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How to organize a stress-free move from Potomac to Germantown

Moving done

Moving is an exciting event and a chance to start afresh. Even though it can be overwhelming at times, moving is always a unique experience. If you are planning to move from Potomac to Germantown, you have come to the right place. There are plenty of affordable movers DC residents recommend, and they are more than ready to assist you during the relocation. It doesn’t matter that these two places are only 22 minutes apart, you can still face a lot of challenges. However, moving can turn into an enjoyable event, if you follow the guidelines, and hire the right movers. Therefore, don’t wait for too long, and read more to find out how to organize a stress-free move from Potomac to Germantown.

Making a list is more than beneficial when moving

There can be too much to remember before your upcoming relocation. This is mostly because real life continues along with your relocation plans. If you find it hard to deal with everything, it might be a good idea to put your plans and ideas on a piece of paper. You would be surprised how much this can be useful when the busy moment of relocation comes. Make a list of everything you need to do, and consider your timeline to avoid stress. Even if your relocation from Potomac to Germantown is months away, this doesn’t mean that you should put off making your list. Interstate movers Maryland has to offer can assist you in making a moving checklist if you are not sure how to do it on your own. An experienced mover will make sure everything is included in the list.

A girl writing and thinking about a stress-free move from Potomac to Germantown
Making a list can reduce stress once your relocation comes. You will know what things you need and where to put them

Declutter in advance to have a stress-free move from Potomac to Germantown

You may want to postpone this step as much as possible and for a reason. Decluttering your home may be a tiring thing to do, but very good for avoiding stress later. Clearing out old, unwanted, and unnecessary items can not only save your time and energy but also your money. Most of the local movers MD has to offer will suggest this approach to make your relocation stress-free. You can reduce the number of things you have in your home by sorting them. There are plenty of things you can donate, throw away or recycle. The less you have, the smaller the van, costs, and traveling time. Moreover, the simplest way to save money is not to carry unnecessary items with you. You will discard them after one use anyway, so why would you bother packing them in the first place?

Start packing on time

Packing always takes longer than you think, so start as soon as possible. The distance between Potomac and Germantown is around 15 miles, but you don’t want to come and go many times. If you have decluttered your home, you can start with rooms that you don’t use much. This will cause the least disruption, and you can always store packed boxes in these rooms. Moreover, label the boxes accordingly, and make a list of things included. Your movers in Potomac MD will help you arrange the boxes, and unpack them quickly. When you have professionals by your side to help you with all of this you are guaranteed to have a stress-free move from Potomac to Germantown.

Another thing you can do is not to overpack your boxes. Even though it may be tempting to do so, this will only cause more stress when the unpacking time comes. If you don’t want to damage your items, use smaller boxes for bigger stuff, and bigger boxes for small ones. Following this golden rule will make your relocation stress-free and enjoyable.

A happy couple packing their boxes for relocation
If you start packing on time, you will have a stress-free move from Potomac to Germantown

Your moving company cannot move every single item in your home

It may be stressful to know that you cannot move some items you like to your new home. It is against every company’s policy to move sensitive items such as plants with soil, paint, and chemicals, so consider this before you move. Your moving companies Germantown MD will ask you to remove the soil from your plants or to empty petrol-fueled tools. Moreover, you can always transport some of the items with your car or donate some of them. If you really like that flower pot, you can transport it on your own. Large gardening equipment and knives require careful planning, so make sure you take all precaution measures if you pack them alone. Finally, you can always ask your moving company to tell you what they can’t move. Most of them will offer their packing services, and help you pack difficult items.

If possible, take some time to clean your new home

It can mean a lot if you get some time to investigate your new home. If possible, try to get there a little earlier and clean the place thoroughly. This will reduce the stress level, and you will feel better knowing that you have completed an important task. Cleaning thoroughly before all your boxes and furniture arrive ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises on a moving day. It also means that you can make a snagging list as you evaluate the property. If you have access a few days before your move, you could schedule any deliveries ahead of time. Take advantage of the open space if you are ordering new goods, or need to measure for blinds or carpets.

Two women cleaning a house
You will feel more stress-free if you have some time to clean the place before your relocation. That means that you have completed one major task

Why do people move from Potomac to Germantown?

If you decide to move from Potomac to a beautiful Germantown, you will not make a mistake. Both cities deserve to be called forever home. Potomac is a suburban community close to Washington, so it has everything you need. A large house with an expensive lawn provides an amazing atmosphere for its residents. On the other hand, the wonderful Germantown, MD is becoming increasingly popular. New people arrive at the place each year, and the city’s architecture is flourishing. Moreover, if you like nice weather, Germantown is the right choice. Potomac can have a cold winter, and a lot of rain in August.

Final words

Moving day is a big event, and as much as you want to make it perfect, it can be stressful. Set realistic goals. It is unlikely that you will unpack the whole house in one night, so take it slowly. Take some time to relax and unwind by ordering takeout or going out with friends. Don’t forget that you have a life to live, and not just to unpack and move. Therefore, follow the tips in the article and organize a stress-free move from Potomac to Germantown in no time. After all, moving does not have to be an exhausting event with the right tips and a good moving partner by your side.


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