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Last-minute moving tips

Moving done

Moving to a new place is always exciting, but one thing is for sure: packing is not. It’s a process that takes a lot of time and energy, especially if you are on a tight schedule. As a result, you should look for some tips for last-minute moving. You promised you wouldn’t wait until the last minute to start packing. However, you find yourself without a single box packed. You start panicking, as there is less time, but a lot to pack. But don’t worry! Our local movers MD¬†understand your situation, and we are glad to assist you. Don’t waste another minute worrying about your relocation. Rather, concentrate your efforts on getting down to business. Read on to find out about last-minute moving tips and packing ideas.

Make a list of everything you want to do

This last-moving moving tip is crucial and will help you succeed later on in the process. Take a look at your home or apartment, and start separating things into boxes. It would come in handy to make a box with things you would need in your new place, against the one you want to leave behind. If you want to keep yourself organized, make three lists: pack, donate, and trash. Make these lists on anything you have handy, whether it’s just a notebook or your phone. If you are not sure how to get things done, it is always a good idea to hire a professional company to do it for you. Movers DC area are the right solution for you. Why waste your time on sorting, labeling, and classifying, when we can do it for you. All you need to do is call, and we will provide services tailored to your specific needs.

Making a list is a good last-minute moving tip
A professional moving company will make a list of necessary things for you, and save your time for packing

Begin as soon as possible

If the sun is shining, you should be as well. Maybe you would say this is not the best moving tip, but it works. Make the most of your day by packing and organizing your possessions early morning. You may not be an early bird, but starting afresh as soon as you get up will save a lot of time. This will allow you to finish some things that you couldn’t to do the night before. Moreover, it will give you time to complete last-minute duties, or the ones you did not expect to turn up. However, if you are not good at starting things early, you may seek help especially if you are moving out of town, for instance moving from DC to NYC. We know that some things easily slip your mind, such as a phone recharger, or a piece of jewelry. We will double-check everything and make sure that everything is in order. Take your time to do other things that you like, and leave all the job to us.

A man carrying a chair and a flower
Hiring a professional mover is a great last-minute moving tip for busy people

Gathering materials on time is a good last-minute moving tip

You started packing and you realized you ran out of boxes. It is hard to predict how many boxes and supplies you will need when packing. For this reason, it is better to buy all the supplies earlier. Why wander around the city and visit shops, when you can hire professionals to gather all the materials for you. Ours is one of the best moving companies Washington DC and that is what makes it the right choice. Take a look at the materials we can provide you with:

  • Boxes of various sizes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Markers
  • Box cutters
  • Labels

Furthermore, if you have lots of large items and furniture, you may want to hire our short-term storage unit. This is a great way of removing unnecessary items that might be on your way when packing. The best thing is that you can take them back anytime you want, even after one month.

Pack room by room

The idea of packing your entire house into bags and boxes might be daunting at times. Packing room by room should streamline your move and relax. Rather than sprinting from one end of your house to another, do one area at a time. Use separate boxes for each room, and label them properly. This will help you be more productive, and get the work done faster. Is there one more trick in your sleeve? Start big and work your way down. Begin with common areas like living rooms and dining rooms, then move on to bedrooms, and ultimately, restrooms. The kitchen may be the hardest to pack, so you may need additional boxes and supplies. Packing smaller rooms last can keep you focused and lessen the stress of last-minute packing. When you’re down to the eleventh hour, it is very important to stay relaxed and sane.

A girl with cardboard boxes
Packing room by room will reduce stress and help you be more productive

Make use of recyclable moving bins

Another cost-effective solution to speed up the packing process is the use of recyclable moving boxes.¬† If you plan and buy them a couple of days before the moving day, you will save a lot of time. Your belongings can be relocated anywhere once they’re packed and ready to go. These containers are safe and secure, to make relocation and storage as simple as possible. There is no need to put them together. In addition, you don’t need to do any folding or taping. The best thing is that you can use them again, as long as they are stored properly, and protected from moisture.

Final thoughts

Moving is never an easy task, especially when we move last-minute. This can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. However, there are several last-minute moving tips that you can follow. Making a list of things to do is a good way to start packing. Moreover, packing room by room, and using proper packing materials is an essential part of every relocation. Just like in every job, “an early bird catches the worm”. Start your work early and have more time for your last-minute packing. Finally, recyclable material can help you sort, label, and safely transfer your things. If you follow these tips, last-minute moving will not be a dreadful experience.

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