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Living inland or in coastal areas – the pros and cons

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Living pretty much anywhere has its pros and cons. You choose where that will be according to your preferences. The same applies to living inland or in coastal areas. Before you move it’s very important that you are well aware of what both have to offer and what can you expect. In this simple guide, we will try to help you decide what’s the best option for you or adjust if you have already moved with the help of Northern Virginia movers by any chance. We will use West Virginia and Maryland as examples to make everything clearer.

What’s life like inland?

When deciding between living inland or in coastal areas, living inland is usually the option people choose because most of us are accustomed to that way of living. Going to the beach and living near a place like that tends to be a “once in a while” thing for the majority of people. Why is that so? What are the pros of living inland in these kinds of places like West Virginia? Here are a few things:

  • Reasonable living expenses
  • Even the largest cities in West Virginia are not that big
  • You’ll get to experience all four seasons in West Virginia

Pros of living inland

Reasonable living expenses

Prices of housing are very affordable in West Virginia, you can buy a pretty decent place with minimal investment. The average price of housing is below $100,000. This makes things a lot easier for you, you have a chance to afford a new home and start a new chapter in your life. 

six different colored houses
West Virginia offers affordable housing prices

If you plan on renting a place, we have good news for you, renting is just as affordable here. The most expensive rent you’ll find is in places like Charleston, other than that you’ll usually pay half the price in places like Beckley.

Relatively small cities in Virginia

Judging by the fact that you are also considering living on the coast, we assume you would prefer to move somewhere rather quiet where you can live your life peacefully and enjoy yourself. This is why West Virginia as an inland area might be a good choice for you. Cities are all relatively small and peaceful, you are constantly surrounded by mountains and in touch with nature. So if you are a fan of nature, definitely hire movers West Virginia and look for a place inland.

The lower number of residents also means lower real estate costs, which is another good way to save money.

The presence of all four seasons

Unlike in coastal areas, in West Virginia you will have the chance to experience all four seasons of the year with a mid-continental climate. As we mentioned before, you will be surrounded by mountains which means they are responsible for keeping the temperature low even during summer. So if you are moving from Maryland to Virginia by any chance, this might be something you’ll enjoy.  Winters tend to be somewhat colder and snow can be a bit of a problem higher up in the mountains, but nothing is perfect, right? 

pathway on mountain area
You will have the opportunity to experience all four seasons while living inland

Cons of living inland

Everything that has pros always has its cons as well, let’s talk about the cons of living in West Virginia.

High crime rate

The crime rate in West Virginia is a lot higher than in other states of the US. There are still a few cities that are considered to be safe, but you have to be careful in choosing the right neighborhood

Bigger modern cities are pretty far away

The city with the biggest number of residents that is considered to be the most modern in West Virginia is Charleston with around 50,000 residents in total. Other cities are much smaller with even smaller neighborhoods so you might find it a little hard to fit in. This also means finding a good doctor, music event and things like this you wouldn’t have a problem finding in a big city, might be a bit of a challenge. Bigger cities like Washington DC are about 5 hours of driving away.

The problem with fitting in 

If you are not from West Virginia originally, you may not be ever fully accepted by the local residents. It’s how things usually are in smaller areas like this.

Life in coastal areas

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of living in inland areas, let’s talk about life in coastal areas. People usually consider moving to coastal areas like Maryland when they want to lead a more peaceful lifestyle. Moving companies Maryland offer great moving services so you will have no trouble moving as well. It can also be because they are beach lovers and love spending time there so living in an area like that is a dream come true

Pros of living in a coastal area

Plenty of choices for outdoor activities 

If you are someone who loves spending time outside, a coastal area like Maryland is a great choice for you. A wide choice of outdoor activities in Maryland is something you’ll surely enjoy. Maryland is much smaller than West Virginia, but what makes up for it is the fact that 41% of Maryland is covered in trees. It is truly breathtaking and it’s considered to be one of the most beautiful states in the US.

You will have the opportunity to visit various beaches, islands, coves, etc.

people walking on the beach
Coastal areas like Maryland have a variety of new beaches you will be happy to visit

The positive impact sun has on your health

Being in the coastal area, Maryland has a lot of sunny days. When exposed to the sunlight our organism produces vitamin D which helps improve the immune system, strengthens the bones and protects the immune system from several serious conditions. 

Business opportunities

Maryland, like other coastal areas, has a lot of business opportunities to offer. Being close to various beaches and resorts, makes it a great attraction for tourists that come for vacation.

Cons of living in a coastal area

Expensive cost of living

Unlike West Virginia, Maryland and other places in areas like this one are usually pretty expensive to live in. Maryland, for example, could be called “the home of millionaires” because a huge number of them reside here. 

Climate change has a big impact on coastal areas

One of the most serious things to consider when deciding between living inland or in coast areas like Maryland is the impact climate change has on this kind of area. It raises one main question – in the years that are coming, will places near the coast be safe to live in? 

Living inland or in coastal areas – what’s the right choice?

When trying to decide between living inland or in coastal areas, it’s important to weigh all the pros and cons. Then, make the decision based on your own personal preferences. There is no right or wrong answers, only a right and wrong choice for you personally.

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