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The moment has come and you need to start packing for your new dream home. You probably feel so excited and don’t know where to start exactly. You need to pack your entire house and prepare everything for a moving day. Naturally, you do know that packing can consume so much time and you are wondering when it is the right time to start. Is there the right time to start? We can tell you – start as soon as possible. And to remember where everything is, follow our guide on how to pack for a North Potomac move. Movers and packers Maryland are offering you the top tips and tricks.

General tips and tricks on how to pack for a North Potomac move

The organization is always the key. Whether you are into writing or typing, you should note every single step of the way. Start with what room should you stack your boxes into, and then continue whatever way is logical for you.

preparing a list before you pack for a North Potomac move
Try making a to-do list before you start packing. Everything will be easier when you pack step by step.

Some easy steps to begin with:

  • Start each box with a layer of padding-like protection. No matter what you are going to place there, you will be sure nothing will break.
  • Pack similar items together.
  • Note what you are taking with you. On the other hand, you must decide the future of other items. You could donate or give them to family or friends. If you want to have extra money, here is how to sell your stuff before the move.
  • Label everything when you pack for a North Potomac move. In addition, use color-coding to make the job even easier. You will be happy when you unpack and know exactly where everything is.
  • Pack essential materials you could need anytime: toothbrush, snacks, drinks, a complete change of clothes, first-aid kit, etc.
  • Don’t overload boxes.

Movers North Potomac MD always recommends suggest you pack boxes room by room. If you can, combine the items based on the function, or the room you plan on having them in. You can make an inventory of all the things you want to transport. Do this for every room and after that, you will know exactly how many boxes and materials you’ll need. Furthermore, by labeling boxes, you will help your movers on how to handle them during transport. If anything is labeled as fragile, a professional moving company will place them separately from other bulky items, for example.

Start by gathering all your moving supplies to move to North Potomac

Prepare to collect as many things for packing as possible. It’s better to have more than to risk something will end up damaged. Collect the following:

  • Cardboard and/or plastic boxes
  • Bubble wrap and wrapping paper
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Blankets, towels, and other protective cloths and fabrics
  • Dolly
scissors and sticky notes for labeling
Take note of all the materials you will need during packing. Make a list of all the packing supplies to buy.

How to pack for a move – step by step

We already mentioned that packing requires a lot of time. Therefore, everybody wants to do it as fast as possible and a lot of mistakes can happen there. Let’s see how can we cut the corner and save time but also pack efficiently and smartly.

  • (Re)Use everything you can. Wrap up glasses in socks and towels for some serious padding. Protect the lamps with blankets. You will find so many useful tips on how to pack your kitchen, for example.
  • Leave all the clothes on the hangers. First, group them up and place them in large garbage bags, or take the duvet cover and wrap everything together. You will save some packing materials there. Moreover, a lot of clothes can be packed like that, even the whole wardrobe.
  • Carefully wrap everything that can spill. Place the plastic bag around shampoos, cleaning supplies, or even oil bottles. You don’t need more mess.
  • Take pictures of how to wire your electronics. Just after that, you can unplug everything.
  • Use suitcases for very heavy things. Books and heavy dishes could break the cardboard box if not secured properly. Don’t risk and place them in the suitcase. The wheels will ensure smooth transport and you will avoid heavy lifting.

Having said all of this, we can assume you are nearly ready to start. Decide which room you are going to put the boxes in and you are ready to go. As we said, you should start as easy as possible. You will know the date of the move in advance, so start packing off-season items first. If you are moving in winter, all of your summer dresses can go in the box. Additionally, you certainly won’t have the time to read. Pack all of your books, for example. On a moving day, a lot of items will be ready to go and you won’t feel stressed about everything.

Continue with downsizing during packing

Even though you decluttered every room, you still think you have so many possessions to pack. Don’t feel overwhelmed, that’s completely normal. If that feeling still drives you crazy, you can continue downsizing during the whole process. Sometimes all of us think we have so much stuff. Feel free to create more piles for donation or selling. Again, you can call your friends to take what they like.

a girl decluttering her clothes
Continue with the downsizing if you still feel like you have to pack for a North Potomac move

Hire professional movers to help you with everything related to your move to North Potomac

Naturally, a professional moving service will cost you money, but it will save you some stress. Most of the moving companies can help you with moving which can be very tricky. Not to mention if you are relocating your office. There are commercial movers Maryland is offering that will relocate your business in no time. There are huge pros of hiring movers, so don’t hesitate. No matter who helped you move or pack, remember to take care of them. Provide some beverages and snacks and you’ll pack for a North Potomac move without any stress.


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