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Packing dishes before moving to Clarksburg

Moving done

When you are packing before the move, one of the most challenging parts is to pack the dishes. And, if you’ve ever lost a glass or a plate in transit, you know how stressful it can be. You can arrive at your new home and unpack your dishes, only to find that they cracked on the way. So, before you start packing here’s what you need to know about packing dishes safely. With movers and packers Maryland, find out what you can do to keep your dishes intact during the relocation!

Packing dishes before moving to Clarksburg

Of course, we all want to relocate our dishes in one piece. Whether you have an expensive set of wine glasses or plates inherited from your grandparents, you can take safety measures. So, in order to pack dishes properly, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose the right packing materials for the dishes
  • Follow general steps when packing dishes
  • Pack bowls and plates
  • Pack separately cups, mugs, and glasses
  • Take care of pots and pans

If you need additional tips for packing your dishes, you can always ask movers Clarksburg MD for help.

Plates of different colors
Make sure to pack dishes properly

Choose the right packing materials for the dishes

When packing dishes extra space is usually a good thing. Hence you want as little of it as possible when packing dishes. So, the key packing ingredient is packing paper. It is very useful because it will protect most of your highly breakable dishes. As for the other packing materials you can always use:

  • Original dish boxes
  • Medium-sized boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Markers

Don’t use bubble wrap. And also forget the printed newspaper. Because newspaper ink comes off on dishes. And there’s always a possibility that it will leave stains. If you are packing dishes for local movers MD, make sure to inform them about fragile dishes.

Follow general steps to pack your dishes

The general steps are similar for most dishes. First, you need to assemble each box. And tape them very well. Keep in mind that boxes may get heavy. So be sure to use enough tape. Hence the box won’t curve under the weight of your dishes. Also, line each box with crumpled-up paper. In order to create a six-inch cushion at the bottom. Make sure to crumple up the paper instead of folding it. So you will get the most protection out of each piece. Also, layout your packing paper on a flat surface. And put the dish you’re packing in the center. Remember to wrap the dish according to its specific needs. So, secure the paper with scotch tape. And finally, place the dish in the box.

Additional steps

You can keep packing dishes in the box until it’s full. And use an extra set of paper. Or soft fabrics to fill in any spaces. Remember that the key to packing dishes in the right order. Always begin with the heaviest items. Afterward, pack lighter pieces. For instance, you can put glasses at the top of the boxes. As soon as your dishes are wrapped and packed, top the box with paper for added protection. Just like you did with the bottom of the box. Then close and tape it. Don’t forget to label the box. If you are packing the dishes for your business relocation, make sure to contact commercial movers Maryland and get adequate advice.

Pack bowls and plates

You can take care of the bowls and plates with the same method. Because they don’t have any protruding parts or handles. So you can start packing with them. They’re also some of the heaviest dishes. Hence you’ll want to put them in the boxes first. You can pack bowls and plates individually or in bundles. But it would be best to go for the individual method. Keep in mind that wrapping any fine or valuable dishes takes time. Start by laying your packing paper out on a table or flat surface. Then place the dish in the middle. Afterward, take one corner of the paper to the middle of the dish. Do so until all four corners meet in the middle. Then push in. Or simply tape the paper to protect it.

Brass bowls
Pack your bowls accordingly

Pack separately cups, mugs, and glasses

When packing cups and mugs, you can treat them like small bowls. So, you’ll need plenty of packing paper. In order to pack your cups, mugs, and glasses safely, do the following. You can begin by loading them with crumpled packing paper. You can always use one or two sheets to actually wrap those dishes. First, start at one corner of the packing paper. With your dish on an opposite angle. Then roll the dish across the paper to the contrary corner. While at the same time, fold in the additional paper for added protection. However if your dishes are strong enough, then wrap two of them on the same sheet of paper.

White cups
Pack your cups and mugs separately

Packing dishes such as pot and pans

Remember not to skip on the pots and pans. Especially because non-stick pans are particularly susceptible to scratches. And all cookware can get dented. In order to protect your pots and pans when relocation, use plenty of packing paper. You can place the cookware on your packing paper. And then fold one corner of paper at a time to the center. Then secure any pots by putting packing paper inside the dish. Bear in mind that pots and pans don’t need to travel in dish boxes or barrels. Simply using standard medium-sized packing boxes would do the trick just fine.

So, now you have all the information you need for packing dishes without breaking any. Make sure to get enough packing paper. And dish boxes. So that you can start packing up all of your kitchen items and be ready to move. Remember this advice as you go. Hence that you’ll come to your new home with all your dishes intact and in one piece.


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