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How to prepare for moving long distance in a month?

Moving done

Do you think you can prepare for moving long distance in a month? Of course, you can! People moved in less time than that. But you still must organize, pack, and search for long distance moving companies Maryland to assist you. Therefore, let us cover this together and make it happen within a month! Let’s go!

Organize and prepare for moving long distance in a month

Before you can call your local Helix Moving & Storage moving company, you must obtain the mandatory info. Everyone must do it and so will you. Start with an inventory list along with a moving checklist. Inspect your home and list down all your belongings and household items onto the inventory list. Then, make a checklist with moving responsibilities, chores, and errands. Once you have them both in your hands, you can start searching for movers and when ready, give them a call.

prepare for moving long distance in a month and put it all on paper
Put it all on paper and create your moving checklist.

To be fair, a month to organize everything is more than enough. One week to meddle with legalities and organize a moving company. The second week to take days off work and gather all packing supplies. And last two weeks to run errands and pack like a pro. You will even have enough time to relax and take enough breaks to stay healthy and with batteries at full. Just imagine you must be moving on short notice and you have less than a week for everything. Better not even think about it.

Take a closer look at your investment

Now, because you are blessed and you must prepare for moving long distance in a month, you have enough time to evaluate the whole situation adequately. So, start looking for your moving company online and compare moving services Maryland, prices, and service. Eventually, something nice will pop up and you will find your moving crew. But before you sign anything, you must be sure your movers meet the criteria. Ensure they have the following:

  • An official website with a physical address and contact info
  • Online registration on one of the moving-related websites
  • To be licensed
  • They must have proper moving vehicles, tools, and knowledgeable manpower
  • Moving insurance and safety protocols in place
Two people using a laptop
Inspect your movers inside out. You do not want to hire a fraudulent moving company.

You can always dig deeper and ask to visit your movers in person or ask them to stop by your place and meet them. But probably the best way is to obtain referrals through word of mouth. Try to find someone that can say something nice about the moving company you are about to hire. That is all you need.

Calculate your moving budget and prepare for moving long distance in a month

Now, because you have such a long period ahead, you can calculate your moving budget precisely. You will start with the home inspection. Check all your rooms, attic, basement, garage, backyard, and all other support buildings like a shed, etc. And as we said before, note everything down. Eventually, you’ll have an idea of the number of packing materials required and all the moving services required to perform this task. Moreover, you must inspect the environment as well. Measure hallways, staircases, check doors, floors, and widows. This way you ensure you are working in a safe and healthy environment. If there is a need for any renovation or adjustment, you’ll know upfront and you can prepare the budget for it as well.

A moving quote

Or maybe you can leave this part to your movers. They can pay you a visit and do it all instead. It is for sure the best way to obtain a moving quote and to ensure the environment is safe to work in. Moreover, they will ensure the road and the curb are clear while moving and they will establish a loading dock that won’t disturb your neighbors. This is important because you do not want any problems with the authorities. Therefore, schedule free onsite estimates and let your movers weigh your cargo, calculate hours, appoint movers, establish a loading dock, and inform authorities. A full package.

A person holding money
After obtaining a moving quote you will easily form a moving budget around it,

Clean up a bit

You will surely prepare for moving long distance in a month but you have enough time to declutter and downsize as well. It is a process where you’ll clean and get rid of the unnecessary hoard once and for all. You dragged that washing machine and broken-down TV, for far too long. You need your garage back. Therefore, while inspecting your home, set aside all the clothing, IT equipment, electronics, ornaments, equipment, random household items, etc. And once you have a pile with those items, you can either donate to charities, give to the homeless shelter, give to friends, recycle, or simply throw away. Also, you can sell online or organize a garage sale. Depending on the state of the items of course.

Negotiate a better deal and cover legalities

Ok, the last tip of the day is the final moving price and the way how to get a better one. Yes, movers always offer some kind of free service or a small 5% discount. But depending on the size of your move, you can always negotiate a better price. You will purchase the service anyway, but you can always ask for a lower price. There is nothing to lose, right? So, go ahead and ask for it.

On the other note, do not forget to check all your personal documents, moving documents, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, passport, etc. As well as the internet, cellphone and, postal provide. Ensure you set up a PO box as soon as possible and reroute your mail and bills adequately. Ensure all your documents are valid in the state you are moving to.

Now you know how to prepare for moving long distance in a month. It will be extremely easy if you follow your guide. And now you know how to assemble one. Maybe you’ll have some difficulties with the legal part of the story but nothing too serious. We are sure you’ll manage and you’ll have a pleasant moving experience. Good luck.

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