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Moving long distance with kids: how to cope

Moving done

Moving long distance with kids is something many parents dread. Making sure their children are happy is most parents’ priority. However, taking care of children during a move can be very hard. But not only because moving is so demanding, but also because both parents and kids tend to get quite stressed in those situations. A professional moving company, like Helix Moving & Storage, can certainly help alleviate some of that stress. But unfortunately, as a parent, some stress is unavoidable even with professionals by your side. How do you then make moving bearable? After all, you have so many moving tasks, as well as kids, to take care of. Even though hard, it’s possible to have a pleasant long distance move with your kids. You just have to be smart about it.

Handle the move the right way

Handling the move correctly can help so much. A disorganized person without a plan or a schedule is definitely not going to have a good time moving. It’s not even about children. If you don’t plan, organize, and prepare well, your move is going to be much harder than it has to be. Things just get more complicated with kids in the picture. We all know how kids can be. That’s why it’s very important to have a plan, a schedule, and even a backup plan. Keep in mind that things have to be a lot more flexible when kids are involved. But, for a move to be successful you also have to be organized well. That means that finding a middle ground is key to successful long distance moving with kids.

A planner and MacBook Air on a table.
Proper planning and organization can make moving long distance a lot easier!

When it comes to moving, another thing that can certainly help is, well, getting help. Both professional help, as well as friends and family, can make moving long distance with children much easier. So consider asking people close to you for help. Or even hire long distance movers Maryland residents recommend. Having help, professional or otherwise, can significantly help with handling the move and everything it has to throw at you.

Make moving enjoyable for everyone

There are many ways to make moving a lot easier and a lot more fun than it usually is. People get overly tense and stressed for no reason. This might be new to you, but most moving tasks don’t really have to be tedious and horrible. For example, packing doesn’t have to be a lengthy, boring process. You can make it a lot more fun by playing a film in the background while you pack with your kids. Engage your children as much as you can and try making everything moving-related a fun event. You can even get some tasty snacks for all of you to enjoy. Or, you can play music and sing along to it together. And that’s just the beginning. There are numerous things you can do with your kids that can make long-distance moving much more pleasant.

To have a successful long distance move with kids, you have to take care of yourself, too

You can’t take care of your kids well unless you’re well too. That’s why you should make sure to take care of yourself through the whole move. If you hire great residential movers Maryland prides itself in, you’ll have a lot more time for yourself. Just don’t feel bad about taking time for yourself or even needing time for yourself. Even though you manage to push through everything regularly, there’s no shame in self-care and relaxing. You’re a parent, not a magical human. If you’re relaxed, well-rested, and happy, you’ll deal a lot easier with a long distance move with your child.

A mother maditating.
Moving long distance with kids can be very stressful. That’s why you should take good care of yourself!

There are many things you can do to unwind during a long distance move with kids

Most parents forget to take care of themselves during long distance moving with children. That, however, can be a problem. That’s why it’s super important for parents to partake in some relaxing and healthy activities even if the time is tight. Try to:

  • Not let moving compromise your sleep or your sleep routine.
  • Feed yourself as well as you’re feeding your kids.
  • Indulge in tasty foods from time to time to treat yourself.
  • Have quiet time away from everyone and everything. Yes, even your kids.
  • Incorporate relaxation techniques for stress relief.
  • Take time to get out of the house and see people.
  • Stay active by doing yoga or any other activity you enjoy.
  • Take time to unwind daily.

When moving long distance with kids your priority should be the kids

Relocating long distance with kids will be a lot easier for you if your kids are happy. Obviously, as a parent, you want your kids to be happy at all times. But when moving, things can get a bit messy no matter how hard you try. Some kids struggle a lot with moving. Especially pre-teens and younger teens. That’s why you should make sure to ensure your kids that nothing but the address is really changing. And if your kids are struggling too much, you might want to consider consulting a professional.

Parents spending time with their kids even though moving long distance with kids can be very time consuming.
Make sure to take good care of your kids even during a long distance move!

Other than that, you should make sure to listen to your children as well as shower them with love and attention. Don’t scold them for their behavior. Instead, try to listen and think about why they’re acting the way they are. And we don’t think we have to mention how important it is to care for your children’s physical health during a long distance move as well. Make sure your kids are well-fed, rested, and clean. If you do all of that, your kids will be much happier which means that you too will be a lot happier and a lot more relaxed.

Moving long distance with kids doesn’t have to be that stressful

Don’t let yourself become one of those people who think moving is overwhelming and horrible. Plan, schedule, organize, get professional help from interstate movers Maryland offers, take care of your kid, but above all, take care of yourself. Moving a long distance with kids can be a walk in the park! Just don’t let yourself become the victim of pressure long distance moving brings.

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