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Packing your clothes for an interstate move in the right order

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You must be thinking about how easy it actually is to pack your clothes for the move. Well, you are not quite wrong. Compared to packing fragile and bulky items, packing clothes for the move does seem easy. However, it is not as easy as you think. Therefore, it is very important that you do not overlook this. Packing your clothes for an interstate move needs to be done in a way that saves you space. Although not fragile or hard to handle, clothes can still create issues for you while moving. Even if you hire budget movers DMV, that should not disclude you from paying attention to the items you have to move. For example, packing your clothes might seem very easy. On the other hand, not properly packing your clothes can take up a lot more space than it should. This can cause serious issues for the process.

Everything you need to know about packing your clothes for an interstate move

Now, just because we are dealing with soft, space-friendly, and easy-to-handle materials does not mean we do not have to pay attention to them. In fact, tearing or damaging clothes can lead to a very large amount of stress. Therefore, paying attention to how you do this is a must! Luckily, you are dealing with items that cannot break if they fall; So there is less nervousness to be present in the process. Moreover, if you want to do this properly, it is very important that you start on time. Make sure you have all that you need from packing supplies and start packing as soon as you can. Because there is probably a large portion of clothes you are going to wear, start from the end. That way, you will be fully ready for when long distance movers DC arrive.

Going through the wardrobe

The first thing you want to do is run through all of your wardrobes. Because this is considered a “preparation period”, it is best that you do it as soon as possible. Logically, the sooner you do this, the quicker you can start working on the most efficient way to pack clothes. Anyway, it is very important that you go through your clothes and see what you have to deal with.

a picture of a wardrobe inside a home to depict packing your clothes for an interstate move
To be able to fully grasp the process, you would have to be aware of what you have to deal with

There is a high probability that you will find clothes you forgot you have, or clothes you did not wear for a very long time. Moreover, you are most likely going to run into clothes from another season. As you go through the wardrobe and assess the clothes you have, you can get rid of some of the items. That way, you can lower your moving expenses and make the job for moving companies Washington DC a lot easier.

Decluttering as a must-do in this process

Decluttering your household is the key to an easier and less stressful relocation process. Because we are dealing with clothes, decluttering is ever more important. Namely, after you assess your wardrobe you can get a general idea of what you have to deal with. Once you know the work you have to do, the best way to start is to get rid of the things you do not need.

a woman going through her wardrobe
Packing your clothes for an interstate move would mean getting rid of all the clothes you do not want to wear beforehand
  • Selling: A great way to cover some of the expenses for the relocation
  • Donation: Do this if you have clothes that are in good shape, but you do not need them
  • Throwing away: The least favorite thing to do after decluttering, unless the clothes are in really bad shape

Decluttering helps you go through all of the clothes before packing. This way, you ensure you minimize the stress you might feel while packing. Moreover, it will be beneficial for the process.

Washing and drying before packing your clothes for an interstate move

It should not matter if you are moving from DC to NYC, or from Miami to Seattle, your clothes will need to be clean. Having dirty clothes inside the box with clean clothes can jeopardize the clean clothes. Moreover, washing your clothes before moving can help you approach the unpacking and organizing process of your new home in a much calmer manner.

a picture of drying racks
Washing your clothes before moving will ensure that you have a more positive unpacking experience

Depending on the number of clothes you have, you should start washing them accordingly. Namely, try to do this at least two weeks before moving. Following that tempo, you will be able to wash and dry a batch of clothes every two days. Therefore, you will have enough time to deal with all of the clothes. Finally, while clothes wash, or dry, you can deal with other household chores. This is a good way to approach this because it will not consume a lot of your time.

What do you need to ensure your clothes are safely packed?

As we were saying, one of the best things about this process is that you do not have to deal with items that are fragile. However, this does not mean clothes do not need protection. Before you start packing your clothes for an interstate move make sure you obtain cardboard or plastic boxes, suitcases, vacuum bags, and packing paper. Each of these supplies has a function in ensuring the safety of the clothes you are moving. Moreover, you should aim to obtain these packing supplies before you start decluttering your closet. That way, you can devote boxes for the clothes you want to sell, donate or throw away. The organization is key, and finding the best way to approach a certain situation is the best way to ensure everything goes according to plans.

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