Room by room packing guide for beginners

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If you are a complete beginner and have never gone through the process of moving before, then for sure it can be a tricky thing to do for you. Different types of items require different kinds of packing. You can’t just shove everything you own into one box and expect a good result. Some things are breakable, some are sensitive, and some must be carefully wrapped and packed for various reasons. We at Helix Transfer & Storage are among the most reliable moving companies you can hire, so we’ve decided to go through this topic in this article. We will share our knowledge and experience with you, so you can start packing and moving the right way. This will be an easy packing guide for beginners everyone can follow. Let’s get straight into it.

Nursery packing guide for beginners

Nursery is one of the most important rooms in a house. Maybe even the most important one, as your child is spending most of its time there. There are many important items there which you will have to carefully pack to ensure they don’t break during transport. Packing their clothes is the easiest part, however, make sure you properly label those boxes. Once you arrive in your new home you should know where your baby’s clothes are. Don’t let them get mixed up with other things, so use a labeling method. If you are bringing the baby’s crib and not buying a new one, make sure all of its individual components are carefully put in a box, taped together and the box itself is taped. This will prevent those pieces from breaking mid-transport.

Baby in a crib
The nursery is the most important room in any house, so make sure you follow this packing guide for beginners to do things the right way

Finally, the baby’s bottles should be adequately packed. Put them in a smaller box with plenty of wrapping paper in between them, to make sure they stay whole. When you’re packing the baby’s toys, also put them in a cozy box. You don’t want your child to cry because they won’t be able to play with them anymore! Hire only the best movers Arlington VA has to offer, to ensure your nursery items arrive in one piece to your new home! 


Most bedrooms are the same. They all have at the very least a bed, clothes, a mirror, and sometimes a TV. Packing clothes is pretty straightforward. Apart from using a labeling system we’ve mentioned before, you should sort your clothes before packing. Don’t put every type of wardrobe in one box. Instead, we advise you to pack pants, shirts, sweaters, and everything else separately. It will be much easier for you to sort them out in your new home once you get there. If you mix them all, you’re going to spend more time than necessary trying to sort them out. As far as the bed and mirror go, we recommend that you get in touch with the most reliable movers West Virginia has at its disposal. They are experts in this matter and will help you move your bed and mirror safely to your new house. 

Living room

The trickiest part with any living room is moving the furniture. They are bulky and heavy, so it’s a bit hard to move them. They can also get damaged easily, especially if they are covered in leather. Once you damage them, it can be almost impossible to get them back to their original state. That’s why it’s important to let professionals move them for you. Movers with plenty of hands-on experience know exactly how and where to put furniture items. They will make sure they are secure during transport and will be equally careful when bringing them inside your new home.

Couple packing and labeling their items after reading the packing guide for beginners
Make sure you use a labeling system when packing and moving, it will make things easier for you

If you have a family heirloom in your living room, make sure you pack them with absolute care. You don’t want to damage something that has such sentimental value to you and your family. This part is crucial to know and that’s why it’s included in this packing guide for beginners. Depending on the size of your heirloom or the number of pieces it has, be extra careful when placing them in any box. We recommend that you first wrap them in bubble wrap, and then put them in a box that has packing paper at the bottom. Put the same paper in the space between the walls of the box and the items inside. It will ensure your heirloom gets to your new home in one piece! 

Kitchen packing guide 

In the kitchen, you will find most items that are easily breakable during a move. That’s why it’s important to cover them thoroughly in this packing guide for beginners. When you’re dealing with glassware, properly wrapping and packing them is key. Each glass or glass-made item should be first individually wrapped. Cover them in wrapping paper or bubble wrap and fill the insides with it too.

When placing them inside a box, make sure the bottom is secured with additional packing paper. Between individual glass items, put some more paper or bubble wrap between them. This will prevent them from hitting each other and potentially breaking during the move. The same goes for larger kitchen items made of glass or other breakable material. If you need additional information on how to pack glass, you can always ask your movers to give you a few tips and tricks. 

wrapped items in a moving box
A very important step in any packing guide for beginners is related to packing glassware and other breakable items, so make sure they are all adequately secured before the move!

Attic and cellar

First of all, make sure you discard and throw things from the attic and cellar you don’t need. These two rooms usually have the most things that we don’t need. By getting rid of unnecessary items, you will make your move much easier. Especially so if you are moving from Maryland to Virginia or any other state.  The rest of the items that you have there and that you want to bring, you should also pack carefully. It really depends on what materials they are made of, so ask your moving company for more tips if you need them. We hope this easy packing guide for beginners has helped you start packing and moving the right way!  




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