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How to pack and move rugs and carpets

Moving done

Moving is stressful and complicated most of the time. And the complicated stage is surely the packing process. On top of it all, you must organize everything, calculate your budget, create an inventory list, and find one of the moving companies Maryland. But packing will take most of your time and patience so we will focus on this step today. In particular, how to pack and move rugs and carpets. Let us begin.

Prepare to pack and move rugs and carpets

Before packing and moving rugs and carpets you must create a moving and packing plan. The very first step is to inspect your house to realize how much stuff you must pack. This way you’ll figure out how complex your move is and how many packing materials you must purchase. Note down all the carpets and rugs you possess as well because we will focus on those a bit more. Once you nicely note everything down, you can start calculating your moving budget and prepare for the search for the moving company. And know that your moving checklist should include the following as well:

  • Info about movers
  • Moving services
  • Legalities
  • Packing plan
  • Moving budget
A person creating a list
Create a moving plan and find a reliable moving company that will handle your rugs and carpets safely.

Once you have all the info necessary you will search for movers in Potomac MD. And when you find them, provide the list you assembled so they can use it to work on the moving logistics. Soon enough they will present you with the most efficient moving plan there is.

Focus on packing

Now when you have your moving checklist ready, we shall focus on the packing process. The first stage is to get your hands on all the packing materials required. You will find everything at the nearest hardware store, home depot, or you can purchase from your movers. Whatever you prefer the most. Ok, the first thing you need is a large piece of wrapping paper for each rug and carpet. You should aim for a sturdier one or you can use thin cardboard. The result is the same. And you will use it to wrap your carpets once you roll them in. The second thing you must obtain is the packing tape to tape it down like a burrito. And finally, a rope that will work as a tape as well but you will use it as a handle also to move your carpet around.

The last is optional but an amazing piece of equipment. It is a customized box for carpets. It is a long carpet-shaped box that will protect your carpet from all external sources and from unrolling. If you have a stretching budget, think about this one. But you can’t find it anywhere. Hence, you should order it through a website or purchase from your moving company. And while you are at it, check moving services Maryland because movers can help you with many other moving stages as well. Some of it can make your life ten times easier. For example, they can pack your entire home instead. Keep this in mind.

You must clean them thoroughly before you pack and move rugs and carpets

You should clean your carpets like never before. This means vacuuming, foaming, and taking it out on the sun for a day to dry it out. You should dedicate it to remove all the dirty spots and stains and while you are at it, you’ll gather all the hair and nasty crumbs intertwined with the fiber. So, use all you have and clean all your rugs and carpets meticulously. Although, if you have enough money to send them over to the dry cleaning or a professional cleaning service, you should do it. The best thing you can do is to start fresh in your new apartment with clean carpets.

vacuum cleaner on the carpet
Clean your carpets and rugs inside out. You will love the refreshment in your new home.

The direction of the carpet fiber

To pack and move rugs and carpets and avoid damaging them, you must know the direction of the fiber. This is easily realized by running your hand in each direction. One is providing resistance and the other one is smooth and soft. So, obviously, you will roll your carpet in a soft and smooth direction. If you do the opposite, you will do irreparable damage to the fiber and the bottom of your carpet. It will basically become unusable.

Keep on rolling!

Now we must roll and prepare your carpet for the loading truck. The first step is to prepare the flat surface where you will roll your carpets. And the surface must be clean as well so you will fold your carpet slowly in half, vacuum the floor and the carpet below and repeat the same process with the other side. Then, roll the carpet slowly in the smooth direction of the fiber and once you are done, apply adhesive tape all around it and rope on both ends.

looking at the direction of the fiber before you pack and move rugs and carpets
Figure out the direction of the fiber and start rolling to pack and move rugs and carpets

And remember, do not put too much pressure because you can break your carpet and create creases and warps. It should roll naturally and without too much struggle. Also, you can use only rope if you do not want to leave tape marks on the back of your carpet. But again, do not tighten the rope too hard. Test it a few times before you tie the knot. And for the end, a friendly reminder. Bigger carpets take at least two people to carry or even more depending on the weight.

Wrap and tie

As we described above, now when you have all the materials and knowledge, you should wrap your carpets and get ready to load them into the moving truck. Remember that this task is a delicate one and if you are doing it yourself, you must have proper knowledge, equipment, and packing materials. And a bit of help from a friend to carry it around and lift it up to load it into the truck. Or you can let one of the moving companies Rockville MD to handle this part for you. They already have everything we mentioned and with all the services they offer, you can skip the entire packing process and only supervise. Keep this in mind if your budget allows it.

Now you are ready to pack and move rugs and carpets. We are sure you will manage to do this by yourself. If you are unsure, you can always consult with your moving representative and ask your movers to do this part when they arrive on site. It will take only a few minutes. Good luck and take care.


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