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Moving From West To Northern Virginia On Short Notice

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As soon as you have more than 100 miles between your current home and the one you wish to move to, you must focus on making a good moving plan. It has to be strategic and followed by good and effective solutions. But, when you add the lack of time on top of all that, your relocation may seem much more difficult than it is. Luckily, moving from West to Northern Virginia on short notice can be pleasant as long as you know what to focus on. Take a look at the most essential points of this moving route!

Where to Begin?

West and Northern Virginia are 240 miles apart, which indicates you should begin by looking for a good moving company. There are moving companies West Virginia who can find you a fitting date, even when moving on short notice. You will not have enough time to pack your items on your own, find a vehicle to transport them, and then get on the road. To avoid losing huge amounts of money and stressing out, just let professionals deal with it. Once they take over, you can proceed to focus on other tasks regarding your move.

couple giving each other high five
The best method is to focus on both speed and strategy when moving on short notice

A Quick Search for a Place to Settle

There could be many reasons for moving on short notice, and each one of them is equally important. If the new job offer is speeding things up, you already know where exactly you will be moving in Northern Virginia. On the other hand, if you have to pick the place yourself, you may find that to be a little tricky. Luckily, if you just sort out your priorities, you will end up choosing the perfect place. Northern Virginia is the second most common destination for West Virginia residents, with almost 5,518 people moving there in 2020. The most common places they will choose include:

  • Vienna, Fairfax County
  • Del Ray, Alexandria
  • Old Town, Alexandria
  • Arlington
  • Mosaic District

Your movers Arlington VA will suggest that you set the date of your relocation before February. Arlington is hosting the biggest job fair during February, and for people who are looking for a job that could be a perfect opportunity to find a good company to transfer to.

The importance of decluttering

This will not be the time to take everything with you and spend hours categorizing your items. No matter where in Northern Virginia you end up, you can buy all the items again. Safe yourself plenty of time by fully decluttering your home. Get rid of old clothes, expired documents, and items you won’t be using anymore. West Virginia is home to the National Humane Education Society as well as Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue Inc. so you can donate some of the items as well.

Of course, make sure you don’t do it too much. After all, professional Northern Virginia movers use spacious vehicles and a lot of boxes and furniture can fit. The truth, however, is, the fewer items you have the faster the entire process will be. 

When moving from West to Northern Virginia include friends and family

Professional movers will be of huge help to you, but that may not be enough. When moving on short notice you should ask your friends and family members to help you. Some of them can help you pack, categorize your items, or even change the address. If you have people close to you who already live in the place of Northern Virginia, they can do some work for you as well. Ask them to help you prepare your new home, wait for you at the airport, or even be the ones to welcome the movers.

labelled boxes
When moving from West to Northern Virginia you must declutter your home quickly

Be prepared to make some big decisions

Apart from saying goodbye to some of your items, you may come across other dilemmas where you will have to act quickly. The more time you spend thinking about what exactly to do, the longer your relocation will last. A lot of people who successfully moved on short notice will tell you that you may need to:

  • Quit your job earlier
  • Skip saying goodbye to some people
  • Postpone dealing with utilities in West Virginia
  • Buying an airplane ticket last-minute

If some of the things from the list will cause you a lot of issues in the future, you can try to balance the need and the outcome. Make sure your well-being is always your main priority, as moving from West to Northern Virginia doesn’t mean you must be anxious the entire time. 

Always have a backup plan

Before your relocation officially begins, try to have a couple of backup solutions ready. Explore the nearest hotels in Northern Virginia, as you may need to stay there for a night or two. You should also divide your budget and leave a certain amount of money for unexpected situations. It is no secret that your budget will be very sensitive during this relocation, and there is no need to put the full weight on it. Save some money for hotels, gas, and dining while your relocation lasts. 

Those who find themselves in a situation to make even more last-minute changes should always consult with movers about their next step. They can help you make the right decision, and avoid losing more money and time. For example, movers McLean VA can be the ones to help you get out of the traffic jams that occur in this city during working days.

dog in the street
No matter how short on time you are, try to choose the right neighborhood to move to

In conclusion

After all, moving from West to Northern Virginia should be all about positive vibes. Before you know it, the entire rush will stop and you will start unpacking in peace. If you feel too tired and under a lot of pressure, carefully balance those activities with your social life. Northern Virginia is famous for its suburban feel but you can find plenty of entertainment. To rest your mind after relocation you can treat yourself to a trip to Great Falls Park, and see why Northern VA is so beloved among the entire USA nation.

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