Importance of labeling your boxes when moving

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It can be hard to part ways with your old home, but a new chapter can also mean a new beginning. Moving often inspires people and families to start anew, and to focus on all the things they can improve. It helps you build a perspective that focuses on moving forward, and it often follows job promotions or pursuing higher education. But, there’s much to do before you can daydream and settle in. From packing to transporting your items, you’ll need good coordination with your family and some help from professional movers. They will guide you through all the details of the process, including the importance of labeling your boxes when moving. Trained movers often offer a range of services to assist you with your move, such as those provided by Helix Moving & Storage Maryland. This makes your relocation easier.

Why is it important to label your boxes when moving?

Labeling your boxes when moving is always beneficial, and here’s why you need to do it. Even when moving locally and without any professional help, labeled boxes will help you navigate through a bunch of items when unpacking. Additionally, it can help you place heavy boxes in the right room. This way, you don’t have to move around looking for a missing item. However, when hiring professional movers, such as some of the long distance moving companies Northern VA has, labeling may be required. Movers should know where to place which box, and they should also be aware of what type of items they are carrying. Some items require special care and equipment, so proper labeling can help keep your belongings safe.

Furthermore, when moving internationally, proper labeling can be even more important. As many items have to go through the customs office after being shipped overseas, poor labeling can raise suspicions.

woman labeling carton box
Labels don’t need to be elaborate, just a clear indicator of what’s inside.

How to pack for a long-distance move?

The whole process of moving consists of many things you’ll need to do and it all culminates and intertwines during the moving day. Doing your inventory helps you pack and label your boxes, while proper packing keeps everything safe during transport. Finally, proper labeling allows for a smooth unpacking and makes the whole process much easier. Here’s all you need to do.

Do your inventory before labeling your boxes when moving

Doing inventory is the first step and ensures everything is accounted for. People often forget about some items they want to move and trying to fit them in one of the boxes last minute is a bad idea. However, making a list of all of your belongings can sound like too much work. Don’t worry, though, as it doesn’t have to be hard if you organize well. For instance, you can pack and do inventory at the same time. Just make sure you have some extra boxes, and start going room by room. It can be handy to exclude furniture from these lists and create a separate inventory just for that. After hiring one of the moving companies McLean VA has, they’ll need to know what they’re moving, before coming up with a price. Make sure you have all the details to avoid any extra costs.

labeled boxes on a wooden table
Get the right materials for packing and labeling, or things might get messy.

Get the right materials for packing

Not all items can be packed the same way, but here’s a general idea. Most of your regular household items should be packed in carton boxes. On the other hand, heavy and chunky items may require special equipment. You can ask some of the moving companies Arlington VA has to help you with chunky items, as they’ll know how to handle it best. However, many people decide to pack lighter items without professional help. It’s easy to do if you know how to protect your items and follow the right technique.

How to pack boxes and prepare them for labeling?

It may sound trivial, but packing is one of the most important parts of the moving process. Proper packing will keep your items safe and proper labeling will help movers place everything where it should be. Additionally, they’ll know if something should be treated with special care, so it’s important to organize your boxes well.

man and woman labeling boxes for moving
Make sure you prepare well before you start labeling your boxes for moving.

Firstly, make sure you determine if the items you’re packing are fragile or not. If there’s a risk of breaking, try placing those items in a separate box. Kitchen items, such as plates, glasses, and other breakable items require special care. Make sure you wrap every item in packing paper before laying them inside the box. Don’t forget to create a paper layer on the bottom for some extra protection. Also, make sure that every item is placed in such a way that it’s best protected. For example, place your plates stacked up and sides down, while you should place your glasses bottoms down. After placing everything in the box, fill the box with some extra crushed paper. This helps your items remain firm and in position, which reduced the chance of breaking. Too much air in the box can be a problem, as things can collide and break inside.

How to label boxes when moving?

Depending on the type of your move, different labels might work better. While movers should know where to place each box, it’s important to note if any box contains fragile or hazardous items. That’s why you should use multiple labels where needed. For example, each box should contain a label indicating which room should it go into. Fragile items should be labeled with an extra label and indicate what’s inside. Extra fragile items often don’t fall under regular liability insurance when moving, so it’s smart to be careful. You could go for extra insurance and spend some extra money, but you don’t have to do it. Instead, you can communicate with your movers and use proper labeling of your boxes when moving.


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