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How to spot fake moving reviews?

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When doing any business online, reviews are a great way to check if you are making the right choice. You can easily see if something you are considering as an option is what you are looking for. But be careful, fake reviews are a common sight nowadays. Scammers who want to steal your money are all over the internet. People get paid a certain amount of money to write stuff that is nothing close to how things truly are. They are present in all industries and the moving industry is no exception. So how exactly can you spot fake moving reviews about local movers MD on the internet? Read this easy guide to find out!

Why are fake moving reviews a thing?

Before we jump into the talk about spotting the fake moving reviews, you need to know why are they even a thing. The reason for it is actually pretty simple. Just like most industries, businesses and such, the moving industry is highly competitive. Every business wants to attract as many customers as possible and earn more, which is only natural right? The problem is not everyone wants to play fair.

As it has become very hard to find a reputable moving company with good service and experienced staff, people usually turn to online reviews so they can easily compare the options they have and choose the best one. Sadly, a huge number of customers get scammed. Some moving companies use fake reviews to conceal their unprofessional behavior, terrible service, and rudeness. To make things worse, these companies are trying to bring down other moving companies by leaving bad fake reviews and ratings about their services. So beware of both overly positive and overly negative reviews.

spot fake moving reviews on the internet while browsing through the internet
Some moving companies use fake moving reviews to attract customers

Check reviews on multiple websites

Before you decide on what moving company you want to hire, prepare yourself for thorough research and a lot of browsing. Something you should never do is choose a moving company based on only one positive review you saw. See if the reviews on other websites are also mostly positive and are similar to the one you saw so you know you are making the right choice. One of the good websites for this is Better Business Bureau and other, more specialized moving review websites like MyMovingReviews.

How exactly can you spot fake moving reviews?

Let’s talk about the exact methods for spotting a fake moving review. There are a few things you need to be cautious of. Here is a list of what kind of reviews you need to pay special attention to:

  • Too positive
  • Too negative
  • Way too detailed
  • Reviews that are too general
  • The ones posted at the almost same time
  • Reviews with made-up names and addresses
  • The ones that sound “unnatural” 

Overly positive reviews

It is a well-known fact that nothing is perfect, which also applies to moving companies and the services they offer. Companies do differ in service quality, but no matter how good they are, there is always place for improvement. If you spot a review that has only good things to say about a mover and gives way too many compliments, the possibility that it’s fake is high. One more thing that should raise your suspicion is when a review says some mover is “the cheapest out there”. Bear in mind that even professional movers like movers West Virginia are not capable of fulfilling the needs of every customer. 

Overly negative reviews 

Fake reviews can also be too negative. As mentioned before, moving companies that don’t play fair hire people to leave negative comments about other movers to ruin their reputation. Something you should pay attention to about this kind of review is that they usually use offensive language

A man pointing a finger
Overly negative reviews are also a sign of a possible fake review

Reviews that are too detailed

Moving reviews usually point out the most important things the person writing the review has experienced during the move. Most often, it’s a mix of good and bad points of a moving company, a balanced review which is a sign of it being genuine. That’s all someone needs to decide on what mover they are going to pick. If a review goes into the tiniest details, it’s probably a made-up comment that sounds too good to be true. Remember, being careful is the key to choosing reliable Northern Virginia movers so take your time to parse through the reviews you’re reading.

Overly general reviews 

Reviews that are too general are the ones that don’t mention any particular points about the move and the moving company. You don’t have to think about it too much to realize what’s going on. They don’t have any details about the move because it never happened. So be careful about these reviews that lack even basic information about the move and can only say the company is “good”, “great”, and such.

Reviews that are posted at the almost same time

Always make sure to check the time and date of when the reviews were posted. A certain number of reviews that were written in a very similar manner and are posted at the same or similar time are most likely fabricated. It’s one of the most obvious signs of a fake moving review.

A person holding magnifying glass in front of a piece of paper
Always check the exact time and date when the review was posted, if there are multiple reviews posted at the same or similar time, it’s probably fake

Reviews with made-up names and addresses 

Reviews that are fake can even be written by people that are not even real. Companies that use these kinds of reviews usually use fake names. If you want to check if the review is genuine, you can do so by checking the address of the person who wrote it. Check if the review you are reading is written by a person that actually exists in the first place.

Reviews that sound “unnatural”

Legitimate moving reviews are written in a way that sounds natural and is easy to understand and read. That’s because people who write them have actually experienced the moving process and can provide the needed information. In fake moving reviews you will often find unusual expressions and words. People writing fake reviews use them in order to impress the people reading them. Also, watch out for the weird writing styles like using full stops and commas in unnecessary places or writing in all caps.

Now that you are well informed about how to spot fake moving reviews, you can use that knowledge to easily pick one of the moving companies Maryland. Being able to parse through reviews and compare them will certainly help. Good luck with your move!

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