this job more effectively than you. Because it is a small distance it needs to be completed fast, and specialized moving companies will surely do it faster than you. So trust them.

man standing next to van in DMV area
A reliable mover can always help you

Long-distance relocation

If you think moving is hard, try moving across the country. There are many challenges that you will face along the way. Some you can handle, some you can’t. But that’s ok since there are always professionals that you can rely on. When we talk about long-distance relocation it is regarded as relocation of over 100 miles. The biggest challenge with this type of relocation is distance itself. Many unfortunate things can occur while traveling and moving your belongings. For instance, if you are moving from Baltimore to Charlotte, the distance you will need to cross is over 400 miles. So if you are moving from Maryland to North Carolina, you let a professional moving company handle it for you. They will handle everything, from transport, and preparation for your move, all the way to setting up your new living space.

Commercial Moving

Unlike regular moving, relocating your business is a whole other story. When it comes to challenges with business relocation, the main one is time.  Being that it is a rich community, McLean sees its fair share of commercial moving every year. So movers McLean VA offers, are experienced in handling all the necessary tasks that are needed for your business relocation to be successful. Every second that your business is at a halt, means your business is losing money. And if this prolongs you may start to lose clients and customers as well. That is when everything collapses and you are in danger of losing your business.

man carrying boxes as part of services that full-service companies in DMV area provide
Business relocation is one of the benefits of full-service moving companies in DMV area

When it comes to commercial moving, the big thing is equipment relocation. That can range from small types of electronics like computers or TVs all the way to heavy and big construction equipment. Luckily full-service moving companies in DMV area are specialized in that as well. They will provide detailed instructions on how to package small electronics and if you have larger equipment, they will pick it up for you.

Storage services

When you are relocating you might find yourself with more stuff than you can take with you. When it’s some kind of unwanted trash, it’s easy, you just throw it away. But what happens if those are some valuable belongings that have either material or sentimental value to you? For instance, you have a piano that is dear to you, but there is no room for it in your new apartment. Well, this is where moving companies come into play.

One of the main services they offer is renting out storage. Storage size and purpose can vary. It can be a small storage locker or a big storage unit that can fit larger items inside. The main benefit of this is that you are trusting your most valuable belongings to a reliable service. All storage units are protected by two sets of coded locks, one on the entrances of the storage facility and the second on the storage door itself. Another thing that will make you sleep easier is a great camera surveillance system that all storage facilities have.

Why should you hire full-service moving companies in DMV area?

Well, what everyone looks for when contracting a moving company is comfort, you want to go on with your day knowing your relocation will go as smoothly as possible. So you can focus on your daily tasks without worrying about all the challenges that come with relocation. Another thing you want to accomplish is saving yourself time. Time is without question one thing that we all want to use as productively as possible. With the help of reliable full-service moving companies in DMV area, you can get your relocation done super fast. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a full-service moving company:

  • They will help you with your preparations
  • You won’t have to worry about finding your way around a new city
  • They will guarantee the condition of your belongings

Preparation for your move will be easy

Just like in almost any endeavor you are attempting in life, starting is the hardest part. This goes for moving as well. Getting yourself off the couch and starting all the necessary steps is a hassle. Well, the first thing you need to do is determine where and do you want to move, and if moving somewhere is really in your best interest. Well, if your answer is yes, you can start preparing for the move.

The best thing you can do is get in touch with the local moving company and have a conversation about the steps you need to take to get your moving process started. They will at the start ask you and give you instructions on how to declutter your living space in the most effective way. By doing this you will narrow down the belonging you intend to take with you. After that, you will get complete instructions on how to sort out your belongings and pack them in individual boxes. All of this helps you get a head start on the whole moving process, making it a lot more stressful.

They know your new city better than you do

After your preparation is completed, the moving part of the whole process starts. The thing with relocating to a new city is that you in most cases have no idea where to go, and aren’t familiar with your new surroundings. For instance, if you are moving from Washington DC to New York, it’s a completely different experience. There are traffic jams, you don’t know where to park, and you aren’t familiar with neighborhoods of New York City. Well, don’t worry, because your mover is way more familiar with the city you are moving to than you. So rely on them, and enjoy.

They will know all the necessary tricks to make their way through the city as fast as possible. Also if you are ever in need of advice in terms of the potential location of your new apartment or office, do not hesitate, to ask your moving company for help. The same goes for schools, restaurants, etc.

You will get your belongings in perfect condition

The big thing about relocation is keeping your belongings safe and in perfect condition. You don’t want to go through all the troubles with relocation just to find your TV damaged or your mirror cracked. Well, moving companies are your solution, not only will they help you with packing, and make sure everything is well protected, but they will also insure your belongings, so you have some sort of insurance for your stuff. We will describe the process that full-service moving companies use on different categories of belongings so you can feel secure and safe about trusting them with this process.


This is a tricky one. Furniture is expensive, and replacing it cost not only money but also time. It is a heavy piece of belongings that is also fragile. It really is a tricky thing to handle. The main thing your moving company will do is they will disassemble your furniture if possible. Don’t worry after they move it to your new living space, they will assemble it back up. Also, they will make sure all parts of your furniture are well-protected and wrapped in blankets and bubble wrap. Once inside your new home, your movers will with help of your instruction place all of this heavy stuff just where you want it, so you don’t have to worry about lifting heavy things and tiring yourself.

two movers carrying couch as part of full-service moving companies in DMV are
Movers won’t damage your furniture


Electronics are our most valued possession, and also they are our most fragile possession. So with electronics, you need to be extra careful. The main thing to do when packing electronics is to make sure that they are protected by a soft, hit-resistant layer of protection. If it’s your phone or tablet, wrap it in some clothes and pack it in your bag. And if you are transporting your TV or computer, well then wrap it tight with bubble wrap to make sure that screen isn’t damaged in transport.

picture of plan and tv
Your electronics won’t get damaged

Get yourself some professional help, and don’t worry!

When talking about the benefits of full-service moving companies in DMV area, there are many. First thing is that they offer a wide array of services that will help you with your relocation, and make it as stress-free as possible. They are offering services and help when moving inside your area, but also when moving long distance. If you are in need of storage space, they got you covered. They will make sure that the belongings you entrusted them with are secure and protected from theft. And lastly, they will make your moving process easier, help you with getting around your new city, and most importantly they will make sure your belongings get to your new home in perfect condition. So don’t think twice and hire a reliable full-service moving company. Good luck!



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