Pros and cons of moving from Washington DC with a family

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There are many things to love about Washington DC. However, there are many things to hate about it, too. Living here alone and with a family is completely different. There are many things that come into consideration before moving from Washington when there is a family involved. That’s why before hiring moving companies DC area, make a list of pros and cons of why moving from Washington is a good idea. To help you out here is a short review of the pros and cons of moving from Washington DC with family.

The poor public school system can be a good enough reason for moving from Washington DC with family

There is a wide range of private and public schools and kindergartens in Washington DC to choose from. Kindergartens are top-notch in DC. You can ask your local movers DC about them. However, this can’t be said for schools. There are great private schools that won many awards in the district, but, a lot of people are not very satisfied with the public schools in DC. That’s why a lot of them tend to move to the suburbs, like Northern Virginia and Maryland. In fact, the public school system is the worst in the nation. Moreover, the graduation rate in public schools is the lowest in the nation. If you can afford to pay private school fees your kids will have a great education. If not leaving DC is for this reason is a pro and a huge money saver for your family.

teacher and students in the classroom
Washington has the lowest graduation rate in the nation.

Housing is one of the most expensive in the country

Moreover, life in DC is pretty expensive. Housing is one of the most expensive in the country. Washington DC movers conduct a lot of relocations to the rented households since not many people can afford to buy a property in Washington. If you have a well-paid job you will be fine but you will barely have time to spend with your family. This is why moving from Washington to the suburbs is a great option for families. It’s way more affordable and the environment is not fast-paced as in DC. Your kids will spend more time outdoors in the suburbs than in the city where they are glued to their computers most of the time. Big cities are not the best for raising families. Slower-paced places are more suited for this.

Traffic is a nightmare for drivers

One of the biggest pros of moving from DC is the traffic. Traffic is heavy during the rush hours. Washington is in third place on the list of worst states for drivers. You will spend a lot of time in your car trying to go from one place to another. The time you spend in traffic could be spent with your family doing things you all love. Moreover, protests are a recurring thing here which adds to creating traffic jams. Parking is not the greatest either. There are many narrow streets and not enough places to park. All of this gets even more complicated during the tourist season. It’s a nightmare for everyone that commutes to their job.

heavy traffic a a reason of moving from Washington DC with a family.
Think about traffic jams if you decide that moving from Washington DC with a family is what you want

Healthcare is affordable and crime rate low

Think twice before you move out from Washington DC since you will not be able to benefit from its affordable healthcare costs. People in Washington pay 4% less than the national average. Moreover, healthcare is one of the best in the country. A lot of hospitals have a high ranking.

The crime rate in Washington DC is the lowest out of all the other big cities. If you are considering moving from DC to NYC this is an important thing to consider. You and your family will be safer here than in any other big city.

Free activities for the whole family

A huge con of moving from DC is that you will miss out on free things you can do with your kids. Not many cities offer as many free activities as DC. The National Zoo is free of charge all year round. We all know that kids love zoos! Then there is Smithsonian with 19 museums and art galleries also free of charge. If you are not that much into museums, there is Kennedy Center that has free musical and theatrical performances. Every Thursday at 6 PM you can enjoy a free performance. Depending on where you are planning to move you might not have this many free things to benefit from with your family. In the long-term, this is a huge money saver.

People walking near a white building
Make a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether moving from Washington DC with your family is a good idea.

Job security

This is a city of many job opportunities. In Washington, you and your family will be secure. For a carrier driven person, this is a great place. Most of the jobs are government-related. However, there are many other sectors that offer job employment like technology, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. Moreover, since Washington is a known tourist location, there are many job offers in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Great location

A great thing about Washington DC is that you are not far away from the beaches. A two or three-hour ride is all you need to be at the beach. Beach is a perfect family weekend getaway. You can let your kids play in the sand while you relax with a glass of nice wine in the warm weather. If you are not that much into beach life there are plenty of ski centers within a couple of hours from DC.

Moving to a new place can be scary. That is why you should conduct research before you make a huge decision of moving from Washington DC with family. There are many great opportunities for you and your kids in DC. Life in the city can get overwhelming, for that reason choose to live in the suburbs. Every city has its own pros and cons that you will have to adapt to. As long as you pick one that suits your and your family’s lifestyle the most you won’t make a mistake.



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