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Moving from Maryland to Virginia can be a complicated process both mentally and physically. Let us take care of the physical part of the move and you will have an easier time dealing with the emotional side as well. We, at Helix Transfer & Storage, offer our full support regardless of whether you are moving your home or an office. We’ll provide you with a personal moving coordinator who will plan the entire process and an experienced moving crew that will execute it. Contact us now. Get a free moving quote and see how it’s like to get high-quality services at affordable prices.

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We are here to help you relocate from Maryland to Virginia

We offer you a free quote, a personal moving coordinator, and a team of experienced movers

We understand how difficult it can be to plan and execute an interstate move. Therefore, if you decided to move to Virginia from Maryland and you picked a perfect place for you, give Helix Transfer & Storage a call. We are an experienced moving company that can help you relocate regardless of the distance or whether you are moving your home or a business. We’ll provide you with a free moving estimate and a personal moving coordinator who will prepare a moving plan and stay in touch with you throughout the entire process.

Our moving company offers a variety of services designed to meet every demand you put in front of us

We are a skillful group of experienced relocation experts armed with top-quality equipment and modern vehicles. We offer a variety of moving services that are designed to help you in many different ways. Here are the services that you can enlist us for:

Are you moving your home or a business? Either way, contact us

We have teams of experienced relocation experts ready to help you no matter whether you are moving your household or a business. Our residential movers are skilled at relocating domestic items like furniture, home appliances, dishes, clothes, and other items that can be found in an average home. And our commercial movers are here to execute a swift and professional relocation of your business regardless of its size or type.

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If you like spending your time at the coast, you will enjoy Virginia

It is difficult to say which state is better

Nobody can say whether it is better to live in Maryland or Virginia. There aren’t any huge differences that could give an advantage to one or the other. After all, they are bordering states and the same people live on both sides of the Potomac River. Of course, both states have qualities that make certain people choose one over the other. Let’s, therefore, take a look at why relocating from Maryland to Virginia might be a good choice for you.

Maryland is more densely populated than Virginia

If you are not a fan of the crowd, you will have much more space in Virginia. It is a much larger state than Maryland and not as close as densely populated. Maryland covers an area of 12,407 sq mi with a population of 6,185,278 while Virginia covers 42,774.2 sq mi and has 8,654,542 people.

Moving to Virginia because of work can be a good decision

If you are moving from Maryland to Virginia to find a job, you are making a good choice as well. Especially if you are planning to work in architectural and engineering services, banking and lending, computer programming or systems design, food products, or shipbuilding. Virginia has a strong economy right now. Comparing the two states’ employment rates will tell you a lot. Maryland has an unemployment rate of 6.2% while Virginia has only 4.7%.

You will waste less time getting to work if you relocate from Maryland to Virginia

Another advantage of living and working in Virginia is commute time. Even though the state is much larger, fewer people and easier traffic mean faster transportation. If you move to Virginia, you will need approximately 27.5 to get to work. In Maryland, the average commute time is 31.8 minutes.

If you plan to build your own home, you will have better chances in Virginia

Even though Virginia is less populated, the differences in this field are getting smaller. And that has a lot to do with Virginia’s economic growth.  Just compare building permits issued by both states. Before the pandemic, Virginia issued around 27,278 building permits yearly while Maryland issued 15,217. Good news if you are planning to buy land and build your own home.

Virginia has a larger coast

Even though both states have great coast and beaches, Virginia has more.  It has a water area of 3171 sq. mi., a coastline of 112 mi., and a shoreline of 3,315 mi. while Maryland has a water area of 2633 sq. a coastline of mi., 31 mi., and a shoreline of 3190 mi. If you like to spend time looking at the ocean, Virginia is a better choice.

Best places to live in Virginia

Moving from Maryland to Virginia can be a good choice. But only if you choose the right place to move to. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the best places to live in Virginia. Here are the places you should focus on:

  • Bluemont
  • Radnor/Fort Myer Heights
  • Ballston/Virginia Square
  • Clarendon/Courthouse
  • Stone Ridge
  • Colonial Village
  • Cascades
  • Arlington Forest
  • Innsbrook
  • Arlington
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We can help you with your move regardless of the distance or the type of your relocation

Move with the help of our interstate movers

Even though we offer moving services irrespective of the distance, if you are looking to make the state of Virginia your new home, you will be most interested in our interstate relocation service. If you decide to hire our team, you can count on experienced and well-versed professionals who will utilize our state-of-the-art equipment and modern and strong vehicles to complete the process.

We can provide you with storage space as well

In addition to relocating assistance, our company also provides storage services. Decide to keep your items in our clean, dry, and safe storage facility and you will get the first month for free.

Contact Helix Transfer & Storage before every relocation

Even though moving from Maryland to Virginia can be complex and nerve-wracking, with Helix Transfer & Storage everything will be much easier. We know how scary this process can be. That is why we offer you our top professionals and a variety of services that can help you go through it with ease. Contact us, get a free quote and let your relocation be handled by one of the top relocation experts on the market.


Paul and his team made sure that my move went perfectly! They arrived early(!!), explained the paperwork thoroughly, and were extra careful with my items items and property. I’m very thankful for their help and highly recommend!!

Kristen Cheman

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No matter where your next move is taking you, Helix Transfer & Storage is here to make this transition as smooth as possible.

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