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Moving to West Virginia – a brief guide

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Deciding to move and change your home address is exciting, but it can be overwhelming as well. Leaving your current home and your loved ones is sad. But if you choose the right place to move to, your decision will be much easier. If you love nature and outdoor activities moving to West Virginia is definitely a good choice. It is a vivid and charming place with very affordable housing options. Hence, do not hesitate and find reliable movers West Virginia to help you relocate to one of the most amazing states.

Cabin next to the lake and colorful trees
The benefit of moving to West Virginia is the vivid and colorful sceneries that it has to offer

During the Civil War, back in 1863, West Virginia became the 35th state. It is also known as Mountain State because of Appalachian Mountain that surrounds it. Three-fourth of the state is covered in forests, hills, and trees which make this place very colorful and picturesque. Because of its incredible sceneries, many consider West Virginia to be paradise on Earth. But apart from beautiful nature, this place has so much more to offer. Here are some reasons why relocating to West Virginia is a good choice.

Job market

One of the reasons to hire moving companies DMV to help you move to West Virginia is the job market. West Virginia’s main income used to be coal mines. However, the need for coal mines dropped over the years and the need of hiring people in this field. Still, West Virginia is fighting back to recover and recent researches show the fast growth of West Virginia’s economy. The employment rate decreased by 0.2% and the payroll increased by 0.6% comparing to 2020.

Even though it may seem that is not a good time to start your career in West Virginia, it is actually the opposite. West Virginia is currently in its recovery and the job market will only go up. The state needs people that are creative and have ideas that can help its economic growth. On the other hand, West Virginia’s job market is growing in filed of medicine, marketing, and architecture. The average monthly salary in West Virginia is 3074$ while the average national one is 3557$.


Cheap housing is definitely something that you will find in West Virginia. Whether you are planning to buy or rent the apartment it will not affect your budget much. For example, renting a one-bedroom apartment in Charleston would cost you 704$. The good news is that in other areas of West Virginia this number just goes lower. The average cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment in West Virginia 650$, while the national average is 1048$.

man calculating cost of Moving to West Virginia
Average housing prices in West Virginia are lower than the national average

On the other hand, if you are planning to buy an apartment in West Virginia now it is a good time. With its economical growth, this investment will get back to you. The median house value in West Virginia is 115 000$ while the national is 204 900$.

Cost of living in West Virginia

If residential movers DC area are relocating you to West Virginia you will notice a big difference in the cost of living in West Virginia and the DC area. In fact, West Virginia doesn’t have a lower cost of living only comparing to DC, but the other states as well. This is one of the best parts of relocating to West Virginia. The cost of living here is on average 10% lower than the national average.

For example, for a meal for 2 people in a restaurant on average in West Virginia, you would pay 35$. The national average for the same meal is 60$. Preschool or kindergarten for one child in West Virginia 242$ while the national average is 932$. Even if you going to use public transportation is cheaper than anywhere else. For the one-way ticket, you would need 1.50 while the national average is 2.10$. Cost of living is definitely one of the greatest benefits of moving to West Virginia.

Outdoor activities

Known as a Mountain State, this place has so many outdoor activities to offer. If you are a true nature lover West Virginia is the place for you. With its incredible hills and forests, this place will give you so many options to relax outside. From amazing trails to hike, mounting climbing to mounting biking, you will not have the problem to find activities that you prefer. West Virginia is especially wonderful in the autumn, with colorful trees and spectacular sceneries.

Man walking in the nature as moving to West Virginia means plenty of outdoor activities
West Virginia is known for its outdoor activities

Some of the outdoor activities that you shouldn’t miss in West Virginia are:

  • Horse riding in Canaan Valley State Park
  • Walking in Beartown State Park
  • Visiting amazing Sandstone Falls
  • Go swimming and boating in Summersville Lake
  • Go rafting the New River Gorge
  • Drive The Highland Scenic Highway

Local culture is the main reason to consider moving to West Virginia

Lastly, local culture is one of the biggest reasons why you should consider relocating to West Virginia. To have a better understanding of the ethnicity and population of West Virginia check the profiles of the cities. But there is one thing that all the cities have in common. People have a strong sense of community and are willing to help each other. Many agree that West Virginians are the most humble and the nicest people that you will ever meet. The simplicity of life is something that people most appreciate about living in West Virginia. Nobody is rushing and people are taking advantage of the beautiful sceneries that this place offers.

Even though 97.6% of the people speak the English language, don’t be surprised by the dialect. In the 18th century, Scotch-Irish people settled here and influenced a lot the accent of the language. There are even some words that you will hear maybe for the first time. Scotch-Irish people also brought their folk music that has developed over time and become one of the symbols of West Virginia.

West Virginia is the place that has so much to offer and that will give you a great lifestyle. From the cost of living to the entertainment that this place provides, moving to West Virginia will not be a mistake. Start preparing for your relocations by reading about West Virginia relocation tips. This will help your relocation process much easier.


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