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Pros and cons of moving from Washington DC with a family

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Navigating the vibrant streets of Washington DC can offer a rich blend of cultural, educational, and historical experiences, making it a beloved home for many. Yet, it comes with its own set of challenges, especially when considering the multifaceted demands of family life. As you contemplate moving from Washington DC with a family, a meticulously crafted list of pros and cons can be your guiding compass. Whether it’s the enchanting echo of national monuments or the buzz of a diverse urban environment that holds your heart, being well-informed is key. Learn all about the opportunities and hurdles that await in and beyond the capital city, steering you towards a decision to hire moving companies DC area relies on.

DC Moving Trends to be aware of

In recent years, Washington DC has seen a notable fluctuation in its resident demographics. Around 39% of DC residents have contemplated moving out of the capital, citing primary reasons such as education, traffic, and housing costs.

  • When dissecting the education sector, a stark difference in satisfaction levels is observed. Private institutions holding a firmer ground compared to the public ones. It’s a trend fueled by a concerning 68.9% high school graduation rate in public schools.
  • The housing market is another pivotal factor, with the median home value skyrocketing to an overwhelming $674,900.
  • Commuters aren’t spared either, dedicating a staggering 155 hours to traffic congestion annually, a figure that prominently stands above the national average.

These compelling statistics unfold a narrative that demands a deep dive before making an informed decision and hiring long distance movers Washington DC trusts to help you move.

The public schools present a good reason for moving from Washington DC with family

One of the prominent reasons families consider moving from Washington DC involves the discernible gaps in the quality of the educational landscape. While the city houses some renowned private educational institutions, the public school system often doesn’t meet the expectations of many families. Though kindergartens in DC enjoy a positive reputation, it’s the K-12 education that comes under scrutiny. The district’s public schools, despite efforts to improve, have been languishing with the lowest graduation rates nationwide, a figure that stood alarmingly at 68.9%. This is considerably lower than the nearby suburbs of Northern Virginia and Maryland, which boast better educational outcomes. If you are considering moving from DC to NYC this is an important thing to consider.

teacher and students in the classroom
Washington has the lowest graduation rate in the nation.

Private schools, on the other hand, have carved out a niche of excellence, with institutions like Sidwell Friends and Georgetown Day School earning accolades for their high educational standards. However, the high tuition fees, often reaching upwards of $40,000 annually, make them inaccessible to many families. Local movers DC trusts are always there for anyone planning on moving the nearby states like Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Housing is one of the most expensive in the country

The soaring housing costs in Washington DC stand as a substantial deterrent for many families contemplating settling in the city. The median home value escalated to a staggering $674,900, a figure that significantly overshadows the national average. In light of these costs, many opt for rental accommodations, with a considerable number of relocations facilitated by various Washington DC movers leaning towards leased residences. Yet, this option comes with its own set of challenges, as the fast-paced life coupled with high rental rates — median hovering around $2,200 for a one-bedroom apartment  — can potentially strain both your budget and family time.

a man moving from Washington DC with a family
Planning on moving from Washington DC with a family? You won’t have trouble finding a more favourable real estate market.

Given this scenario, a growing number of families are casting their sights on the suburbs surrounding DC, such as Arlington and Alexandria in Northern Virginia, or Bethesda and Silver Spring in Maryland.  Get in touch with moving companies Arlington VA trusts today! These areas offer a more relaxed pace of life, fostering a conducive environment for family bonding, with greater scope for outdoor activities, and at a more accessible price point. Relocating to the suburbs not only opens up opportunities for more spacious homes but also promises a quality lifestyle. It balances affordability with the leisurely charm that is often amiss in the heart of the bustling city.

Traffic stand as the most prominent reason for moving from Washington DC with a family

One of the biggest pros of moving from DC is the traffic. Traffic is heavy during the rush hours. Washington is in third place on the list of worst states for drivers. You will spend a lot of time in your car trying to go from one place to another. The time you spend in traffic could be spent with your family doing things you all love. Moreover, protests are a recurring thing here which adds to creating traffic jams. Parking is not the greatest either. There are many narrow streets and not enough places to park. All of this gets even more complicated during the tourist season. It’s a nightmare for everyone that commutes to their job. When choosing to relocate, it’s important to find residential movers Washington DC who know their way around the city.

heavy traffic a a reason of moving from Washington DC with a family.
Think about traffic jams if you decide that moving from Washington DC with a family is what you want.

The Upsides of Location, Employment, and Safety

Despite the challenges, a significant number of people opt to plant their roots firmly in Washington DC, enticed by its strategic location, thriving job market, stellar healthcare, and relatively low crime rates. A remarkable 61% of the populace chooses to stay, drawn by the unique blend of work and leisure opportunities that the region offers.

  • Nestled in a prime location, residents enjoy easy access to beautiful beaches and ski resorts, which are just a few hours’ drive away.
  • The job market adds to the city’s allure, boasting a lower unemployment rate of 5.4% in 2021 compared to other metropolitan areas.
  • Additionally, DC prides itself on having accessible healthcare facilities, with costs lying 4% below the national average, and a robust security infrastructure, translating to a crime rate that is appreciably lower than other large cities.

Clearly, the capital city holds a trove of opportunities and amenities for those contemplating staying in Washington DC with a family.

Great location keeps many families from moving from DC

Washington DC boasts a strategic location that grants easy access to a variety of recreational destinations. A mere two to three-hour drive lands you at picturesque beaches such as Ocean City and Rehoboth Beach. These family-friendly locales offer a tranquil setting for weekend getaways where children can build sandcastles and adults can unwind. For those partial to the mountains, options abound within a few hours’ drive. The winter months transform nearby areas like Whitetail Resort and Liberty Mountain Resort into havens for skiing enthusiasts. Here, families can carve out their paths on the snow-clad slopes, adding a dash of adventure to their weekend plans.

Moreover, the vibrant city is a nexus for rich cultural experiences, hosting an array of historical sites, museums, and galleries, promising a fulfilling urban life with a mix of leisurely pursuits just a stone’s throw away. Hence, the city’s favorable geographical positioning ensures a plethora of options for fun and relaxation, catering to varied preferences and showcasing the multifaceted offerings of the region.

Affordable healthcare in the heart of the nation

Washington DC stands tall not just as the nation’s capital but also as a hub for affordable and high-quality healthcare. Residents benefit from healthcare costs that are 4% lower than the national average, presenting a significant advantage for families with a range of medical needs. Notable hospitals like the MedStar Washington Hospital Center and George Washington University Hospital maintain high rankings, showcasing their commitment to excellent medical services. Moreover, the city is home to a plethora of clinics and healthcare centers that cater to various specialties. Whether it’s routine checkups or specialized care, you have access to top-tier healthcare services, ensuring peace of mind and well-being for your family. With such a wide array of healthcare facilities at your disposal, it becomes an inviting aspect to consider when weighing the pros and cons of living in DC.

doctors operating
On the other hand, DC shines where it matters.

DC’s remarkably low crime rates

If safety is your priority, Washington DC does not disappoint. It boasts one of the lowest crime rates among major American cities. This is a compelling factor, especially when considering relocating from DC to cities with higher crime rates such as New York City. The dedicated efforts of the Metropolitan Police Department have continually worked towards reducing crime and ensuring a safe environment for residents.

Furthermore, numerous community outreach programs and initiatives are in place to foster a sense of security and neighborhood camaraderie. The presence of vigilant neighborhood watch groups and well-lit streets add to the city’s safety net. So, before making that significant decision to move your family, factor in the peace of mind that comes with residing in a city where safety is not just a promise but a reality. It certainly presents a strong case for calling Washington DC home.

Free activities for the whole family

A huge con of moving from DC is that you will miss out on free things you can do with your kids. Not many cities offer as many free activities as DC. The National Zoo is free of charge all year round. We all know that kids love zoos! Then there is Smithsonian with 19 museums and art galleries also free of charge. If you are not that much into museums, there is Kennedy Center that has free musical and theatrical performances. Every Thursday at 6 PM you can enjoy a free performance. Depending on where you are planning to move you might not have this many free things to benefit from with your family. In the long-term, this is a huge money saver.

People walking near a white building
Make a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether moving from Washington DC with your family is a good idea.

Job security is an important reason for choosing not to move from Washington DC with a family

A hub for diverse employment opportunities, Washington DC stands as a beacon for job seekers and career-focused individuals.

  • In the city, a significant portion of jobs are tethered to the government sector. They offer stability and robust benefits, making it a dependable choice for long-term career planning.
  • The technology sector is burgeoning, with firms such as Amazon injecting vitality and numerous job prospects into the local market. Retail, healthcare, and manufacturing industries too hold a steady presence, offering varied roles for people with different skill sets.
  • Moreover, Washington’s status as a vibrant tourist destination nurtures a dynamic hospitality and tourism sector.

Therefore, staying in DC can be synonymous with job security. It offers a vast landscape of opportunities. This makes it a favourable ground for professionals eyeing steady growth and stability in their careers. If anything commercial movers in Washington DC are more likely to help you move your business here.

Have your facts straight before moving from Washington DC with a family

Moving to a new place can be scary. That is why you should conduct research before you make a huge decision of moving from Washington DC with family. There are many great opportunities for you and your kids in DC. Life in the city can get overwhelming, for that reason choose to live in the suburbs. Every city has its own pros and cons that you will have to adapt to. As long as you pick one that suits your and your family’s lifestyle the most you won’t make a mistake.


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