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How to pack your kitchen for the move

Moving done

One of the hardest events in people’s lives is ahead of you. Yes, the home relocation. Some people see it as a life-changing event full of opportunities while others can’t stand the fact they must uproot and pack everything they possess. Obviously, packing is what bothers most of us when relocating. And next to packing, you still must work on moving logistics, cover all moving steps, search for movers DC area to assist you, and more. So, let us help you today with one of the hardest packing parts. We will help you pack your kitchen for the move. It is not much, but it will save you a lot of time at least when it comes to the packing process. Let’s go!

Pack your kitchen for the move with a steady plan in place

As you know, your kitchen is the most complicated room in the entire home. Aside from the garage of course which is a whole different story. Your kitchen is full of random items of all shapes and sizes and you must approach it with a steady plan to make your packing process safe, efficient, and less time-consuming. Due to all hazardous objects, there will be some restrictions as well. This means you should keep your children and pets out of the way while packing your kitchen. So, start with the inspection. Take a look at all the items you have in your kitchen to figure out how hard it will be to pack it all and to decide where to begin. Here is what you must put down on your checklist:

  • Appliances
  • Pottery
  • Ceramics
  • Glassware
  • Cutlery
  • Random miscellaneous items
 items ready to pack your kitchen for the move
Sort items into categories and pack them accordingly. Your shelves and cupboards will surely take some time to sort out.

Of course, you will include all your pots, pans, and skillets onto the list but the list can go on and on if you do it this way. Just make categories the way you like and separate them into large, medium, and small items with an emphasis on breakables and endurable items. That would be sufficient to separate them nicely in your moving boxes.

Packing materials you should use when packing your kitchen

Most of it can be packed inside cardboard moving boxes. You can purchase everything you need at the nearest hardware store or at the home depot. Also, you can order online or purchase from your Washington DC movers. Whatever is easier for you. Just make sure you obtain the basic ones at least. Those are carton boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and labels. You also have better-quality ones like plastic bins, customized boxes, corner pads, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, etc. But those are a bit more expensive. So, depending on what kind of budget you have, you can invest a bit more and purchase those as well. Just make sure you have a box, a cushion, and something to close your box with. And remember, labeling each box is the most important thing. Especially for the boxes with the fragile content inside.

Handle larger pieces first

This step depends on your kitchen layout. If you have a dedicated spot for all your skillets and pots, then you should remove them first. Some people have them hanging from the wall or from the ceiling and if you have something like that you should remove them straight away. Simply because when you start packing your kitchen for the move something might stumble over and break your glassware. On the other hand, if you have your glassware, plates, and pottery on the way, you must remove those first to get to your bigger items.

ceramics and pottery and the shelf
Never mix bigger pieces with smaller ones and avoid pairing metal with ceramics or glass. The outcome can be devastating.

Therefore, the first step is on to you. But this does not matter if you have them separated in two different closets. And we usually do. Hence, begin your packing as you like but be sure not to mix anything and finish with one category before you move to the next one. If you begin packing your glassware and fragile items, finish it before you move onto the skillets. Simple as that. And again, if you think you can’t handle this process, talk to your movers to check out some of their moving services Maryland. Maybe they can provide materials, or assist you with packing, or simple advice that can help you turn the tide and finish this task without any issues. Talk to your movers honestly and you won’t have any problems.

Be careful when packing appliances

Before you even begin packing anything, you should remove all your appliances from the kitchen. It is simply a precaution and to minimize the chance of unfortunate events. So, the first step is to remove the power source. Detach cables and remove batteries. If there is any other mechanism that powers up your appliance, remove it as well. Then you should empty your appliances of all the liquids and remove all detachable. Set aside all cords, small pieces, blades, plastic pieces, etc. Clean everything nicely and put it all in a small bag, close it, and label it. If you still have an original box, put your appliance inside, if not, find another one. Place both the appliance and the baggie with parts inside the box and label it as well. Repeat this process for each appliance in your kitchen.

For the bigger appliances like a fridge and a dishwasher, you should tape the cord to the back of the unit and keep the parts in a bag as well. Label the bag and keep it in the box separately but do not lose it. And one more thing, while moving, people usually swap their appliances, and if you decide to do it, now is your chance. You can get a nice deal to turn your old one in and get a hefty discount for the new one. Or keep the old one in your basement, garage, or in the storage unit for later use. Check out storage services Maryland and let your movers explain how it works. It is an amazing service, especially if you are moving into a place where you have no space for all your furniture and appliances.

Hit the road after packing your kitchen for the move

Now, we explained most of it, but it is time to pack your kitchen for the move and hit the road. As we said, each box should have a cushion at the bottom and then you place your items on top of it. Pottery goes first, turn the lid upside down, and then you stack plates on it. Between each plate, you should place a carton or a packing paper to work as a buffer. You can fill each pot with more items but be sure to tuck them in. For ceramics, it is almost the same but you’ll probably want to wrap each piece individually. Especially oddly shaped ones.

kitchen with various kitchen items
Be careful when handling cutlery, sharp objects, and appliances.

Glassware should have dedicated boxes for glassware pieces only and you can purchase the glass-shaped carton at the hardware store. Remember that one while you are there. Finally, your cutlery can be packed however you like. You can wrap it in a huge towel, kitchen cloth, or a plastic bin. Just make sure to have at least a few layers of it to protect the blades from getting dull.

Clean and declutter

One last thing, we usually tend to keep a lot of items because of sentimental reasons. Especially in our kitchen. We tend to keep our dented plates until they are completely broken. Maybe this is the time to declutter before moving. It will make you feel better if you throw away all those items you have been hoarding for years. And you’ll have more space for new ones. Moreover, you will have fewer to pack and your relocation will be cheaper. Think about it and get right to it!

And now you know how to pack your kitchen for the move. It is a delicate job for sure, but if you approach it patiently and with a steady plan, you’ll do just fine. Hopefully, we provided enough info for you to organize and complete the task ahead. Good luck.

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