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How to Safely Move Your Grill

Moving done

People move all sorts of stuff when relocating home. One of those items is your grill and all the equipment tied to it. If you do not know how to safely move your grill, you came to the right place. Today we will explain how to prepare it, clean it, and safely relocate it. Of course, your forever loyal movers Germantown MD will help a lot. But most of the moving steps is on you. So let’s get right to It and prepare your grill for moving.

Find the moving company that will safely move your grill

If you are moving your grill only, then you can transport it with your personal vehicle. But if you are relocating your entire home, you’ll need reliable movers Maryland to assist you. Hence, the first step on this journey is to find such movers online. Browse for an hour or two and gather valuable info about the moving industry. Compare moving companies, prices, reviews, services, and more. Write down all relevant information until you are ready to contact one of the companies on your list. And remember, never choose the first company you find. Give yourself some time to find better and more suitable candidates. Finally, ensure your movers have the following:

  • Licenses and permits.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Sizeable moving vehicles and enough manpower.
  • Moving services and insurance.
  • Competitive prices.
two movers carrying boxes that can help safely move your grill
Find a reliable moving team to transport your grill safely.

It is important to contact your movers via the phone if you want to obtain the real deal. Yes, you can always schedule your move online but communicating over the phone or letting your movers stop by is always better. Therefore, research enough and find the best company that will assist you and safely move your grill to the new environment.

Prepare everything

Before you can safely move your grill, you must prepare it adequately. No matter if you have a wheeled grill, kettle grill, or handled cart grill, the steps are the same. So, the first step is to remove all detachable pieces of your grill including the gas tank. Be extremely careful when handling a gas tank and transport it separately. Simply because movers won’t transport any flammable object or fuel so you’ll need to get rid of the tanks, fuel, flammable briquettes, etc. You can transport those in the trunk of your car.

Then, after your grill is disassembled, clean all the pieces thoroughly. Wrap all utensils and other pieces in bubble wrap or kitchen cloth to prevent them from damaging or getting lost. Finally, wrap your grill in cellophane or more plastic wrap and you are good to go. Now your local movers MD can handle it easily and without any fear, something will be damaged or lost.

Packing materials needed to safely move your grill

If you invested a lot in your grill and you have a valuable piece, you must protect it properly. And you will do it easily if you have the right packing materials with you. You can obtain everything at the nearest home depot, online, or from your residential movers Maryland. Your choice entirely. Just make sure you obtain bubble wrap, cardboard, packing tape, and labels. Those are the packing materials you can use for all items in your home by the way. Just use cardboard as a buffer and to protect the handles and edges of your grill. Use bubble wrap and packing tape to wrap it all around and secure it nicely.

cardboard boxes in a white room
Cardboard will resolve all your problems. Obtain enough of it and wrap your grill in a cardboard buffer.

If your grill is small, it can even fit into a sizeable cardboard box. This way you can fill it with packing peanuts and you won’t have to think about it ever again. But in the end, you should browse through the materials available and if you want, invest in better-quality ones, and protect your grill adequately.

Moving services that may help you

Do not forget to ask your movers all about the moving services they provide. There is a plethora of moving solutions out there. You just need to find the right combination for you. Movers have dedicated teams when it comes to handling robust, delicate, fragile, or special items. For example, if you have a piano, the piano moving team will handle the situation. If you are moving artwork, there is a team that will move paintings, sculptures, and so on. And the same goes with your grill. Some moving companies will classify it as just a piece of furniture while others will send a team with proper equipment to handle it. It all depends on the size and the state of your grill. So, communicate this with your moving representative and realize how to relocate your grill safely.

Ask your friends to help you out

Now, it will be much easier to cover all moving stages and to move your grill if you have a friend’s help. You can get friends to help you move and have a BBQ at the same time. One last barbeque with friends and family before you wrap it all up and move it to the new home. So, ask your friends, relatives, coworkers, or neighbors to help you out. And not only with the grill but with all other stages of your move. Maybe some of them can run a few errands while others help you pack completely.

group of friends
Ask your friends to assist with packing and relocating. One friend should be enough to help safely move your grill

But do not expect much. Some of them will surely make excuses and try to avoid the whole situation. But do not get disheartened by it because you must understand that people do not like to relocate themselves or anyone else. So, if you have at least one friend with you, it will be great. Just having someone to keep you company while packing should be enough to make the whole relocation easier. Therefore, extend the invitation and give them some time to check their schedules. Be patient and someone will heed your call.

It is time to move your grill to your new home

Now when everything is ready you should once again check if the wheels on your grill are in a good shape. It wouldn’t be good if your grill breaks apart during transport and it is unsafe as well. But if you do not have wheels on it, then it should be already wrapped and ready to be hauled into the moving truck. Let your movers do this part and hope for the best. And do not worry, movers relocated thousands of grills in their time and yours should be no different. It will reach its destination unharmed.

Now you know how to prepare, pack, and safely move your grill. As you can see it is a simple process and as long as you have a reliable moving team with you, it will be even easier. Just remember to prepare your grill adequately because that is something your movers can’t do for you. Follow the steps we mentioned earlier and you’ll be just fine. Good luck.

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