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Pros and cons of moving to Clarksburg with a family

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Are you thinking about moving to Clarksburg with a family? If you investigated this interesting place surely you have seen a lot of positive reviews and reasons why it may be a good idea to relocate here. But is it all that good? Are there any downsides to making Clarksburg your home? Let’s take a look at what some of the best moving companies Maryland has to offer, say about this place.

Living in Clarksburg, MD

Clarksburg is located in Montgomery County and it is currently considered one of the best places to live in Maryland. It has a population of 24,767 and offers its residents a sparse suburban feel with a  lot of bars, parks, places to shop, etc. And since it is close to major cities like Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, New York City, Baltimore, MD, there is nothing that you will miss when living in Clarksburg. Overall it is a nice and quiet suburb with a lot of diversity. If you are thinking about relocating to Clarksburg with family, make sure that you choose some of the reliable and experienced moving companies Clarksburg MD has to offer.

complex highway
Use I-270 to get to Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, New York City, Baltimore, MD fast

Moving to Clarksburg with a family can have its advantages

Of course, before you make a final decision it is good to learn about all the pros and cons of moving to Clarkson with a family. Advantages of making such a decision:

  • High household income – Good job opportunities
  • Highly rated schools
  • Low crime rates
  • Diverse and friendly community
  • Super walkable neighborhood
  • Close to Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, New York City, Baltimore, MD

On the other hand, there are certain disadvantages as well:

  • Expensive properties and rents
  • Poor public transportation – Need to have a car to commute
  • Bad traffic
  • Way too many townhouses and cheap houses were built

High median household income

When you take a look at Clarksburg’s stats, you will see that this place has many job opportunities. And what is most important, there are many opportunities for a well-paid job. The median household income in Clarksburg is $147,070. For example, the national average is $62,843. And that is one of the biggest pros of relocating to Clarksburg with family. If you already secured a job here, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be talking to some of the most reputable long distance moving companies Maryland and preparing your move already.

Many highly rated schools

If you are relocating to Clarksburg with a family, surely you are wondering about educational opportunities for our kids. Luckily, this place has much great public and private schools that are highly rated. Little Bennett Elementary School, Cedar Grove Elementary School, Wilson Wims Elementary School are just some of the best schools that your kids will be able to attend.

students in a classroom
Highly rated schools are one of the top reasons for moving to Clarksburg with a family

Clarksburg is a safe place

Clarksburg is a quiet and safe place. Of course, when you are moving somewhere with a family, safety is one of the primary things that you need to pay attention to. Still, recently things are going for the worse as there are many newcomers coming to town due to the cheap housing explosion that is currently underway in Clarksburg. Nevertheless, Clarksburg is still safer than many surrounding places. And will remain that way for the years to come.

A friendly and diverse community

Clarksburg has a very friendly and diverse community. If you move here with a family, you will have no trouble fitting in as people are open and accepting newcomers with open arms. It is a perfect place for people that like to participate in the community and feel like they are a part of the neighborhood.

You can get around the town on foot

Clarksburg is not a big place. However, even such small places can be difficult to move around if you do not have a car. Luckily, this town I supper walkable. You can get to every part of the town on foot. It is good for staying in shape. And saves you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on gas.

Close to several big cities

This place has all that you need for a perfect life. However, if there are some things that you cannot find in Clarksburg, you can quickly get to Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, New York City, Baltimore, MD through I-270, which also provides quick access to other important places in Maryland, Virginia, or DC

Expensive housing

Cheap construction and overly aggressive development are just one of the problems that the real estate market in Clarkson has. If you are not interested in cheap and poorly constructed townhouses, and you are looking to buy or even rent a proper home, you will find that homes in this place are not cheap. The median home value in Clarksburg is $482,500, which is much higher compared to the national average of $217,500. When it comes to rents, they are also more than double the national average. $2,089 compared to $1,062.

Poor public transportation

If you are living in Clarksburg, you will have to have a car. This place doesn’t have good public transportation. Therefore if you need to commute to work every day and get there on time, you will either have to own a vehicle or rely on Uber or Lyft as your transportation choice.

uber driver
If you do not own a vehicle you will have to rely on Uber

Traffic issues are common

Since everyone has a vehicle in Clarksburg, there are many traffic issues here. And it is one of the things that residents complain about the most. Be prepared for this if you are planning to relocate here.

Think well before you decide to move here

As you can see there are many pros and cons of moving to Clarksburg with a family. Take them all into consideration before you make your final decision and start calling for reliable residential movers Maryland has to offer. Moving is expensive. Therefore you need to be sure of your decision.

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