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Reasons To Move From North Potomac To Chevy Chase

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Exploring the wonderful state of Maryland can happen for any reason, and it will result in some wonderful experiences and memories. Moving from one to another place in this state will double the feeling, especially if you stick to smaller places. Luckily, Maryland is filled with lovely towns and townships that are waiting for you to start calling them your new home. If you have been thinking about taking this step lately, maybe the time has come to think about it more seriously. Let’s name some of the reasons to move from North Potomac to Chevy Chase!

You want to start a small business

One of the most common reasons for calling movers Maryland is your job. And it doesn’t matter if you have to commute for too long, or if your job doesn’t suit your needs. As soon as you come across a better offer, it is probably time to consider moving. Nowadays it is not so easy to find build a successful career and making huge steps is essential. So, if you struggle with finding a job in North Potomc, but there is a good offer in Chevy Chase, think no more.

two girls looking at clothes
Chevy Chase is famous for many clothing stores

It is good to mention that Chevy Chase is very famous for being a shopping district. People will usually come to visit from Friday until Sunday and the majority of them will visit malls and shops. This immediately opens countless opportunities for starting your own business. So, if you are good at trade and opening a shop has been a dream, this place may be perfect for you!

Friends and family members live in Chevy Chase

Feeling lonely is what can easily make you move from North Potomac to Chevy Chase. This often happens when people change their location because of work or some other matters. Those who moved to North Potomac recently and simply can’t blend in should consider moving back to their hometown. With the help of movers North Potomac MD your relocation will be quick and before you know it, you will see all those people you miss.

Chevy Chase and North Potomac are just 11 miles apart which makes this moving route extremely common. Every year, these two places exchange a couple of hundred residents and the reasons vary. Even though the distance is very short, some people simply can’t stand being separated from their homes no matter what.

Downsizing as one of the reasons to move from North Potomac to Chevy Chase

Currently, North Potomac has a population of 24,146 people while Chevy Chase is home to around 9,801. In terms of towns and townships, North Potomac is huge. For a lot of people that could be an issue. Those who plan to retire or downsize soon will find Chevy Chase to be more suitable for that kind of lifestyle. The traffic is quieter, there are more green areas, and taking long morning walks is more pleasant. Woodend Sanctuary is an absolute must for all those who plan to move there and you will get to see all your new neighbors there.

elderly couple holding hands
A lot of people who decide to move from North Potomac to Chevy Chase simply want a nice place to spend their retirement

Keep in mind that Chevy Chase has higher living costs than North Potomac. At the moment, it rates at 212.3/100 while North Potomac holds 159/100. With a difference in numbers, this big you must have a good financial plan. For a lot of residents or nearby cities and towns, Chevy Chase is a perfect little oasis they love visiting on weekends or in summer. This lead to higher prices in recent years, and it surely affected housing costs.

Good decision for those who plan to start a family

When people decide to start a family or once the kids arrive, most of the time they will start thinking about moving to a smaller place. The safety of your family becomes the priority and securing a good childhood is something you should do no matter what. In case you are in a similar situation, that is your sign to find professional movers Chevy Chase MD. It is no secret that the crime rate in both places is low. However, Chevy Chase will be more suitable for your family for a couple of reasons.

The first one is that they will have much more space for outdoor activities. This is essential for their healthy lifestyle. They will also have a lot of friends close to their age. This is especially the case during summer when old residents come back to their hometown for vacation. In Chevy Chase there are a couple of schools. The one with the highest rating is North Chevy Chase Elementary School. Of course, before you schedule your relocation, make sure to talk to them about this entire thing as they will need some time to get used to the change.

Whatever the reason- move from North Potomac to Chevy Chase with positive vibes

Hiring professionals to help you and relying on moving services Maryland will make your relocation much easier. Movers will make that already short distance even shorter. You will only have to focus on people moving with you. This will give you more time to prepare your new home for moving in, and even prepare a welcoming party for your new community. No matter when and how you decide to move, always put your priorities first.

family sitting on the couch
After all, Chevy Chase will be perfect for raising family

Sometimes you might need to move on short notice, or because of some personal matters. Still, there is no need to think about your move as something bad. Once you move from North Potomac to Chevy Chase your life will change and you should embrace that as soon as possible. And you will not be that far from your old home after all. In case you start missing the place and the people, you can be there in less than 30 minutes. 


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