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Reasons seniors move to DC

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You are thinking about where to spend your golden years. After living everywhere because of the job or family, now it’s time to please yourself. Finding the place that will completely suit your needs is never easy. However, there are so many elder people who choose Washington DC as the city that is the best for retiring. Whatever your preferences are, the reasons seniors move to DC are various. Some of them are pretty common. The home to Starbucks and many other coffee brands will ensure your energy will be high enough to explore the city. Long distance movers DC can testify to the fact that a lot of people are coming to the capital every year. Even though that doesn’t sound odd, let’s go through the benefits this big city can bring to seniors.

One of the reasons seniors move to DC is history

Let us talk about Washington DC. There must be so many reasons why is this particular city the capital. History lovers will never get bored here. But not only them, naturally, but there is also something interesting to learn for everybody. Thanks to DC’s amazing public transport system, you have easy access to a myriad of museums, monuments, and art events. You retired because of this – plenty of spare time to spend as you wish. Even if you can start a flower garden in your yard, take advantage of the transport system that can take you wherever you want to go. You are likely to never drive a car in this city.

Mount Rushmore and the city's history is one of the reasons seniors move to DC
All of the historical monuments are nearby. The city’s history is very rich and one should spend time getting to know it.

When you live in Washington, two incredible museums are just around the corner – Smithsonian American Art Museum and the National Museum of Natural History. They are free to the public and you will visit them over and over again. Don’t worry about getting bored, they are pretty impressive. You can learn about moving to Washington in 2021, but passing the knowledge about American history on to your grandchildren is a never-done job.

Good health is a reason seniors move to the capital

One is hardly stressed when retired. Seniors love life the way it is and somehow they easily adapt everywhere. What you should always think about is your health. Thanks to the world-class health care Washington city has, you can be sure you are in great hands. If you want to stay healthy and active, first think of prevention. Regular physical activity can keep you from almost all serious health problems. Illnesses like heart disease, many types of cancer, or dementia are at low risk if you are physically active on a daily basis. In the capital where Washington DC movers are, there is no lack of hiking trails or yoga classes. Everything you need to age well is here just for you:

  • Water recreation programs
  • Locally grown food markets that will provide you fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Outdoor adventures and recreational classes to stay active
  • Retirement tax benefits as the first of the reasons seniors move to DC
  • The laid-back lifestyle that suits the elders
two elders on a boat
Take the boat down the Potomac River. Relax on a daily basis and ensure a healthy lifestyle.

The DC’s climate is perfect for everybody, especially seniors

The mild climate Washington has is so nice. Summer is not too hot, which means you won’t even need an air conditioner in your home. It’s mild during the whole year, but there is snow in the winter. It depends a lot on which part of the city you’re about to live in. The weather in the eastern and the western part can be different in a single day. Professional local movers DC can testify about the weather difference, so keep that in mind when choosing your dream house.

The weather encourages people to go outside and spend time outdoors. The abundance of free concerts and events throughout the whole year is everything one needs to have an extremely good time living here. You can find so many lakes and the beautiful Potomac River. The variety of activities is so huge. Depends on the weather, go swimming by visiting some of the beaches. On the contrary, mountains provide a large number of hiking trails. You will explore the great outdoors and the nature that pleases the eyes.

Variety of population and cultures is among the most common reasons seniors move to DC

Considering the fact Washington is the most educated area in the United States, there is no wonder a lot of people want their children to attend DC’s schools. As one of the most diverse regions, there are people from many religions and nationalities. Neighborhoods are so friendly and well-organized. Almost you can’t go wrong. The good thing about this fact is that the food in Washington is truly international. The owners here have a huge task in front of them. They need to please so many budgets and wishes. You can find Indian, Japanese, or Chinese cuisine, European restaurants, etc. Whatever you can imagine is here.

chinese food in a restaurant is another reason seniors move to dc
All the appetites must be satisfied in Washington. With a diverse population, there are plenty of restaurants rich in different cuisines.

Wait no more to move to DC

We hope you decided on when to spend your golden years. There are some steps to take and things to consider before you decide to retire in Washington DC. First, calculate your budget. And by that, we mean your complete budget – your monthly budget, expenses, and everything regarding money you will get and spend living here. Contact your preferred movers DC area to know more. Calculate food, utilities, health care, rent or homeownership, etc. The cost of living here is a little bit lower than the national average, even though it is somewhat high. Second, take into consideration living in all-inclusive senior communities and what can they give you:

  • Regular housekeeping and yard work
  • Free food and dining
  • Activities, events, and adventures designed for seniors
  • Gym membership and fitness classes
  • Language, art, or other lessons for free
  • Travel opportunities
  • Assisted health care

You won’t regret living in the capital. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons seniors move to DC and none is odd. This beautiful and lively city is all about the good living of the elders.

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