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Spring cleaning list for your DC home

Moving done

With spring come many different changes. As the weather gets warmer, people open up their homes to the sun, and it is time to get rid of everything that was accumulating during winter. This is also the time of year when all of the DC area movers become more active, as the new peak moving season begins. So we decided to make a spring cleaning list for your DC home to help you organize your time and priorities.

Decide on the best time

Spring cleaning is not your average weekly cleaning. It is something that will require a lot of time and attention. It also symbolizes a new start and the time to get rid of everything we dont use, or that we accumulated during winter. So in order to do everything right we need to pick the perfect time. If you have kids or pets it would be best to find someone to look after them. For this, you can find a babysitter, or ask friends and family for help. Although this is not a must-do, it will allow you to fully concentrate on your cleaning. Well for people that are not up to cleaning, there is also an option of finding professionals for the job. And we guarantee that if you ask the residential movers DC area recommends, you will find at least one place that offers such services.

A man writing a spring cleaning list for your DC home
Writing a spring cleaning list for your DC home will be easier to navigate.

Every room needs to be on the spring cleaning list for your DC home

To start off our spring cleaning list for your DC home we will first focus on some things that you will need to do in every room. Start off by removing all of your window drapers, and let the sun in. At the same time open the windows for fresh air to come in. Then it is time to wash all baseboards, door ceilings, window sills, doors, and walls. Only after doing that can you go on to clean the windows inside and out. Your attention should later go to cleaning light fixtures and lamps, as well as changing any lightbulbs that might need to be replaced. Dust the room fully. Wash the wents and throw out the bins. And only after all of that is done can you vacuum everything.


When it comes to rooms, every one of them has some unique things that will require our time and attention. As for the room order it is probably best to start from the kitchen, as in some cases it will require most of our time. The first agenda should be the pantry. There are probably many things we have not used during the winter, that may be expired or opened. Depending on how big your pantry is, it may take you some time to clean it all. But the next thing after that you should do is clean the cabinets, and deep clean the fridge and oven(if you can move them also clean under and behind them).

A woman cleaning the kitchen
Make sure you have all cleaning supplies ready before you start anything.

Living room

The next room you should concentrate on is the living room. If you noticed already the room order we are going by is similar to the order of rooms when unpacking after local movers Washington DC offers, help you move. First, focus all of your attention on dust. Clean all of the mirrors, frames, and other decorative items. Concentrate on light fixtures and lamps, as they are the places where most of the dust accumulates over time. All of the pillows and covers should be stripped and washed, and while that is happening you should dust and polish furniture, and vacuum the sofa. The last thing on the spring cleaning list for your DC home when it comes to the living room is to vacuum and shampoo the carpet or wax the floor.


After the kitchen and the living room, it is finally time to concentrate on the bedroom. After cleaning door frames, and windows, strip all of the bedding. Throw the bedding and the pillows in the washing machine. Flip and rotate the mattress. Look under your bed and clean any of the things that might have pilled up. This is also the perfect time to clean the wardrobe and pick out clothes you don’t need anymore, so you can sell or donate them.

A woman using a wacumm
Cleaning everything will take time, so make sure not to waste it on unnecessary things.


After long distance movers DC residents recommend help you move you will naturally do a lot of cleaning. And at that time you probably placed all of your cleaning supplies in the bathroom. So this is the perfect time to go through it and throw away all of the empty and expired ones. Clean and disinfect the shower/bathtub. After doing that wash bathmats. Proceed to wash and dust decorative items. Only after doing that devote time to replace shower liners and shower curtains.

Other rooms

The last thing on our spring cleaning list for your DC home is the category called “other rooms”. This is where attacks, garages, basements, and any other type of additional room are all accounted for. They come last as all of the living spaces used for everyday activities come before them. But these rooms are also important. All of them need to be cleaned of all unnecessary items that might have piled up during winter. The rooms should also be aired out and dusted, and all of the unwanted residents(spiders) should be evicted.

The overall spring cleaning list for your DC home

Our spring cleaning list for your DC home was made in order to help you manage your time better. But that doesn’t mean you need to follow it strictly. You can switch rooms and make an order that fits you better. But keep in mind that the most used rooms should always be first.

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