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Moving from Arlington to McLean: 5 tips to help you prepare

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You have decided to move and change the scenery. Whatever the reason might be, one thing is certain. You must go through the entire relocation process. As soon as you realize you are moving, you must start working on your budget, sort out legalities, form a packing plan, and search for movers McLean VA. It won’t be easy for sure but with a good plan, you will manage. So, as you are moving from Arlington to McLean, we have a lot to explain and prepare you for this journey. Let’s dive right in and ensure your relocation plan is solid and your belongings safe.

Work on logistics for moving from Arlington to McLean

The moving logistics can be quite confusing if you have no previous moving experience. But do not worry, there is a step-by-step process for this occasion as well. You will start by assembling a moving checklist. On the list, you should place all errands, chores, and responsibilities you must cover before leaving your old home. Then, you must inspect all your furniture and belongings. This will give you insight into the packing materials requirement. Also, you will know if any of your items and furniture need special handling. Lastly, inspect the entire environment. Check all rooms along with the loft, basement, garage, and backyard. Make sure your home is a safe place for moving.

a woman creating a plan for moving from Arlington to McLean
Spare enough time to create your detailed moving plan. You can’t move without one.

Once you have your plan in hand along with the inventory list, you can call your local movers Northern VA. They will help you create a safe and affordable moving plan. Also, movers will provide moving costs, advise on services, and improve your plans if need be. So, make sure your list is good and your preparation thorough.

Find professional movers on time

Once you evaluate your situation and realize the complexity of the relocation project, you should start searching for movers Arlington VA. The goal is to find reputable, reliable, and professional moving team to assist you with moving from Arlington to McLean. And the best way to do it is to scout the internet. Compare prices, moving reviews, and check their services. You must delve into the moving industry as much as you can and learn more about it. This way you will know what to compare and how to confirm the legitimacy of the company you want to hire.

Also, you can check social media networks and join one of the related groups. There you can find reviews, comments, and previous customer experiences. It will help you to make the final decision for sure. And when you have a few companies in mind, start calling them one by one. Check their offer and communicate about the details of the relocation. Finally, you will choose the one that suits you the most.

Obtain estimates and sort out your moving budget

Now, after you choose one of the moving companies Northern VA, ask them to provide onsite estimates. Yes, we are aware there are more convenient ways to obtain moving quotes. But this one is far better than obtaining quotes online or via the phone. Therefore, contact your movers and tell them you would like a moving representative to pay you a visit. This kind of onsite evaluation will bring much better insight into the whole picture. Your movers will evaluate everything on site and they will weigh your cargo, measure furniture, doors, staircases, and hallways. Movers will establish a loading dock and ensure your home is safe to work in. After they are done, you will be provided with the set of moving services, a moving quote, and a moving plan. Amazing, right?

a guy in an empty room with two cardboard boxes
Utilizing onsite estimates is the best way to obtain a realistic moving price. Ask your movers to stop by and provide onsite estimates.

Gather supplies and pack for moving from Arlington to McLean

Ok, now it is time to gather the packing supplies you’ll need for moving from Arlington to McLean. The better the supplies, the stronger the protection. Although, some of the packing materials are expensive and unnecessary for your situation. Therefore, you must purchase the following set of materials:

  • Cardboard boxes and plastic bins.
  • Packing paper and adhesive tape.
  • Labels.
  • Plastic wrap and blister packs.

Those are just the basic ones. You can always invest more in case you have expensive items you want to protect. So, make sure you have your packing supplies at least two weeks before the relocation. Purchase everything at the nearest hardware store or from one of the moving companies DC area. Movers provide packing services and they can sell you all materials you need. Hence, choose the option that will work the best and go for it. Just make sure you are packed and ready before the moving date.

Downsize if possible

While packing, you will surely find items you do not need anymore. We all have things to throw out before moving and your situation will be no different. The only question is – do you have time to declutter and downsize before moving? So, while sorting your stuff out, set aside all unused, old, broken, and outdated items. Make a designated pile and pack those items inside boxes and garbage bags. Once you have enough, you can organize a yard sale, sell online, give to friends, donate to charities, or simply recycle. Do whatever you like, just try to do it right. If you do, your relocation will be much easier and more affordable.

two people packing boxes for moving
Declutter while packing. It will make your relocation cheaper and you’ll gain more space in your new home.

A few tips before you leave

Before you even begin this journey, you should learn more about McLean in general so you can get along easier. You will have an easier time meeting locals, exploring the area, and finding the points of interest. Not to mention that you should know at least the basic history and current state of the place as well. So, we must tell you that people in McLean are financially stable and the economy is in a good place. Job opportunities are good and the median income is around $200k. This makes McLean the third richest city in the entire US.

Although, real estate is a bit more expensive for the same reason. On the other hand, proximity to Washington D.C. makes this place one of the safest in the US as well. Many government officials chose McLean as the best place to live in. And so did you! We are glad you have made this choice for yourself and your family. Enjoy McLean and the wonderful things you’ll find there.

Now you are ready for moving from Arlington to McLean. Just make sure you have the right moving company by your side and there shouldn’t be any problems. Follow your checklist and stay up to date. McLean awaits!

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