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Items your Arlington movers will refuse to move

Moving done

Once you decide to move to another place you will need to get your relocation underway. And while for some people it represents a stressful and boring process it doesn’t always have to be that way. The key is to prepare for it and follow some tips to make it faster and more successful. Moving companies will be the best partner in this and you should consider hiring them right away. But, there are some things to keep in mind even if you decide to move with the help of a moving company. There are some items your Arlington movers will refuse to move. Here are some of them:

Arlington movers will refuse to move food and drinks

Unfortunately, neither Helix Moving & Storage nor any other moving company will pack and transport your food and drinks. This is because some of these items fall under the perishable category and movers won’t accept them. The best option is to simply store them yourself and transport them before movers arrive. Whether you are leaving or coming to Arlington there is a certain distance the mover will have to pass to get to your new place. The risk of food or drinks going bad is too much to accept and it is for best to avoid it. But don’t worry, you can always get mini-fridges and transport the most important food items on time. Alternatively, you can eat whatever is in your fridge and pantry before moving day.

two people packing
Make sure to give your movers all the details about your relocation!

Liquor and other alcohol

If your old household had a mini bar, unfortunately, movers will refuse to move it. Again, this is a very specific category and besides everything it is flammable. Moving companies West Virginia follow safety rules and driving with a van full of flammable liquid is not an option. This is another transportation you will have to do on your own. But this one is relatively easy. Just place the bottles in their original packaging and use a lot of bubble wrap to secure them even more. Don’t forget to follow the movers’ example, make sure everything is placed properly, and secure your vehicle before you begin the transportation.

Pets and other living beings

You probably wonder how your pets could be under the category of items your Arlington movers will refuse to move. Well, there are a couple of important reasons. First of all, movers are trained for moving and packing jobs and no one can guarantee that will know how to handle your pets. Especially if you have the exotic ones. Even if they do, pets are living creatures and no one can predict how stressful the relocation may be for them. If something happens to your pet during the transportation, the moving company would have to take all the blame.

mover carrying the chair which is not something Arlington movers will refuse to move
Maintain a good communication with your movers and find the best solution for items their company won’t transport

You should think of your pet’s needs all the time. While movers Arlington VA deal with the transportation of your items, you can focus on your pets. They will feel much better and more relaxed if they travel with you and people they know. Prepare their favorite toys, lots of snacks, and fresh water, and enjoy the ride with furry little friends. 

Chemicals and other hazardous material

While providing details about your relocation to residential movers VA, don’t forget to mention the items in question. Not all of them will be forbidden but unfortunately, most of them will. The main reason for this is the safety of everyone involved. These materials and chemicals are highly flammable and present a huge risk for movers and others in traffic. Since these are items your Arlington movers will refuse to move you will have to come up with a different solution. Simply leave everything that you can buy upon arriving or safely transport them yourself. Keep the low temperature in your vehicle while driving and don’t rush. 

Of course, these items won’t burst into flames as soon as you take them out of your house, but they still, carry a lot of risks. Here are some of them that you may as well leave:

  • Nail polish
  • Nail polish remover
  • Deodorant
  • Motor oil
  • Barbecue gas
  • Cleaning products

If you have a garden learn how to pack and transport pesticides properly. You can’t throw everything away but there is always a safe solution to this issue. It is much better to go out and buy some items again then to stress out over their transportation.

Firearms and ammunition

It is more than understandable why these items won’t be accepted by moving companies. Probably the most dangerous to pack and transport, firearms and ammunition need a completely different approach. To pack and move them you will need to inform law enforcement and give them all the details about your relocation. Once you set everything up with them carefully proceed to pack. The best solution is to ask for professional help that will provide suitable packaging. These items can’t be placed in regular packing boxes even when secured with wrapping paper or bubble wrap. 

Finding a licensed and good firearm and ammunition store may help. Their employees can guide you throughout the process and make this part of your relocation easier and much safer. Try to move these items on time and separately from the rest of your inventory. This will provide enough space to set them aside and avoid some unexpected situations.

woman sitting and working on her laptop while holding phone
Inform yourself on time about what items Arlington movers will refuse to move

What to do with the things Arlington movers will refuse to move?

Bottom line is that no one knows your household better than you. All the items that should be stored properly and carefully are most likely the ones Arlington movers will refuse to move. Instead you’ll have to get rid of them, move them yourself, or hire specialists. If you start preparing on time, you won’t even feel the difference so make sure you have enough time. For more useful tips feel free to explore countless moving tips and tricks to make your relocation successful. Keep in mind that the safety of everyone included in your relocation should be your top priority and you should take all precautions to achieve a safe and pleasant move, even if that means leaving some of your belongings behind.

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