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Moving in Together: Tips to combine two households in DC

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The idea of uniting two homes is lovely in theory but tough in reality. Whether we are talking about second marriages or two professionals moving in together after years in their own spaces. Moving companies DC area will offer you some tips to combine two households in DC. The harsh reality is that there is a lot of furniture, and unless you have the same décor tastes, the items are unlikely to match. Mismatched décor can give the impression of disorganization. And leave you straining to find an elegance in a jumble of furniture. This is going to be a significant test for a soon-to-be-combined family on a relational level. But with a little sensitivity and décor knowledge, you can pass it with flying colors. This step-by-step guide will show you how to merge two families into one harmonious area.

The first step to combining two households in DC is to plan and communicate

You must plan how you will move into a new space together or leave your home to join the other. Whatever the reason is, the key element is the plan. It is productive to work on the plan together since you are a team now. Do not forget to check in with your preferred residential movers DC area, while you work on your plan. You will need professional help, so everything will go smoothly. It is crucial to carve out areas for you as a pair and as individuals, and it takes some thought.

a couple holding boxes
Work together to combine two households in DC

Do you require a private home office or a large closet that is just yours? Is he in need of a man cave or a place to put his 52-inch TV? Draw the spaces in each room, including measurements and existing color schemes. There are apps for that if drawing isn’t your strong suit (try MagicPlan or Home Design 3D). Now that you’ve completed step 1, you can move on to step 2.

Choose your favorite pieces from both houses to combine two households in DC

The first thing to know is that fighting over stuff is easy. Our advice is to maintain your wits about you and keep your perspective. Things are not people, they are not your life, and they are not even memories in most circumstances. Make sure you are ready to get rid of things, especially when preparing for local movers DC to arrive. However, they are items that you have invested both time and money in getting, and they have inherent value. Make sure you:

  • examine the furniture,
  • artwork,
  • and essential pieces in each home,
  • then discuss the larger pieces.

With your plan and a tape measure in hand determine what works and what does not. By choosing out your favorite parts together, you should notice a pattern emerge, and you can start thinking about how you can incorporate those pieces into your new strategy. If you and your partner cannot agree on something, especially a larger piece like a bed or an armoire, consider getting rid of it and replacing it. Something that both literally and symbolically becomes the center point of space since you chose it together.

a couple looking at a laptop
Planning is

Be clear about what cannot go when merging two houses

There are some things that we can all agree have enormous personal importance and that cannot be disregarded. A good example is family heirlooms. Handbags are the same way. Also, shoes. Despite the fact that they are not exactly furniture, we can all agree that they are the basics of life! It is best if you all agree on a set number of ‘untouchable’ items—three or four for each of you. Knowing which goods are off-limits will make the rest of your sacrifices — and there will be compromises – go more smoothly. Each of you earns a small prize, and the goods that are truly important or are valuable can be kept safe and close at hand.

Remove duplicates and keep what is better or newer to combine two households in DC

Your full-size mixer vs. his portable chopper… His big coffee machine, or your blender to mix all the healthy drinks…As a pair, agree that you do not need two of everything and maintain the one that works for you. This is where the true difficulty lies, and sensitivity is crucial. One way to make the selection easier is to find a good friend or loved one who would be grateful for your nice furniture donation. If you know your well-loved ottoman will be just as well-loved in your sister’s new apartment, it might be easier to part with it. Nevertheless, if you still feel insecure about parting with your belongings, store them. Moving companies Washington DC offer storage services so make sure you check them out as well.

two padded chairs and a table
Choose what style suits both of you

Bringing your decor together when merging two houses

Choose a décor style that will tie all of your pieces together with coherence based on the remaining things. First and foremost, choose a mood. When you come home from a long day, how do you want your home to make you feel? Relaxed? Adventurous? Romantic? Choose your colors once you have decided on a mood. Be cautious: this is where things may begin to shift. For example, you might realize that his solid blue couch, rather than the floral couch you previously decided to keep, is a better fit for the minimalist aesthetic you have chosen. If you are not the creative type or do not know how to put two of your styles together, hire a professional decorator. Things will go much easier that way.

Summing up how to combine two households in DC

You now have a decent template to guide some collaborative decision-making on uniting your two households. You can make a single beautiful environment that expresses whom you are as a couple and a family when combined with your plan. Residential movers Washington DC will help you with all of the things considering the actual move. Everything else depends on you. But when you really want something, you can make it work. All other things do not matter that much. Good luck with your adventure to combine two households in DC.

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