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Reasons to move to McLean VA

Moving done

You decided to relocate your home and you set your eye on McLean VA. At the moment you know little about it but luckily, we are here to point out why is it good to move to McLean VA. We will help you weigh the pros and cons and decide if this is a good choice for you. Also, we will prepare you for the journey ahead. As you know, you must prepare a moving plan, pack, and search for movers McLean VA. Hence, let’s review everything together and ensure you are adequately covered.

You must have your relocation plan ready

You shouldn’t pack before you find a property and the right neighborhood. But you should surely have a relocation plan ready and as soon as the time comes, whip it out and start packing. Firstly, you want to inspect your entire home and note down all the furniture and other possessions. This way you’ll know how hard your move is and if there are any furniture pieces that might create a problem while moving. Also, you will know how much you must invest in packing supplies and an approximate budget you should dedicate to the whole moving endeavor. You can start searching for local movers Northern VA, once you have this info.

a woman preparing to move to McLean VA
Research online and prepare your moving plan upfront. Be ready when you find your new neighborhood.

The best way to find your budget movers DMV is to browse online and compare prices and services. If you want to figure out how they treat their customers, you should read reviews and feedback as well. Check out social media networks and that should be enough. A word of mouth or a referral from a friend is also a viable choice. So, when you find your moving team, give them a call and confirm they have all the tools and licenses required for the job. Obtain all the information and you can even schedule months in advance in case you do not have your address yet. If you do, set your plans in motion.

Cost of living is sadly not one of the reasons to move to McLean VA

People are moving to McLean VA all the time but the cost of living is not one of the reasons. Sadly, it is above the national average but not too much. And no wonder because McLean is a home for many senators and CIA agents. Therefore, you might expect that anything you can imagine is accessible but it comes at a price. It is one of the most luxurious towns in the whole USA but at the same time, the most expensive one as well. One thing you can’t find here is snow. There is almost none of it throughout the year.

The cost of living is a bit higher. This includes bills and groceries.

Opportunities for education

If you move to McLean you’ll attend or send your children to one of the Fairfax County School District schools. It is a prestigious one so you can expect nothing less than the perfect environment for you and your children. Furthermore, when your children are ready to hit the university, they have one of the best choices in the US just 10 miles from your home. Yes, the University of the District of Columbia is just around the corner in D.C. And of course, there is also an easier financial solution such as Northern Virginia Community College. All in all, your children will have access to the finest schools and education in Virginia.

Fine neighborhoods of McLean VA

Some people want to relocate to McLean VA simply because it stands for one of the safest places to live in the US. As we stipulated before, the CIA is located here so there is no better place to be when it comes to safety and surveillance. If you do not mind it and you want to live your life in peace and raise your family with zero crime rate, then this is a place for you. So, as a fairly small place, it still has many neighborhoods worth mentioning. There are many, but we will provide a shortlist and if you like any of those, you can dig further and find a list with all of them. Check out the following:

  • Belleview
  • Langley Forest
  • McLean Hamlet
  • Potomac Hills
  • Chesterbrook
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Lewisville Heights

You should review each one of them because some are more expensive, louder, have higher traffic, etc. We advise you to check Lewisville Heights because it is a nice combination of a budget and a quiet neighborhood where you can raise your family.

Career pursuit is one of the reasons to move to McLean VA

As you already know, the cost of living is a bit higher here so you won’t relocate to McLean without a steady income or a plan for a future job. You must know that the IT department, Software engineering, Intelligence, and finance are something that will earn you a living. As a matter of fact, any government position can lead you here. Although, with such proximity to D.C. you can do whatever you want and live in such a prestigious and luxurious neighborhood. Moreover, in this day and age, we are not tied to the location anymore. You can work online and live wherever you want so it is entirely up to you what you want to do. But at least you have a vague idea of the main jobs you must focus on if you are moving here without a previously laid out plan.

a person reading graphs
Working with finances is a good call. You will never run out of jobs if you decide to move to McLean VA

Have fun in McLean

Now, just imagine how beautiful this place is. With such a great oversight, parks, playgrounds, and public places are maintained, cleaned, and kept in perfect condition regularly. This means each weekend you’ll have a chance to gather your family and hit a local park for a BBQ or a picnic. On the other note, there is all the shopping and dining you can dream of. Here you’ll find the finest restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, and social events. And again, if this is not enough, D.C. is just around the corner. So, make arrangements and utilize Northern Virginia movers. You can become a McLean resident within a few days.

There we go. Now you know a few reasons why you should move to McLean VA. Hopefully, we gave you enough information to choose the right path and begin a new chapter in your life. Now, start browsing and pick your neighborhood. Good luck!

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