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How to move bulky pieces of furniture

Moving done

Having to relocate your household can seem like a process that will ultimately take a toll on your nerves. In instances where you don’t have professional help from movers DC Area residents trust, your willingness to do it yourself may lack. You might find the whole process daunting and complicated and dreading having to move bulky pieces of furniture by yourself. However unpleasant you think your relocation will be, you don’t have to give up. Read through and find out some clever ways how you can move your household without having to go through all the trouble and all the stress.

sofa in an apartment
Having to relocate your entire household can seem pretty complex

Having a sound plan will prove to be helpful in the long run

When you need to move a lot of heavy and bulky furniture by yourself and cannot count on expert help from one of the moving companies Northern VA has:

  1. Make a plan of action.
  2. Do not start the moving process without having a good plan in the works.
  3. Access your living situation and outline your house or apartment.
  4. Determine the best pathway through your home and all the exits you can use while carrying heavy pieces of furniture. You can draw and dribble these things as you prepare for calling some friends to help.

Once you plan to move through the house, you should think about the best place for the moving truck to park. Whether you are moving locally or long distance, the logistics of relocating heavy items is the same. It would help if you had a moving truck ready to load. Determining the best place to park the moving truck so you can efficiently load your furniture may be something you will consult on with some long distance moving companies Northern VA. However, the truck needs to be easily accessible, and you need to prioritize the loading process by type and size of the load. If you don’t have any help from professional movers, friends, or family, you need to be innovative and make the right moves to avoid possible injuries.

Procure the right tools and equipment before you start to move bulky pieces of furniture

Having the right kind of support is crucial when moving. Especially if you have some sensitive or large pieces, you need to relocate. However, do not worry if you don’t have the assistance of seasoned moving professionals and didn’t opt to call local movers Northern VA residents in similar situations. You can do everything with the right plan and the right tools. First, access the type of furniture you are dealing with and go to the store to get some straps and a dolly. While you are in the store, consider getting some packing material like bubble wrap and some padding. After all, you want to make sure all your pieces of furniture stay undamaged in the loading and unloading process.

man carrying a table
With the right tools and some moving supplies you can efficiently prepare your furniture for moving

Moving straps will help you manage the lifting of heavy furniture without injuring your back. Putting a piece of furniture on a dolly using straps is one of the common ways of transporting such items to the truck. Perhaps you don’t have to buy a four-wheel dolly, and you can borrow it from your place of work or a neighbor. However you choose to procure it, know that it will help you a lot. Also, don’t forget to secure your load once on a dolly, use the straps or some old-fashion rope to tie everything, and make sure it doesn’t fall over while you push it.

Consider disassembling your furniture where applicable

Once you have a plan and have gathered all the tools and equipment, it is time to get to work. If you have accessed your furniture, you know which you can disassemble items before moving. For example, if you have a king-size bed, chances are you can break it into smaller parts and pack the parts before loading them into the truck. You can surely take out the doors and knobs of your cupboards and cabinets. Also, you can take apart your sofa, packing the cushions separately. You can think of other similar techniques you can use to make the heavy lifting a little bit bearable. Use this time to declutter before moving day and think hard if you need all these pieces of furniture in your new home. You might find some pieces you want to donate or sell and ease the relocation a little bit more.

Getting down the stairs will require a helping hand

Going down the stairs will prove a little more difficult if you have managed to sort the whole moving heavy furniture thing by yourself. If you have to take the furniture down some stairs, you should call someone to help you. Venturing alone can have some consequences. You might damage your furniture or, worse, get an injury. So, the minimum of two people carrying the load is something we strongly recommend. Also, avoid rushing this and take your time in accessing the situation before you make a judgment call on how to proceed.

couple about to move bulky pieces of furniture
Consider getting an extra pair of hands to move bulky pieces of furniture

Unloading heavy furniture will also require a plan

Once you load everything into the truck and are ready to take the road, one thing will remain uncertain. How will you unload the truck once you arrive at the destination? Well. You managed to move bulky pieces of furniture by following some easy steps. You will be more than capable of unloading the truck if you make a plan beforehand. The same way you loaded it, you will have to unload it with the heavy items first. It will take a bit longer because you will have to reassemble some pieces. But remember, do not rush this process as you want everything to be done correctly before you start enjoying your new place.

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