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Reasons to relocate to Virginia in 2021

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There is a certain appeal to each one of the US states. However, the benefits that come with living in them are quite unique and can draw your attention for lots of reasons. Now, what is left is to decide which one of the 50 states constituting the US to choose. Generally, a good idea would be to consider places to which a great number of people flock. Just take a look at the amount of moving companies DC area. This begs the question: what are the reasons to relocate to Virginia in 2021?

Virginia landscape
Virginia is one of the wealthiest states in the United States.

State of Virginia

For the purposes of establishing their first permanent New World English colony, the London Company has docked their ships on American soil, back in 1607. It was later renamed to the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Chesapeake Bay and the Blue Ridge Mountains, influence the climate and geography of the state greatly. Positioned between the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Coast, Virginia has a subtropical, humid climate, becoming warmer and more humid approaching the ocean. The capital of the Commonwealth is Richmond, while the most populous city is Virginia Beach.

Cost of living is certainly one of the reasons to relocate to Virginia in 2021

The cost of living in the Commonwealth is higher than the national average. That is one of the downsides of Virginia living. Obviously, this is one of the factors that represent the downsides of living in Virginia. You would need to allocate a considerable amount of money if you plan to buy a home or pay rent. The same goes for groceries, as they are also expensive. This fact alone leaves you wondering, why do people actually move to Virginia?

magnificent nature as one of the reasons to relocate to Virginia in 2021
One of the reasons to relocate to Virginia in 2021 is the presence of all four seasons.

Great for people enjoy each season

In this state, the average winter temperature is 27°F, while the summer can be as hot as 89 °F. The beauty of fall will blow you away with rusty and yellow colors covering the Blue Rudge Mountains. This is especially enjoyable while the wind and temperature are just right. Taking hiking trips is recommended in this season, as they will provide you with a worthwhile experience. Additionally, Virginia has access to the Atlantic Ocean and is also rich in rivers. You can enjoy a great many activities with your families thanks to these natural riches. For canoeing enthusiasts that need to store their canoe away for a while, try looking for storage DMV area has to offer. Browse through short and long-term storage options available.

Quality of health care system

Virginia offers access to health care to anyone in need, as it has over 90 hospitals across the state. It hosts the biggest healthcare institution in the entire Washington Metropolitan Area, the Inova Fairfax Hospital. Another added benefit of Virginia’s healthcare system is the University of Virginia Medical Center, with its high-ranking endocrinology. Prior to COVID, Virginia had a spectacular physician-to-patient ratio. The ratio was 130 doctors per 10 thousand patients, which ranks it as one of the states with the best proportions in the entire United States. This is a great reason for moving from Maryland to Virginia for all populations, especially medical students.

A sustainable economy is one of the top reasons for moving to Virginia in 2021

According to the data from the US Census Bureau, out of ten of the nation’s richest countries, four of them are in Virginia. The most prosperous one is Loudon County, with Falls Church County and Fairfax County being close behind. Loudon County has a high median income of $120.000 per year, thanks to the proper management of all budget shortfalls. The state economy was able to withstand even the toughest economic crashes. Thanks to that, the Commonwealth of Virginia can brag about its exceptional public services.

Thriving job market

The thriving job market may be one of the top reasons for moving to Virginia. According to the official statistics, the unemployment rate in this state is currently at 4.7%. This is lower than the national average and it is not that much different comparing to pre COVID times. This is one of the top reasons for contacting Northern Virginia movers via a reliable moving company. They would be able to handle all of your office furniture and appliances with great care. Having a move that is less stressful is always a plus in the world of business. Here are the leading job sectors in Virginia:

The leading job sectors are:

  • Military services
  • Agriculture
  • Provision of services
  • Entrepreneurship

No lack of great educational opportunities

Virginia can boast about its praiseworthy quality of education and overall student performance. The state has one of the best educational systems in the country, which is acknowledged by the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The record graduation rate sits at a whopping 86%. Besides that, almost 200 higher educational establishments are located in Virginia. The most notables ones are Virginia Tech, the College of William and Mary, and The University of Virginia. They are ranked in the top 40 public colleges and universities in the United States of America.

The University if Virginia
The University of Virginia is one of the best in the United States.

There is a long list of reasons to move to Virginia in 2021

Knowing all the reasons to relocate to Virginia in 2021, the only thing left is to make the final call. Talk to your family (or business associates in case of a commercial move) about this, and hear what they think. You might find that they are more enthusiastic about the move than you have originally imagined. Make sure to get a job before arriving, and don’t underestimate the living expenses here. Although you might have to live on a budget for a while, ultimately the pros will outweigh the cons.

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