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How to prevent moving day injuries

Moving done

Relocations are hard work, there is no way around that. You will be in situations that can create accidents might succumb to a moving injury, if you are not well-prepared. The simple solution to the problem is to hire a moving company, such as Helix Moving & Storage to do all of the work for you. But if you want to save a bit on the moving costs, you will need to do some of the work on your own. To prevent moving day injuries, you will need to prepare, use proper lifting techniques, avoid overpacking, obtain a few specialized tools, etc. In this article, we will guide you through a safe moving process, so you don’t have to worry about succumbing to an injury.

Prevent moving day injuries in seven easy steps

Here is what you will want to do if you want to minimize the chances of any moving-related injuries:

  • Prepare accordingly
  • Mind your limits
  • Utilize proper lifting techniques
  • Do not overpack
  • Acquire the right tools for the job
  • Hire a moving company

You may also want to enlist as much help as you can. Ask your friends and family members to help you and everything is going to be a lot easier. Moving is not a one-person job, after all, and the more hands you have on the proverbial deck, the better. You can always hire a few moving services to make the whole ordeal a bit easier, as well. But for the most part, follow these steps and you will be just fine! The first thing you need to do is to:

Prepare accordingly

Depending on your lifestyle, you may not be accustomed to a full day of physical labor. What you need to do is exercise your mind and body prior to the relocation. You don’t need to be a professional weightlifter but every little bit helps. At the very least, give your body some preparation for what is to come. A few trips to the gym can prepare you for the strain of the relocation, as can regularly exercising. Most people simply believe that they can handle everything that comes their way, and do not prepare properly. These people have the highest chance of injuring themselves while lifting heavy items. Don’t be one of them, put in some work beforehand and you will be ready for when the time comes.

prevent moving day injuries - preparation process
Preparation is key.

How to prevent moving day injuries – Mind your limits

The most common reason for moving-related injuries is overexerting yourself, not knowing when to stop. You may think “I will take a break after this is over” despite the signals that your body sends. And that is exactly when you are most vulnerable. This is why you want to prepare for the relocation in the first place. Your prior activity will show you where your limits are. You need to be mindful of them at all times, taking a break when necessary. While you are working, your body might produce adrenaline to deal with the effort, so you might not even feel that anything is wrong. But if you know your limits beforehand, you can stop before it becomes an issue.

Utilize proper lifting techniques

If overexertion is the main reason for moving injuries, lifting with your back is a close second. You might have already heard the maxim “Lift with your legs, not your back” but it might have not properly sunk in. You may think that it is something for other people to do, not you. And therein lies the greatest danger. It is really important to know how to lift heavy objects, and learning about it is something that you want to put into your moving checklist. It is not difficult by any means, the difficult part is actually being aware of it. Most of us simply lift the way we are used to, regardless of whether it is right or wrong. But that is simply inviting an injury to come knocking. Therefore, observe the proper techniques at all times and be mindful of them.

man holding a cardboard box and a vase
Learning how to lift will make everything easier.

Do not overpack

Try not to fill every box to the brim, if you can avoid it. Or combine lighter items with heavier ones, keeping the weight at a manageable level. It is a lot better to have a lot of lighter boxes than it is to have several really heavy ones. Yes, light moving boxes may take up more space inside the truck but they are much easier to handle. Try to be mindful of the weight of the boxes when packing, and keep it at a level that you are comfortable lifting and moving around.

Acquire the right tools for the job to prevent moving day injuries

Tools that are created for the sole purpose of relocating things from one place to another will be of tremendous help in the whole process. A moving dolly, for example, is an invaluable piece of hardware. It will save you a lot of time and effort as well as help prevent injuries. There are many other tools that are great for the purpose, such as furniture pads, moving blankets, etc. You may want to talk to a moving company, get a quote for renting these tools and supplies, as that is the easiest way to obtain them. Of course, your movers can provide you with plenty of other services to make the relocation a lot easier. Incidentally, this leads us to our final point on how to prevent moving injuries.

mover using a dolly
A moving dolly is an essential piece of hardware.

Hire a moving company

Hiring a professional mover will all but eliminate the chances of a moving injury happening to you. They will do all of the physical work required, while you may only need to provide a few directions. Your movers will come with all the necessary tools and supplies needed for the job, all you will need to do is open the door. Regardless of whether you are performing a local or a long-distance relocation, hiring professional movers is always a good choice. They will prevent moving day injuries from occurring, as well as make your move a lot more convenient. You will be able to put all that time and energy you would need to spend, elsewhere.

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