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Job opportunities for people moving to McLean

Moving done

Life is full of surprising and unexpected turns we might encounter along the way. And if one of those turns is your relocation to McLean, you might wonder if there are good job opportunities for people moving to McLean. Don’t worry, we assure you there are. So just contact some of the local moving companies DMV has to offer, so your relocation isn’t that much of a hassle. And we will cover your concerns about job opportunities in McLean. In this article, you will learn about life in Mclean, and what to expect once you are there.

What is life in McLean like?

If you are looking for a quiet, friendly little oasis with a modern twist, well look no further. McLean is a small, friendly community located in Fairfax County, Virginia. It is located just outside Washington, so if you are moving from Maryland to Virginia, you won’t have to travel far. McLean is a small community, with a population of around 50.000 people. It might be small, but it has a rich history. In recent years it has become a really popular place for living. The town itself is located alongside the Potomac River. Along the riverbank there are many beautiful parks, making it a perfect family place, with a lot of hiking trails.

woman walking trough the park
You are gonna love McLean

One of the main reasons McLean is so appealing to new residents, and people looking for a new home is its strong economy. It also has a great education system. Because of this,  it is home to some of the country’s top schools. Fairfax County Public Schools are constantly ranked high on the list of best public schools in the country. Besides that, McLean has a low crime rate, well below the country average. This makes it a great place for businesses to open up, which keeps growing its economy. So if you ever thought about starting your own business, this small and safe town is great for you.

McLean is an economically stable community

Let’s face it, economy, alongside security, is one thing that can either attract us or turn us away from a potential living location. Economical stability of a region is defined by its ability to offer jobs and economic security to its residents. As it is located in Virginia, McLean is part of an economically stable state. This is particularly useful for residents of Maryland, as they can potentially contact some of the movers Silver Spring MD has to offer, and relocate to a more prosperous area.

If you are thinking about buying a house in McLean, it can be pretty expensive. The lowest amount you will have to spend is around 200.000, but more realistically you are looking in the range from 400.000 to 700.000. While if you are looking to build yourself a house, you can expect to spend millions on it.

man searching for job opportunities for people moving to McLean
Take your time finding the right job

You can earn a lot while working at McLean

It’s an understatement to say that McLean is a rich community. It is ranked third overall in the US, in terms of median household income. With a median household income of above 200.000, it is one of the few cities where the median household income is more than double the national average, which is around 69.000. McLane also has a higher hourly wage of 32, compared to a national average of 29. Besides that, McLane has a 4.6% unemployment rate, compared to a 6.0% national average.

All of this makes McLean an extremely stable community, that brings in new businesses regularly. And if you are looking to start your own business, you are lucky, there are plenty of free office spaces in McLean for lease, with the price of around 34 per square foot. Of course, this price can vary from one place to another, based on location, size, etc.

There are plenty of job opportunities for people moving to McLean

When it comes to the job opportunities for people moving to McLean, there are many. Given that it has a stable and strong economy, it’s no wonder that it has a low unemployment rate. This goes to show, that in this small community, if you want to work and find a job, you are more than likely to find one. Mclean is home to some of the largest companies in the country, but also it is home to a large number of growing businesses. Because of this, McLane is one of the top destinations for young people looking for high-paying jobs.

If you are one of them and are thinking about making such a move, be sure to contact local movers McLean VA has to offer and ask about the procedure for your relocation. This gives you a wide variety of choices for your employment. Here are some of the top employers in McLean:

  • Mars
  • Hilton
  • Capital One


If you have a sweet tooth, and you love candy, well then you have a herd of Mars. This industry giant has more than 130.000 employees, and more than 37 billion in annual revenue. It was founded in 1911. by Frank C. Mars, and it has only grown throughout the years. But candy isn’t the only thing this company has its fingers dipped into. It also manufactures pet food and other food products. With its headquarters in McLean, it might be a perfect fit for you.


We can all agree that when it comes to the hospitality business, there is no bigger fish than Hilton. This hotel giant has over 173.000 employees worldwide, with annual revenue of more than 5 billion. With its three hotels in McLean and more than 20 in the area, it makes a perfect fit for someone looking for a job in the hospitality sector.

picture of Hilton hotel
There are many job opportunities for people moving to McLean

Capital One

With its headquarters in McLean, this banking giant has more than 50.000 employees. It started as an auto loan company, but with its growth, it reoriented to the banking business, credit cards, etc. It is regularly on the list of largest banks in the US, and it’s known for its technology-oriented business model. If you are someone looking for an economics bases job, this company might be just what you are looking for.

Go ahead, and jump into your new career

As you saw, if there is one thing you don’t need to worry about, it’s finding a new job once you are relocated to Mclean. There are plenty of job opportunities for people moving to McLean. It offers a wide range of different professions and business scales. So there is something for everyone there. Get your CV, and start applying for jobs! Good luck.


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