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How to pack for moving out of state in a week

Moving done

Last-minute moves can be hectic! To pack for moving out of state in a week can be a challenging task but not an impossible one. This is an important job to do when moving. Many things need to be done in one week so contact moving companies Maryland. Last-minute relocations are something they are used to, you will be in safe hands. However, you still need advice on how to pack efficiently. These steps will allow you to split up the work and also make the unboxing easier!

Clothing hacks – how to pack for moving out of state in a week

The first step is to get all the clothes out of your closets. If they are scattered in different places in your home, group them all in your bedroom. This will give you a good idea of ​​how much you have to pack. Then, group all your clothes by category. When moving from Maryland to North Carolina on short notice organization is the first step to successful packing and unpacking. When you are done grouping them go through each category of clothing and remove clothes that you haven’t put on for a long time. Putt them aside in a plastic box and give them to a charity or resell them. If you decide to sell them you will save money for your moving budget. By doing this you will have lesser things to pack and the packing process will be faster.

A man laying under the pile of boxes
Having to pack for moving out of state in a week is hard but not impossible.

Besides usual boxes there are other ways to pack your clothes:

  • Cardboard wardrobe boxes – An efficient way of packing clothes is by moving them with hangers. Your clothes will remain impeccable and will be easy to put back in your wardrobe. This will save you tons of time packing and unpacking.
  • Wrap fragile items with them – For example, you can wrap the glasses in high socks. Note that you can also use your old clothes to protect the boxes containing your fragile items. In fact, by putting them at the bottom of the box, you will cushion and protect your belongings.
  • Leave clothes in your drawers – If you are also moving your furniture, you can leave clothes in the drawers. Remember to secure the drawers with large-quality tape. Your clothes will arrive without any creases at your new place.

Vacuum bags and bedding is a match made in heaven when you need to pack for moving out of state in a week

No matter if you are moving from Maryland to Virginia or Maryland to North Carolina you will need bedding at your new place. Bedding takes a lot of space if you pack it in the boxes or even worse in the suitcase. You will need so many of them. There is a better solution for the bedding. Use vacuum bags! This is the best invention ever. Vacuum bags will save you so much space. Just put them in a suitcase or a cardboard box once you suck the air out.

A man and a women getting ready to pack for moving out of state in a week.
Pack your shoes separately from your clothes.

Pack your shoes separately from your clothes

Do not mix your shoes with other items, you could get them dirty. For your shoes, you can use shoe boxes if you still have them. Otherwise, use regular boxes. Wrap them with packing paper individually to avoid the buckles and sharp heels damaging shoes. Fill them with socks or paper inside to prevent them from crashing. Moreover, put your shoes in staggered rows to optimize space.

Packing valuable and fragile items by yourself is risky

First, find the right boxes for the size of your belongings so as not to damage them on their way to North Carolina. Choose thick and resistant models that adapt to the weight of the items that you are packing. Bubble wrap provides interior and exterior padding to prevent knocking. For optimal impact protection, you can also use corner guards to keep your items intact. Above all, avoid packing fragile items with other personal effects, especially if they are heavy. Finally, do not forget to write FRAGILE on your boxes. In order not to take the risk of badly packing your fragile items such as the television, call a reliable moving company. Your fragile items will be safe with them. Moreover, you will avoid damaging them by wrapping them poorly. Let professionals deal with fragile and bulky items.

A woman labeling a box.
Label your boxes once you are done packing.

Since you are moving out of state in a week you will probably need storage

Since you are moving out of state in a week you might not be able to bring all of your stuff with you. If your new place is smaller you will not be able to fit all the items you have. The solution to this problem is a Maryland storage service. Rent a storage unit and leave all the things you don’t want to get rid of but can’t bring with you. Your belongings will be safe and available to you any moment you need them.

Label your boxes when you are done packing

And here is our last trip. Label your boxes and suitcases well so you know where everything is. For example, you can write down the following things: the season, the type of clothes, the owner, and the storage place in the house. Your unpacking in your new home will be way easier. Furthermore, labeling your boxes will reduce the risk of damaging them during the relocation. When you have instructions written on the boxes movers will see them and be very careful handling them.

Pack an essential bag

The last thing left to pack is an essential bag. Pack things you need for the first few days of the move: clothes, hygiene, and cosmetics you use every day, a first aid kit, and your important documents.

After you packed everything and movers are gone deep clean your old place

Call your friends and family. They can help you clean when movers leave. This is the last step in your moving process. Deep cleaning your old place will not take a lot of time since the place is empty. Following these steps will help you pack for moving out of state in a week. Just remember not to stress and do one thing at a time.

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