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How to move from Arlington VA to West Virginia

Moving done

Finally, you have made the decision of a lifetime. You and your family are about to move from Arlington VA to West Virginia. As you may already know, before you start this journey, you must cover a few moving-related tasks. You should set aside a budget, cover a few legalities, find movers Arlington VA, and create a packing plan. So, let us waste time no longer and help you organize like a pro. It is time to relocate you affordably and safely. Let’s go!

Move from Arlington VA to West Virginia with a flawless relocation plan

The first thing you must do is to realize your moving date and how much time you have, to organize everything. So, check your schedule and when you can take time off work. Once you have this info, start creating your moving checklist accordingly. The first step is to ensure your home is a safe place to work in. You will inspect all the staircases, hallways, doors, and windows. Measure everything nicely and note it down onto the list. Then, check your furniture and other belongings and note them down as well so your movers know how many robust pieces you possess. Also, you’ll know how many packing materials you must purchase.

a woman using a laptop
Your move from Arlington VA to West Virginia begins with a steady moving plan.

After you have this info, you should call your movers West Virginia and provide it to them. They will use it to create the safest moving plan possible and organize it better. Make sure you act swiftly and call them on time if you want to book your moving date because most of the moving companies are booked months in advance. At least reputable ones.

Professional moving service is needed

Now, to find one of the reputable moving companies DMV, you must search on the internet. You will easily find thousands of moving companies but you must narrow it down to only a few. Input your search criteria and preset requisites and you will end up with around five possible candidates. Those few local companies should have the following:

  • Licenses and permits.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Knowledge, experience, and expertise.
  • Moving services and insurance.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Safety standards.

You can double-check most of the info on their website and read a few moving reviews. But in the end, it is best to give them a call and ask all the questions you want. Speak to all companies and compare them with each other and choose the one you like the most. Move from Arlington VA to West Virginia with the best moving company you can find.

Moving estimates and a budget

Yes, the best moving company you can find, but can you afford it? You will have the answer to this question after you obtain the moving quote. Your Northern Virginia movers can provide moving estimates over the phone, on the website, or in person. We highly recommend you ask for the onsite estimate. It is free and there is no better way to create a better, safer, and more precise moving plan. We are talking about both the labor and monetary aspect of the relocation. Hence, let your moving representative pay you a visit and inspect everything. They will weigh your cargo, decide where to establish a loading dock, inspect your furniture, measure everything, calculate working hours and the number of laborers, and more.

a man dedicating a budget for a move from Arlington VA to West Virginia
After utilizing onsite estimates you’ll be able to calculate the precise moving price and dedicate an adequate moving budget.

When they are done, you will know the precise moving cost. After you have the numbers crunched, you can start working on your moving budget and figure out if you can afford this company or not. Or if you should cut some costs down in terms of moving service package. Or if you can save up on the other end and still keep the premium moving service. All in all, onsite moving estimates will make this calculation possible. Hence, make sure to utilize it.

Moving from Arlington VA to West Virginia with a proper packing plan in mind

Once you create your moving checklist, inventory list, and dedicate a moving budget, it is time to obtain the packing materials. You’ll need four basic ones but you can always invest in advanced ones if you need better protection. Those are cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, blister packs, and labels. You can find them at any home depot or hardware store. Or you can purchase a whole batch from your moving company. But first, check if they offer a packing service and if they have packing materials in stock.

Moving services that can make everything easier

As you may already know, movers offer many services that can make your relocation much easier. One of them we already mentioned, and it is the packing services. A fine example is where movers bring all the materials required, pack, relocate, and unpack upon request. Excellent and affordable service. Then, we have piano moving, art moving, firearms moving, etc. There are specialized moving teams for all kinds of situations to cover all your unique situations. All you need to do is ask your movers and communicate the details further.

two movers carrying boxes
Some moving services are more than amazing. Talk to your movers and learn more about it.

Moving insurance is one of them as well. Make sure to ask your movers if they have one. If not, you should obtain one from the insurance company. If you forget to do so you can end up with damaged goods and then you must go through the tedious process and make claims against movers. Therefore, consider moving from Arlington VA to West Virginia with some kind of moving insurance. Do not go on this journey unprotected.

Packing 101

All that is left is to pack and hit the road. As soon as you have your packing materials with you, decide if you want to pack gradually over time or dedicate a weekend to it. Both choices are viable depending on your schedule. Now, you should begin with the most complicated room in your home but usually, that is the kitchen. Simply because of all the small and fragile items in there.

Ok, grab a box, put a blister pack at the bottom or use blankets and sheets you have in your home. Then, stack items inside nicely. Fill gaps between items with more cushion and crumpled paper. Wrap fragile items individually to give them more strength to endure the journey. And never mix fragile pieces with sturdier ones. And once the box is full, tape it down and apply labels. Each box should have one with a detailed description of the content inside.

Now you know how to prepare to move from Arlington VA to West Virginia. As long as you create a step-by-step guide and find a professional moving company, there is nothing to worry about. Good luck and stay safe.

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