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Is moving from DC in 2022 a good idea?

Moving done

Since the previous two years have brought only uncertainty to us all, it is completely normal that you question every decision. And that you are wondering if moving from DC in 2022 is a good idea. We are here to help you decide and give you some pieces of information that could be valuable to you. But first things first, you should really hire Washington DC movers to help you with that. In this year that is even more important than ever before.

Why is it so important to hire movers?

The world is changing. Pandemic hit hard and many industries have felt it. But even more, if you want to relocate this year, you will appreciate every help possible. Why we are saying that? Just imagine how you could handle moving to another state with all uncertainties about shutting down borders. But long distance movers DC will know how to handle every situation.

man and woman checking boxes
You will never regret hiring movers to help you moving from DC in 2022

And that does not apply only to moving far away. Every relocation is very complex and there are so many tasks to handle. And you should do that all while going to work and taking care of your family. Especially if you are planning a complex move and moving from DC to NYC, someone should help you so you can relax a bit.

Why you should consider moving out of DC in 2022?

People are moving for a ton of different reasons. If you are thinking of moving from DC, you probably have at least one of them. Maybe you just want to move to another part of the town that is calmer or family-friendly. Local movers DC will help you do that with ease. So even though the time is so shaky, you should not be afraid to make a change.

Moving from DC in 2022 – pros and cons

Is living in one of the most expensive cities in America really worth it? Let’s look at some pros and cons. Because every city has two sides of the story, you are the one who has to make the choice which is more important to you. It would depend on your specific situation and a phase in life, so read below because we are offering a list that will remind you of the things you love and hate about DC.

yes no written on palms of two hands
Moving from DC in 2022 has some pros and cons.

Positive things of living in Washington DC

One of the advantages of living in DC is its great location. The city has even three airports. And for those who have to travel often, this is such an advantage. The location of Washington is awesome because within two or three hours you could hit a beach. And in the wintertime, you will be on the slopes skiing in a few hours too. This location builds a playful lifestyle for its residents. Another thing we have to mention is that DC is connected wonderfully with its metro that reaches even out of the city. So for people who live there, everything is easily reachable.

DC has a high-ranked school. If you are a parent, this is a thing that you will value. Since Washington DC is the capital of the United States you know that you can find great diversity in many areas. People who live there enjoy great food, cultural life, shopping. It is never dull there. And among other things, we have to mention high salaries that are above the average in the state.

DC living expenses in a nutshell

Yes, the salaries in Washington are high. But so is the standard of life. Everything is there more expensive. Maybe only New York or California have that high costs of living. So if you are thinking of moving from DC in 2022 to someplace other than these two, expect much lower expenses.

There are more disadvantages of living in DC

Let’s talk about the weather. Yes, it is true that you can find all four seasons if you live in Washington DC. But so many residents suffer from allergies for several months every year. DC is high on pollen and if you are sensitive to it, you will have to use meds for at least a few months yearly.

We just can’t forget to mention traffic. The rumors are true. The traffic is terrible in Washington. So if you can’t reach your work by foot, bicycle or metro, expect to be stuck. The problem starts as early as 6 AM. They even have the term “reverse commute” because of making some streets one way in order to help people who are going to the city. So if your work is located in Maryland for example, and you don’t live nearby, you will be in real trouble.

Now make your own lists

We only wanted to remind you of some advantages and disadvantages of living in Washington. But you are the only one who knows your specific situation. So take some time, sit down and make your own list of pros and cons. It can be based on our propositions. But you will have to add things that you find most appealing and also, most annoying for your everyday life. Making changes can be hard, but if you are not happy with your life in DC, you should find yourself moving companies DC area and move. It is completely normal that you want to have the best possible conditions for a living. And you should afford them to yourself.

woman writing
Now sit down and make your own list of pros and cons.

Making a choice is never easy

We do hope so that we did. If you are worried about the pandemic situation, remind yourself that it lasts for two years and no one is sure when it will be over. So stop postponing your life. The change can find you wherever you are. So be brave and take a step in a direction of your dreams. You are the creator of your life. And you deserve now your best life possible. We wish you good luck in whatever you choose is the best for you in the year that just began. And if that means moving from DC in 2022 for you – we wish you all the best!


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