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Packing a nursery for an interstate move

Moving done

You have decided on moving from Maryland to North Carolina. We are glad you finally took a big step to uproot and follow your dreams. Hopefully, you have found your dream home and you will have a nice time settling in. But before you can do that, you must cover all moving-related steps first. You probably know what most of them are and the hardest one is the packing process. The regular packing endeavor is hard but it becomes ten times harder when moving with a child. Therefore, let us help you with packing a nursery for an interstate move. The goal is to ensure it is packed safely and to reach the other side unharmed. Let’s take a look.

Firstly find your professional movers

Right from the beginning, you must know how to relocate and who will assist you with the transport. So, as soon as you decide on moving, you must begin your search for interstate movers Maryland. You will find them fairly easy but the hard part is to find good ones. Hence, begin your search on the internet, apply your search criteria, compare prices, read reviews, and compare services. Eventually, you’ll narrow the choices down to only a few candidates. Once you do, take a closer look at them, and ensure they possess the following:

  • Permits and licenses to operate locally and interstate.
  • Required moving services and insurance.
  • Safety standards.
  • Competitive prices.
  • All the tools and equipment required to execute the job safely.
find a moving company to help you with packing a nursery for an interstate move
Find a suitable moving team to assist you with packing and relocating.

You can always dig deeper and visit FMCSA, the US Movers Association, Yellow Pages, the Better Business Bureau, or one of the social media groups. There you can confirm the legitimacy of your moving company through accredited websites or previous customer experience. Just make sure you are hiring a legit company. That is all that matters.

Organize and prepare for packing a nursery for an interstate move

Now, before you can begin packing your nursery for an interstate move you should create a plan for it. A simple inspection of the entire nursery is in order. While doing it, it would be wise to note everything down onto the inventory list so you have an idea of the packing materials required. So, you must cover all the clothing, toys, accessories, toiletries, and finally, furniture. Note down if any of the baby’s equipment needs special handling so your Northern Virginia movers know about it. Or whoever is handling it for that matter. Also, note down if you must purchase any special packing materials to secure or protect valuable or unique items. You wouldn’t want to damage your children’s memorabilia and their first clothing, toys, or furniture, would you?

What packing supplies to use to pack a nursery?

Packing a nursery can be done with the basic packing supplies. Those are cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, packing paper, and labels. But all packing materials you purchase to pack your nursery should be of better quality. Simply because you can’t take a chance to have any of your boxes falling apart while moving. This should be a rule for all your boxes, especially for those containing nursery items and fragile ones.

carton boxes scattered in the room
Purchase enough cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes to pack the entire nursery without any difficulties.

You can find all packing materials at your local home depot or order online. Maybe you can purchase from your movers as well. Check their moving services Maryland and figure out if they offer packing services. If they do, consider purchasing materials and packing assistance if necessary.

Maintain the hygiene

Surely you know this already but we must send out a friendly reminder just in case. All the items from the nursery should be cleaned and washed before packing. You will clean them again after unpacking as well. But it is important to clean them before moving as well to avoid carrying over old dust, dirt, and whatever comes along the way. You never know what might happen on the road and who will handle your boxes. So, clean before and after.

As for the hygiene essentials and toiletries, you will probably spend most of it in those weeks before the move. Leave just enough for the road and a few days in your home. You can pack everything in the essential bag that you’ll carry with you in case you’ll need it while on the road. Be sure to have soap, powder, diapers, cleaning tissues, both dry and wet ones. And of course, the whole feeding machinery. Add whatever you think is essential as well and keep it in your essential bag along with your personal stuff.

It is time to pack your nursery for an interstate move and you should begin with clothing

Start with the clothing because it is the most complicated part along with accessories. Simply because there is a lot of it and you must sort it out, wash, clean, and fold it. Or, if you decide on skipping this part and washing it after the relocation, then it becomes ten times easier. You can simply take a few garbage bags, toss it all in, tie the bag, and you are done. But for those who want to pack their children’s clothing nicely, they must invest a bit more time.

baby toys in a nursery
Pack all the toys in the original boxes if you still have them.

Use medium-sized boxes for clothing and use blankets and sheets as a cushion. Fill the box and on the top place the packing paper before you close it and tape it down. Be sure to fold all the clothing nicely and stack it on top of each other to take less space inside each box. As for other accessories, pack them in the same fashion but use bubble wrap as a cushion and wrap fragile pieces individually. As for the toys, use the original boxes they came in or pack them in the same way as the other accessories. And if you have vacuum bags, that would be amazing. It will sort out all your problems with clothing. And one last thing, try to declutter before moving because you surely have clothing and toys your children do not use anymore. Round them up and donate to charities.

Cover the furniture and you are done

You should treat all of the furniture from the nursery like any other furniture from your home. But there is one exception. Yes, the cradle. You should ask your movers if you must disassemble it or it can go in one piece. If movers can get it out of the home through narrow corridors and staircases without damaging it, then it should be fine. Also, be aware that it might take a lot of space inside the moving truck if it is not disassembled. So, communicate this part with your movers and if you must do it, then at least ask them to do it instead. Movers disassembled hundreds of cradles and they will do it within minutes. More importantly, they won’t damage anything.

Packing a nursery for an interstate move can be quite easy if you prepare the right set of packing materials. And if you find the right moving company to assist you, you shouldn’t worry about a thing. Hopefully, Helix Moving & Storage provided enough info for you to cover both requirements. Good luck and stay safe.

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