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Moving to McLean after a job loss – how to set a budget

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Losing a job can sometimes leave you surprised. With the recent economic situation in the world, it is not possible to live without working. But oftentimes, the job is the only thing that makes you stay in some place. Once you leave the job, there is nothing that is holding you there. If you quit yourself, you might even stay in the same place looking for a new job. In case you got fired, you will likely start resenting the place and want to move. Virginia is a big state, so it can be difficult to pick, but McLean is a very popular place. Moving to McLean after a job loss will be difficult, though, because your funds will be limited. You might not even consider hiring movers, but you should do that and hire budget movers DMV area has to offer, and also set a budget for everything else.

How should you make a budget for your move to McLean after a job loss?

A job loss can leave you financially unstable, and you won’t think that you will be able to pull off a move with limited finances. Luckily, some movers McLean VA are quite affordable and offer high-quality services. But even with affordable movers by your side, you should make a detailed budget before moving to McLean after a job loss. You need to:

  • Be realistic
  • Do as much as you can yourself
  • Budget the potential additional costs as well
Picture of a person taking out money counting for moving to McLean after a job loss
Moving to McLean after a job loss will be difficult without money

Be realistic

When it comes down to the costs, you need to be realistic. Think about everything that you will need from some local movers Northern VA and research the average cost of the services that you need. This way, you will be able to budget the price well before actually hiring them.

Do as much as possible yourself

Moving might be more laborious than hiring help, but it will also be cheaper. And since you are on a very tight budget, this might be your only solution. But as much as you want to DIY, some things cannot be done alone, like furniture moving. These heavy items require either some residential movers VA or some strong friends. But things like packing may take a lot of time, but it can be done without help.

Budget everything

Moving is famous for having many unexpected costs. You won’t mind spending an extra dollar here or there when you have money. But when you don’t have, you will want to know every cost that will occur. If it is not your first time moving, you will likely know what to expect. Gasoline might be one of the biggest unexpected costs, mostly due to the recent price surges. Other additional costs include packing materials, food, hotel on the road, etc.

Picture of a person making a budget for moving to McLean after a job loss
Every dollar counts

The cost of living in McLean

When you want to move to McLean after your job loss, you need to consider the cost of living, so that you can plan the budget. The overall cost of living index is 200, which is 2 times higher than the average in VA. The housing costs are 391.7, while the median home cost is $1,142,500. As you can see, you need careful planning, since McLean isn’t one of the most affordable places.

Conclusion on moving to McLean after a job loss

Taking everything into consideration, moving to McLean after a job loss will be difficult. But it will be well worth it. This small-sized suburb of a city as big as Washington D.C. has everything you might need after going through the stress of losing a job. A friendly community, nature, and plenty of entertainment options are available, all you need to do is start exploring your neighborhood as soon as possible. We wish you good luck budgeting!

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