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Moving from Chevy Chase to Clarksburg

Moving done

So, you’re interested in moving from Chevy Chase to Clarksburg? Many would say that short-distance moving is easier than long-distance. But this is not a completely accurate assumption. The moving process itself is more or less the same, only the driving distance is different. No need to worry though, here at Helix Moving & Storage, we offer a few tips for a smooth sailing move.

Van for moving from Chevy Chase to Clarksburg
Planning ahead can make your moving from Chevy Chase to Clarksburg a lot easier

Plan ahead before moving from Chevy Chase to Clarksburg

As with most things, you’ll want to create a comprehensive plan for your move. This plan should include time estimates and cost estimates. Start from zero and build up.

  1. Visit your new space. First, you’ll want to know how big the space is in your new home. It’s important to visit the place you’ve decided to relocate to. This will save any troubles with not having enough room for your belongings.
  2. Create a packing and organizing calendar. You need good time management. It’s imperative you don’t forget something important or suddenly run out of time for your preparation. Due to work and family, you might not have that much time to spare for packing. We recommend setting aside a few hours a day for packing purposes.
  3. Weigh all your options. This step can be applied to anything from packing services to storage services. Always be aware of all your options and think them over carefully for the best results.

Packing tips

Since you’re moving from Chevy Chase to Clarksburg, which is short-distance, it might not be in your best interest to pack everything very intricately. You will want to resume everyday life as soon as possible. This is something you can work with while packing. Also, be sure you’ve got all the packing essentials already prepared!

1. Keep your clothes on hangers

This is one of the easiest ways to ensure you will have a quick unpacking. If you leave your clothes on hangers, you can simply hang them up in your new closet and continue about your day. A useful tip we can give you is to cover your clothes with garbage bags. This way no dust will find its way onto your clothes, nor will they stain.

2. Downsize!

Downsizing is something most of us do pretty rarely. Moving is the perfect time for this kind of endeavor. Throw away anything that isn’t functioning anymore. For things you realize you just don’t need anymore but are in good condition, you can consider donating. Alternatively, if you’re a bit short on cash, selling some of your things is also an option.

Packing before moving from Chevy Chase to Clarksburg
Remember to be smart about your packing

3. Pack by room

Another way to save time while unpacking is to pack things according to their rooms. Most of the things residing in your living room are likely to stay in your living room. This will also help you keep tabs on what you’ve already packed and how much work there is leftover.

4. Label things!

To not misplace any items, it is a good idea to label your moving boxes. This will aid you in unpacking, but also you will be able to tell if something is missing.

5. Pack an essentials bag

Once you arrive at your new home, chances are you will be extremely tired from a whole day’s worth of work. To make things easier on yourself, we recommend packing an essentials bag with your toiletries, some clothes, and some food to get you through a few days. Still, it is advisable to start unpacking as soon as possible.

Hiring a trustworthy moving company

It isn’t easy to just trust strangers to relocate your entire life. Finding a reliable moving company is of great importance. Our movers Chevy Chase MD offer highly skilled and professional movers to aid you in one of the most important and stressful events in your life. We offer a lot of services you may be in need of and our goal is first and foremost your satisfaction.

Finding a reliable moving company is half the work

Things to look for while deciding on a moving company:

  • Referrals – Referrals are always the most trustworthy way of finding quality services. Ask your friends, family, and coworkers if they’ve had experience in this area.
  • Read reviews – And read a lot of them. Not all reviews on every site are real, so you should really set aside the time to comb through them.
  • Find expertsIf you need a specialized service, be sure to find someone with lots of experience. Specialized services can be moving works of art, or moving a piano.
  • Find out what’s included in the offer – Oftentimes moving companies offer plenty of services included in their selection. Do you need boxes, moving blankets, storage?
  • Trust your gut – After you’ve exhausted all the options and found out all you need to know, the final thing you can do is simply trust your gut.

Get to know Clarksburg

This step isn’t essential, but it is a nice way to prepare yourself for your new surrounding. We recommend visiting the City of Clarksburg in advance of your move, just so you know what kind of treat you’re setting yourself up for. Here are some attractions we recommend you visit:

  • Veterans Memorial Park – This park houses an array of outdoor activities you can enjoy. There is a fitness trail, picnic areas, a kid’s amusement area, etc. It is a must-see!
  • Clarksburg Splash Zone – If you have kids, chances are you will spend quite a bit of time at this public swimming pool.
  • Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center – For lovers of art this century-old performing arts center is the place to be.
  • Clarksburg Amphitheater – One of the best concert venues in all of Clarksburg.
  • Harrison County Recreation Complex – This venue hosts a wide variety of things, from fun and educational exhibitions to sporting events and competitions.

And many, many more. Our movers Clarksburg MD would be proud to give you the service of moving to this amazing town. Be sure to contact us and let’s turn moving from Chevy Chase to Clarksburg from a dream into a reality!


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