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How to help your Washington movers and should you tip them

Moving done

Even if you may think it’s unusual to help your Washington movers out, it’s perfectly fine to do so… but not by lifting one ounce! Helping them in various ways is more than simply a weight off their shoulders: the sooner they can finish, the more money you save… From my personal experience, I can tell you that even if you’ve hired a full-service mover like Helix Move, you may benefit from doing these ten tasks well in advance of your move. While most movers would gladly assist you with the items on this list, it’s in everyone’s best interest – including your own – to consider being mover ready in order to save as much money as possible. The idea came from you, I promise.

Disconnect all electronics

Look at all those wires and cords that are lying on the floor in front of the TV stand. Your DVD player, Xbox, and iPod all have a tangled mess of wires. Nice, isn’t it? They, of course, would gladly get down on their hands and knees for a half-hour of disconnection. That being said, is that really what you’re expecting to get out of them? When you get to the other end of your relocation, you’ll be glad you labeled or organized your wires. It is best to name them with a large marker, such as a Ziploc bag or newspaper. When hiring residential movers DC area make sure to think ahead. It helps with the speed of your move.

pacjing some stuff will help your Washington movers
Pack everything you plan on taking with yourself

Get everything off the walls

Certainly, you’re already insanely busy with all of the things you have to accomplish! However, you may begin this week in advance, little by little, in five- or ten-second increments. To put it simply, whenever you pass a photograph, remove it from your phone. Place it on the floor in front of the wall. Alternatively, pick a spot on the wall where you may hang all of your artwork, including paintings, clocks, and mirrors. Smaller picture frames from the side tables and shelves should also be cleaned. You’ll save your movers a lot of time. In the event that you need to decorate your new house, keep a small bag of nails and hanger accessories on hand. And remember to always check on The Better Business Bureau before hiring movers.

Get your bed in order

You can make your bed move-ready in a matter of minutes by removing the mattress and folding up your linens. If you’re being moved, the movers will just need to load your pillows, blankets, and sheets into a box. Do your own packing and put a box nearby so that you can pack one box without even getting out of bed. While taking the sheets off of your bed might sound silly, it will surely help your Washington movers speed up the packing.

men bringing stuff into a truck
Your move will be faster if you help

Take off the front wheel of your bicycle

What about a bike? One or more? While some local movers DC will have special places for bikes, some might not. Remove the front wheels and see if that helps. With handlebars protruding from both sides, bicycles don’t fit easily into a vehicle that’s already full. Bikes are frequently the last to be placed onto a moving truck because of the limited space. You’ll need that wheel later, so save it with the rest of the bike. Although it may seem like a joke, we’ve all witnessed the front wheel being saved until last, only to be nearly completely neglected… The rear derailleur on your bicycle is both delicate and costly. Shift the chain to the biggest sprocket to protect it. This places it closer to the wheel, increasing the likelihood that it will not be twisted or damaged as a result. this will help your Washington movers a lot.

Make space for anything you don’t want them to pack

Some moving companies Washington DC will even give you tips on what they consider useful to pack on your own. Of course, you don’t have to follow their advice, but it is recommended. The list of things you’ll need while packing for your move is long: a phone, charger, map(s), documents to send, toiletries you don’t want to lose, cigarette lighter, and so on. If there’s anything you don’t want to pack or relocate, set aside a special location for it. It’s best to keep your devices charged by placing them in a designated box or pile on the kitchen counter, which is likely to have an outlet nearby.

Defrost your freezer

Tossing this one out the window or doing it incorrectly will cost you a lot of money. When you plan ahead, you’ll have to do something with all the food you’ll be storing away. You can’t take it with you, as the adage goes. The choice is yours: eat or contribute, or gift to a neighbor. Breaking apart an undesirable frozen artifact using any kind of metal tool (such as a screwdriver or pocket knife) is not recommended. Putting a hole in the siding is just too easy compared to other methods (not that any of us have ever done it.) The only thing you need to do is open the door and let it melt. To help absorb the excess moisture, lay down a bath towel. The ice can be sprayed with warm water if you’re short on time. Warning: Things might get a little sloppy.

family help with packing
You can help your Washington movers in many ways

Drain gas from all of your machines

Oil and gasoline, including that found in your lawnmower, are prohibited from being transported by movers or transported in a rented truck or container (and your snowblower, your leaf blower, and that old moped with the flat tires.) Siphoning the gas into your neighbor’s lawnmower instead of running these devices out of gas is a thoughtful gesture. The environment is also taken into consideration. Another moving van no-no is the use of propane tanks. Even if they are confirmed empty, movers are unlikely to accept them. Help your Washington movers, and make sure to follow this tip.

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