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Moving long-distance with toddlers: how to prepare

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If you are a parent of a toddler, you surely have quite a lot to do during the day. In case you have decided to relocate long-distance, it is advisable that you get some help with both. Since you need to take care of some personal tasks, there should be someone you can rely on when it comes to babysitting. On the other hand, maybe your child is quite attached to you and this will not make it possible for you to participate in all parts of moving. In order to do everything right, we will help you prepare for moving long-distance with toddlers.

Do your best not to change your routine

The first thing you should try not to change is your child’s sleeping or napping schedule. They are accustomed to it and if something disrupts them, you will be the one with a problem. Instead, what you should do is adjust completing moving tasks to the existing routine. That is, when your child is asleep, you should try to complete as many tasks as possible.

Child sleeping
Do your best not to change your child’s routine- otherwise, it can have a negative effect and you will only stress yourself

Of course, this requires a lot of energy which is why you should have a professional moving partner by your side. Let one of the most reliable long distance moving companies Northern VA can offer give you a helping hand. They are going to make your relocation a positive and stress-free experience.

Take care about what you leave on the floor

When moving long-distance with toddlers, there are many more things that you should have in mind. For example, one of them is what you leave on the floor. Considering the fact that your child started crawling, you need to be very careful when completing moving tasks. You should do your best not to leave behind something that is potentially harmful to them. To be more precise, it can easily happen that you forget that you have forgotten about where you have put your scissors.  Should your baby get them, he or she can hurt themselves. In order to avoid getting in a situation of this kind, have a professional by your side. Even if you are relocating on a budget, you should know that budget movers DMV are at your disposal.

If possible, hire a babysitter

As we have already mentioned, you are going to need some help with your child as well. So, what you can do is hire a babysitter. Should you go for it, it is preferable that you start searching for one in advance. Once the moving process starts, you will not have a lot of time for this. However, if you cannot find a reliable person, try to look for one in your family. In case there is someone who has enough time and is willing to help, count on them.

Babysitter holding a child before family prepares for moving long-distance with toddlers
Should you hire a babysitter on time, it will be simpler for you to complete the moving tasks later and make moving long-distance with toddlers a bit easier

Also, you can feel free to ask a friend of yours to help you as well. In this way, your baby will be in great hands and you will get to complete the personal tasks in no time. When the moving-related tasks are in question, one of the most reputable moving companies Northern VA has to offer will deal with them.

When moving long-distance with toddlers, pack their items last

You may be tempted to pack the baby’s items first. However, this will not be a good idea. Since you are probably changing your baby several times a day, you are going to need some extra baby clothes. Also, if you pack the toys, you might need a certain toy at some point. Your baby may start crying, and your only tools for calming them may be in a box. If you are unable to find the box and the toy, it will surely be a problem. So, make sure you pack all of the items first before you move on to your child’s bedroom. Of course, you should not wait until the last day- start packing approximately two weeks before the move. You will save a lot of time and nerves, that is for sure.

Pack an essentials bag and unpack the nursery first

The relocation process is quite tiring and overwhelming. On top of that, you are relocating with a toddler. So, do everything you can to make it easier for you. Should you pack an essentials bag for your baby, it will be easier for you to find the items you need once you come to your new home. You will not have to go through each and every box to find a certain item.

Girl playing in her room
Once you find yourself in your new home and you start unpacking the boxes, try to unpack the nursery first

In addition to this, you should unpack the nursery first. Of course, you will unpack the most necessary items, but once you start unpacking room by room, start from the nursery. If it happens that you would not like to bring all of the boxes with you, use storage services and store some of them. Once you settle in, you will pick them up and unpack the rest.

Moving long-distance with toddlers is quite complex. The good thing is that you can do it if you make a good plan. So, try to think about all of the stages in advance. Write all of your ideas down and this will make the entire process much simpler. You will know precisely what to do and when to do it and there will be no need to stress yourself. Arm yourself with patience as much as possible and you will overcome the obstacles easily. Before you know it, you will be enjoying the comfort of your new home and making new memories with your toddler.


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