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Moving on short notice: how to cope?

Moving done

Moving away to some new place is a process you should plan in advance. But sometimes, it can happen out of nowhere. In this situation, you won’t have that much time to plan anything and you will have to do it in a rush. Most likely in this period when moving on short notice, you will feel a lot of stress and nervousness. And you will have to know how to actually cope with it. It is completely normal and expected, but still, you will have to try to stay still. Good organization is the main key for every move, even for the last-minute one. And this, you won’t be able to do without professional movers’ help. With Helix Moving & Storage you can be sure you will relocate successfully and soon enough you will be relaxed in the coziness of your new home.

A man in a blue tshirt holding a cardboard box.
Start packing as soon as possible when moving on short notice.

Find movers as soon as possible

For you, the most important step is to find the proper movers. Not all moving companies are both reliable and affordable, so you will have to search better. The sooner you find long distance movers Maryland can offer, the better. Sometimes, some companies don’t offer the last-minute call and that’s why you need to react quickly. You can find movers which can relocate your packed belongings on the same day. Most likely, it will cost more, but this will be your only option. It is better to pay some extra money when moving on short notice than to stress yourself even more.

If you have friends or relatives who recently moved, it is better to ask them for a recommendation first. They will know how to find you, proper movers, in just one call, and it will save you a lot of time to focus on the packing, for instance.

How to organize when moving on short notice?

Once you find the residential movers Maryland which will relocate you on short notice, it is time to organize everything. The organization is the main key for every successful relocation. Don’t worry, even when you don’t have that much time, you can still manage to do it properly. So what you will have to do is make a list of things you will have to do. The list should include:

  • paperwork
  • packing
  • cleaning
  • taking out trash

These four things are the most important ones. Once you do these things and cross them from your to-do list, everything gets easier. The main thing and the one that takes the most of your time is packing. So better focus on that and do it as fast as possible. But still thoughtfully so you don’t leave any important things behind. When it comes to moving, there is an opportunity to check out moving services your movers are offering and see if they have packing one.

A man packing wrapped plates in the cardboard box.
Wrap items with whatever you have just to prevent damage.

Packing when moving on a short notice

As written above, packing is the main part of the relocation process and you will spend the majority of time on it. With that being said, there are things and tips that you can do which will speed up the process. And that’s what you need at this time. First of all, you should get rid of the things you won’t relocate or need. The fewer things you have for the packing, the faster it will be. And easier. Go through your whole home and find things you won’t be needing anymore and throw them away. Normally it would be better to donate them, sell them, or similar, but when moving on short notice you won’t have time for that. 

Another thing that is definitely the best if you have an option for, is to ask friends or relatives for help. The more people are involved in the packing process, the faster it will go. Try not to think much when packing, since it will only slow you down. Just grab everything that you can and pack, and later you can deal with the sorting out thing. Don’t rearrange clothes trying to pack them perfect and neat, but just pack them as they already are in your closet. You don’t have time for that.

Take all the space needed for packing. One more thing that can help with the speeding up process is not to separate things when packing in different boxes. You won’t have time for that. So it’s okay, just put whatever you grab first in whichever box that is in front of you. Also, avoid labeling, it will only take your time. Unpacking won’t be the easiest, but you will have time for that, so it’s okay. For packing, you don’t. 

The essential box is the most important one

The only box you must pay attention to is the essential one. An essential box is the one with all the necessary things and items for surviving the first few days. It is completely normal and possible that your movers get delayed and relocate your belongings a few days later. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen for sure, but there is a possibility. That’s why an essential box is important. Inside this particular box or even boxes, you need to pack things you will be wearing in these few days. Essential toiletries you will use. Bed linen and bedsheets, and a pillow with a pillowcase.

Also, you will need to pack some essentials for cooking such as pan, kettle, casserole, and ingredients for cooking. It is advisable to take some food that you can prepare instant, like pasta, noodles and similar. In this box, you will also need to pack all your electronic devices that are important such as a laptop, camera, tablet, and so on, depending on what you own. Of course, don’t forget any of your chargers and cables!

Two elder women packing bedsheets for the move.
Ask your relative or friends for help, it will speed up the process.

Don’t forget the final cleaning

After you managed to pack everything just right in time, you will have to deal with the cleaning. Find tips on cleaning the house fast since you won’t have that much time. Any help on the way will be useful. Don’t forget to take out the trash after you cleaned everything. Say goodbye to your old house and get ready for your new one!

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